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February 7 th 2013 Issue 1. All new polls!. Monthly Newsletter. The Cupcake blog. Not only has the Cupcake club been s elling our c akes like a s torm lately, we have now s tarted up a Cupcake blog! Read on to find out more..!. Friendship season coming soon. In this

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in this issue

February 7th 2013 Issue 1

All new polls!

Monthly Newsletter

The Cupcake blog

Not only has

the Cupcake

club been

selling our

cakes like a

storm lately,

we have now

started up a

Cupcake blog! Read on to find out more..!

Friendship season coming soon...

In this


What do you think?

Hanzipanzy’s blog!

all new polls
All new polls!
  • Take your vote on all the newest polls on my blog, and don’t forget to write a comment!
  • If you have any more ideas for polls or quizzes, then head to the website and either post a comment, or email me via the contact me section.
the cupcake blog
The cupcake blog
  • Recently, our school Cupcake club has been very successful, so we decided to make a new blog all about it! If you are interested at taking a look, then just click on the link below.

friendship season coming soon
Friendship seasoncoming soon...
  • Valentines day is not to far away now, and for those of you who want to do something special, friendship season is the way of doing so. What friendship season is all about, is being kind to one another. So this February, try and do something special for
  • s someone else.
guess the name of this unicorn
Guess the name of this unicorn!

For my blog, I will be having a new logo, and it will be a unicorn. but the unicorn needs a name! Guess the name by writing a comment on the ‘guess the name’ page on my blog to enter. I am looking for exciting and creative names. The winner will have their name put up on the website. Good luck!