Conventional facilities
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CONVENTIONAL FACILITIES. FACILITY ADVISORY COMMITTEE BREAKOUT SESSION 5 TURNER CONTRACT OVERVIEW October 30, 2007. Turner Contract Overview. Staffing Field Support: CM/GC: 18-20 2 additional (Change Order Processing) 7 LCLS UTRs + SLAC UTR’s/SEM as required

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Conventional facilities




October 30, 2007

Turner contract overview
Turner Contract Overview

  • Staffing

    • Field Support:

      • CM/GC: 18-20

      • 2 additional (Change Order Processing)

      • 7 LCLS UTRs + SLAC UTR’s/SEM as required

      • Trades vary between 120 and 150.

    • Office Support:

      • Field Office: 1

      • Project Office: 5 including estimating

    • Changes in Last 6 months

      • All UTR’s completed updated training class

      • CF reduced field staff by 1 UTR

      • Turner Safety Manager

    • Roll-off Plan

      • Roll-off plan detailed as part of Re-baseline effort

      • All CF staff will roll-off LCLS accounts by June 2008 (except System Manager)

Turner contract overview1
Turner Contract Overview

  • Team Building

    • Several meetings with Facilitator

      • Session 1: Project Executives

      • Session 2: SLAC/Turner Executives

      • Session 3: Project Personnel

  • Modified Integrated Project Management Teams

    • Established teams composed of SLAC and Turner personnel to address specific issues.

Turner contract overview2
Turner Contract Overview

  • Modified Integrated Project Teams

    • Schedule

      • Prepare recovery plans

    • Roles/Responsibilities

      • Define lines of communication and authority levels

    • SLAC Collaboration

      • Project plan for coordinating activities with other SLAC groups

    • Contract Clarity

      • Obtain concurrence on contract requirements

    • QC/QA

      • Define roles and process for Quality Assurance

    • Safety

      • Establish requirements for Safety performance

    • Change Order Process

      • Define roles and process for executing changes in a timely manner.


A Partnering Meeting

For the LCLS Project

Daniel M. Jacobs, CPCM, CMC



A Partnering Meeting

Purpose of Meeting:

To jointly establish the path to success for the LCLS Project.

Desired Outcomes:

1. Identify key issues that could be barriers to success.

2. Identify key issues that can improve probability of success.

3. Establish path to success.


A Partnering Meeting

SLAC/Turner Subcontract



In order to accomplish this Subcontract most effectively, the University intends to form a cohesive partnership with the CM/GC, the Architect/Engineer and, in the event option is exercised for Phase 2, sub- subcontractors, to ensure timely and cost-effective completion of the Subcontract.

This partnership would strive to draw upon the strength of each organization in an effort to achieve a quality project done right the first time, within budget, and on schedule. It would include, but not be limited to, consideration of each other's interests and requirements; fostering clear, objective communication among all persons who are involved; development of mutual goals and objectives and strategies for implementation; and periodic objective evaluation to assure these goals and objectives are being met.


A Partnering Meeting

SLAC/Turner Subcontract



  • The Construction Manager & General Contractor (CM/GC) shall provide all the required services herein established including schedule management, cost management, estimates of probable construction cost, value engineering, constructability reviews, pre-bid and bidding phase, environmental, safety and health management, and final installation of all conventional facilities construction.

  • The CM/GC shall demonstrate proven management expertise with quality control, schedule and budget management for projects of similar size and complexity. In addition, the CM/GC shall provide efficient and comprehensive project management through all phases of the project, with particular emphasis placed on the capability to work in partnership with SLAC, consultants, and contractors during design and construction.


