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2012 Pennsylvania Budget Analysis

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2012 Pennsylvania Budget Analysis - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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2012 Pennsylvania Budget Analysis. United Way of Pennsylvania. 2011 Non Profit Budget Survey. In late 2011, United Way of Pennsylvania conducted a survey of over 800 nonprofits across the Commonwealth to assess the impact of state budget cuts . 2011 Non Profit Budget Survey. Results include:

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2012 pennsylvania budget analysis

2012 Pennsylvania Budget Analysis

United Way of Pennsylvania

2011 non profit budget survey
2011 Non Profit Budget Survey

In late 2011, United Way of Pennsylvania conducted a survey of over 800 nonprofits across the Commonwealth to assess the impact of state budget cuts.

2011 non profit budget survey3

2011 Non Profit Budget Survey

Results include:

• 69percent of agencies received a funding cut in 2011-12 state budget.

• 80percent of agencies report conditions related to the economy have increased demand for services.

2011 non profit budget survey4
2011 Non Profit Budget Survey

How have your non-governmental sources of funds (ie: private foundation grants,

individual donations) changed in the last 12 months?

Our non-governmental funding 36%

has remained flat

Our non-governmental funding has 38%


2011 non profit budget survey5
2011 Non Profit Budget Survey

If your organization's state funding has been cut, how much have state funding revenues declined by percentage?

20 percent or less 77%

21 to 30 percent 9%

31 or more percent 14%

2011 non profit budget survey6
2011 Non Profit Budget Survey
  • Select all the ways the budget cuts this year (FY 11-12) have impacted your organization?
  • We have laid off staff 52 %
  • We have canceled programs
  • completely 32 %
  • We have cut back program hours 46%
  • We have expanded our waiting list for services 45%
2011 non profit budget survey7
2011 Non Profit Budget Survey

If your organization maintains a waiting list, how many people were put on a waiting list as a result of FY 11-12 budget cuts?

1 to 20 58%

21 to 40 18%

41 to 50 3%

51 or more21%

who is impacted
Who is impacted?

People previously in state Mental Health hospitals

People with intellectual disabilities and their families

Abused and neglected children

Homeless individuals and families

People with serious physical disabilities

unintended consequences costs
Unintended Consequences/Costs

Mental Health Cuts = hospitalization, incarceration, institutionalization

Intellectual Disabilities Cuts = hospitalization, out-of-home placements, state institutionalization

Child Welfare Cuts = child welfare and juvenile court placements

Homeless Assistance Cuts = more street homeless

HSDF Assistance Cuts for people with physical disabilities = more assistive living

Drug and Alcohol Cuts = higher criminal activity to maintain addiction, more hospitalization costs, more jail and criminal justice costs

lehigh valley impact
Lehigh Valley Impact
  • We have not been able to serve certain parts of our customer base.  Most prevention funding must serve middle and high school students and their parents.  We are concerned about the inability to reach younger students.
  • Forced parents to find alternatives for early education and child care.  Often unregulated care in less than optimal circumstances, putting children potentially in danger and with lack of high quality programming.
  • Caregivers of our Alzheimer's Day services program have had to limit the number of days they can participate in services due to limits on state funding available to the county.
  • We have many hard-working community members that want to work and do not have the skills they need. Our program helped to fill in the gap and help prepare clients for the workforce. We hope that funding is restored so that we can continue to empower and ready our clients for the workforce.
statewide impact
Statewide Impact
  • In the first 5 months of the operating year, we have turned away 273 unduplicated requests for emergency shelter services
  • When the funds run out 2-3 months prior to the end of our fiscal year, there will be many families and domestic violence clients that will be living on the streets in unsafe neighborhoods
statewide impact13
Statewide Impact

A nurse is only at the center 16 hour per week vs. 40 hours

The child care we are able to provide has declined...and that puts a burden on the mother when she has an appt. or needs to go to work.

A family of 5 used to receive enough groceries to last a week. Now they receive enough groceries to last 3 - 4 days.

Clients continue to face foreclosure and we are unable to assist them in any capacity.

united way budget principles
United Way Budget Principles
  • To the greatest extent possible, avoid significant cuts to benefits and services to our most vulnerable Pennsylvanians: poor individuals and families, pregnant women and young children, low income elderly, individuals with disabilities, and veterans.
  • Protect funding for prevention services that save more expensive interventions later on.
  • Consider the state’s existing investment in successful programs such as industry partnerships, which combine public and private money to keep Pennsylvania business competitive, while enhancing training and career pathway opportunities for Pennsylvania’s workforce.
united way budget principles15
United Way Budget Principles
  • Utilize completed evaluations or other measurements to determine where to make cuts.
  • Consider ways in which the state can more efficiently and effectively deliver services, such as by reducing the vast array of state 800 numbers, particularly those that are contracted with out of state providers, and supporting those services with 2-1-1.
  • Consistent with commitment to an on-time budget, provide budget language to ensure that local governments and providers receive timely allocations and direction from the Commonwealth so that there is a predictable and stable cycle of services provision.

February 2012

February 21 – Pittsburgh

March 2012

March 8 – Wilkes Barre/Hazelton

March 9 – Scranton

March 16 – Lehigh Valley

March 23 – Cap Region

March 26 - Westmoreland

March 27 – Pittsburgh Suburbs

March 28 – Erie

April 2012



Delaware County

Montgomery County

United Way of Pennsylvania Budget Tour Dates

contact information

Contact Information

United Way of Pennsylvania

909 Green Street

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17102

Phone: (717)238-7365

Fax: (717)238-7414



make your voice heard
Make Your Voice Heard

Call Elisa Zaehringerat 484-893-1046 of the “Lehigh Valley Fair Budget Coalition,” organized by Community Action Committee of the Lehigh Valley

Contact your PA legislators at http://www.capwiz.com/unitedway/dbq/officials/

Write a letter to the editor:

Morning Call letters@mcall.com

Express Times : letters@express-times.com