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International Discourse Project about the Modern PowerPoint Presentation
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International Discourse Project about the Modern

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International Discourse Project about the Modern - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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International Discourse Project about the Modern
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  1. Sabine Müller1, Dagmar Schmitz1 and Ariana Zaracko2 International Discourse Project about the Modern Neurosciences and their Ethical, Juristical and Social Aspects Five Topics of Modern Neurosciences 1. Neuro-Enhancement and the usage of psychoactive substances 2. Brain screening, Brain Fingerprinting, and fMRI lie detectors 3. Neuroprotheses and neuronal interfaces (cochlea implants, deep brain stimulation for motoric and affective disorders, electronic interfaces to artificial or paralysed limbs) 4. Neuronal correlates of religiousness and spirituality (temporal lobe epilepsy and religious visions; “God-Ectomy”; triggering religious experiences by transcranial magnetical stimulation) 5. Neurosciences and the debate about the free will: consequences for education and justice Lessons in Six Schools Würzburg Lectures and classroom discourse about • the future impact of modern neurosciences • ethical and legal aspects of neuroscientific progress Posters of Students, Internet Forum and Expert Chat Small groups of students create posters about special issues. The posters are presented in an open internet forum. Experts from neurosciences and neuroethics chat with the students. Scenario Workshop and Public Event • In a scenario workshop the students formulate votes about the future regulation of three special applications of the neurosciences: • neuroenhancement in schools and universities • lie detection based on fMRI • usage of brain imaging by insurances and employers • In a public event in Aachen, the results of the project are presented to the public, and the students’ votes are discussed with scientists, politicians and the media. • The results of the project are published scientifically. • A schoolbook about neuroethics is published.