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Biography of Bartolomé Esteban Murillo. YAERIN SONG. Basic Details. Born: December 31, 1617(Seville, Spain) Died: April 3, 1682(Seville, Spain)

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Basic details
Basic Details

  • Born: December 31, 1617(Seville, Spain)

  • Died: April 3, 1682(Seville, Spain)

  • He was the youngest son in a family of fourteen members. ---However, his parents died when he was young. ---After marriage, he had his first child named Maria.

  • Education: He was apprenticed to a painter, Juan de Castillo. He mostly worked independent, and later, his painting sold started to appeal the public.

  • Artist (painting and drawing)

  • Timeline: Baptized (January 1, 1618)-> Moved to Madrid (1642)-> Married (1645)-> Finished Santa María la Blanca (1665)-> Died: 1682


  • Accomplishment: his religious works, produced considerable numbers of paintings of contemporary women and children, giving off money, and his influence on the Spanish paintings.

  • Contribution:

    ->His money to the religious groups were used as charitable contributions.

    -> Also, his influence on Spanish paintings were later helpful for Spain’s art to be developed.

    ->His religious works and paintings of women and children were used widely as genre scenes.


  • Interesting parts:

    ->In many other religious artworks, they don’t include anything of feminine charm, but in Murillo’s works, they include the most true and essential part of women.

    ->Murillo’s paintings are represented as the most rigorously feminine paintings in Spain.

    ->Also, he is a realist, and he has pitiful pictures of suffering. ---However, he disfavors to paint horrors with nonprofessional skills like the other Spanish artists.

  • Worth Reading:

    -> He was a great influence on Spanish arts by being the first one to retain the feminine arts in his paintings, such as Old Woman with a Distaff and Two Women at a Window Also, he was a painter who was very religious by painting many religious artworks such as La Cuisine des Anges.

Your choice
Your Choice

  • Some parts that I find interesting are that Murillo was the painter that included women among the Spain painters. According to the resource, Spanish artists didn’t include women in religious works. However, Murillo painted many artworks that consists of women and also children. He drew great numbers of artworks of the portraits of many people. The value, beauty, and the attractiveness of women were revealed throughout his works. The public were able to view the true women from his paintings. This is the reason why I find him interesting.


  • Bartolome Esteban Murillo was a Spanish painter who has stayed independent mostly throughout his works. He had painted many religious works. He was the Spanish painter who has revealed the true and vital women in his paintings. Throughout Spanish art history, he was the first one to retain the charming feminine value in his works. He also painted many pieces of children, too. He has done a great influence on the Spanish art history. He’s a very fascinating person to learn about.

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  • My name is Yaerin Song, 7th grade, and I go to KIS. From my English class, I’m reading a book, I, Juan de Pajera, and this is how we started to research many painters. I enjoyed researching Murillo. I don’t particularly like art, but his accomplishments were astounding.