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  1. BELLWORK Take out your stream of consciousness writing from Tuesday and reflect on it. Answer these questions as Bellwork: Does the writing make sense to you now? If so, has the meaning changed since writing it? If not, what do you think you were trying to say? While you do this, I will be coming around and checking your planner.

  2. PLANNER: HOMEWORK Read the Virginia Woolf story I pass out and answer the questions. Remember, I am looking for full sentence answers! I will also be checking for notes on your writing. I would like you to UNDERLINE sentences that confuse you, and put STARS (*) next to sentences that intrigue you.

  3. Virginia Woolf 11-15-18

  4. Virginia Woolf • Virginia Woolf was born in 1882 to a substantial family • Her father, Leslie Stephen, was the founder of the Oxford English Dictionary of Biography • Throughout her life, Woolf was interested in both the writing and publishing of books • She dabbled in all types of writing, including the novel, the short story, biography, and more • She married writer Leonard Woolf and they opened Hogarth Press together, publishing many books from famous authors, poets, and even psychologists

  5. Her Work • Virginia Woolf was most known for her two novels, one of which is “Mrs. Dalloway” • “Mrs. Dalloway” follows the lives of many different characters whose paths cross over the course of one day • Woolf was very interested in the passage of time and what it meant to look at the mundane life of characters • She did not much concern herself in the drama of what might happen to characters • Instead, she wanted them to live their most authentic lives, and tell stories with her writing that felt very real and almost like home

  6. Her Work • Beside her fiction writing, she also did nonfiction that was extremely powerful • Woolf liked to comment on the place and position of power that women held in the time that she lived in • Woolf was a outstanding feminist that lived her life resisting patriarchal norms and fighting for women’s rights in the ways that she knew how • Amongst these ways, she actually declined to accept awards that were from male-dominated companies or societies • Why do you think she might decline these awards? Wouldn’t accepting them show some sort of power?

  7. Her Work • Woolf’s stories are exemplary of the Modernist style • Much like her contemporaries (peers), she wanted to try to new styles that broke conventions and make her work stand out among the rest • She was one of the masters of the stream-of-consciousness style • While her work feels like continuous thought, it also has a semblance of order and meaning • This shows why Woolf is a master of her craft… • She gives what seems to be pointless a lot of beautiful meaning • She tends to talk about what she feels and why she feels it as it comes to her

  8. The End of Her Life • Although Woolf was very successful, she dealt with many mental health issues • She had one large mental breakdown during her life, and felt like her and her husband could not deal with another one • Before she could have another mental episode, she left notes for her husband and sister and ended her own life • Although this is extremely sad, we should celebrate and read her work to honor her • Please take notes on this video we will watch! •

  9. The Story We Are Reading • We are reading “The Mark on the Wall” • This story is captivating for many reasons, but on the first read through, it will probably be very confusing • Don’t be disheartened! • The advice I can give you is to please give yourself enough time to read it twice • The questions I am asking for this story are ones that seem easy on the surface, but I would like you to really think about them • We will have a great discussion tomorrow!