A Partnering Meeting

One of the most useful models for building a collaborative team is that developed by

Roger Fisher and William Ury in Getting To Yes. This model consists of

the following strategic steps:

  • 1. Separate the people from the problem

    • 2. Separate positions from interests

    • 3. Create options for mutual gain

    • 4. Look for appropriate criteria or standards


A Partnering Meeting

Top Five Issues

SLAC LCLS Project Management Team:

1. Clarity of Roles & Responsibilities- SLAC/Turner

2. Surveillance Planning

3. Schedule

4. Compliance

5. Field Quality Control/Assurance

6. Configuration Management – Drawing Changes

LCLS Team Solutions

Turner LCLS Construction Management Team:

1. Resolve claim issues

2. Contract Clarification

3. Turn around submittals and RFI’s

4. Non-collaboration (No Teamwork)

5. Trust/Respect


A Partnering Meeting

Top Five Issues

LCLS Team Solutions

  • Establish Integrated Project Teams (IPT):

  • (1) Claims

  • (2) Schedule

  • (3) Roles/Responsibilities (SLAC/Turner)

  • (4) SLAC Collaboration

  • (5) Contract Clarity

  • (6) QC/QA

  • a. SLAC

  • b. Turner

  • (7) Safety

  • (8) Teambuilding

  • Weekly Meetings (Jess, David, Bill, Mike)

  • Value Engineer Drawing Submittal Process

  • Enhance Communications Plan

Turner contract overview3
Turner Contract Overview

  • Meetings

    • OAC (owner/architect/contractor); weekly

      • Review Safety Performance

      • Review rolling construction schedule

      • Review Tunneling progress

      • Review FCO, COR, PCO

      • Review Submittals / RFI

      • Review Minutes

    • Procurement meeting; weekly

      • Review FCO, COR, PCO details

    • Safety: daily at pre-task

      • Review daily task

      • Review Permitting

      • Review JHA

      • Review Safety

Turner contract overview4
Turner Contract Overview

  • Progress for Invoicing: monthly

    • Job Walk

    • Review percent complete

  • CF/Turner Project Exec: weekly

    • Review Contract Issues

      • Cost

      • Schedule

      • Staff

    • Review Construction Issues

      • Submittals

      • Lab Coordination

      • Permits and Approvals

  • Coordination: as required

Turner contract overview5
Turner Contract Overview

  • Cooperation

    • Weekly Procurement Status to review:

      • Potential Change Orders

      • Field Change Orders

      • Change Order Requests

      • Contract issues (fee, markups, etc)

    • Site visits

    • Submittals and RFIs

    • Structural Observations (by Jacobs)

  • Turner site staff generally very cooperative and insightful with advice on critical issues and problem-solving.

  • Legacy issues constantly arising

    • Often appear as being reactive instead of proactive

Turner contract overview6
Turner Contract Overview

  • Contract Issues

    • Claims

      • $4.5M under negotiations by attorneys

      • Notice-of-Claim from Affholder under Turner review

      • Turner’s potential claim for delays, etc not fully developed

    • Fee

      • Turner requesting higher fee for Change Order Work

    • Withholding

      • LCLS withholding $1.4M for CLOC from CM/GC fee

      • LCLS withholding Turner fee from monthly invoice due to under-performance compared against approved schedule of values

      • LCLS withholding disputed trade contract amounts

Turner contract overview7
Turner Contract Overview

  • Financial Performance

    • Comparison based on Turner’s schedule of values

    • Schedule of values DOES NOT correspond to current Baseline schedule

    • Actual financial percent complete significantly behind the physical percent complete.

  • Change Orders

    • Many potential change orders (PCO) logged

    • Jointly closed out PCO for lack of information

    • Require too much staff time to process

Turner contract overview9
Turner Contract Overview

  • Improved Processing of Changes

    • Procurement authorized to process changes under $10,000 with CF-Tech Evaluation form

      • Where negotiated changes are returned, Contract Administrator is authorized to close out without second technical evaluation

    • Single person assigned responsibility for processing technical evaluations for CF.

      • Works closely with Procurement to process changes efficientl

Turner contract overview10
Turner Contract Overview

  • Safety Performance

    • Turner’s numbers are unacceptable

    • Safety manager under evaluation

    • Site and project personnel talk the talk, but…

    • Need corporate to intervene.

Turner contract overview11
Turner Contract Overview

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