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Cellular Mitosis Notes PowerPoint Presentation
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Cellular Mitosis Notes

Cellular Mitosis Notes

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Cellular Mitosis Notes

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  1. Cellular Mitosis Notes

  2. Biology is the only subject in which multiplication is the same thing as division… S1 2006-2007

  3. MITOSIS:Making New CellsMaking New DNA S2

  4. Where it all began… We all start as a cell smaller than a period at the end of a sentence… S3

  5. And now look what can happen… How did you get from there to here? S4

  6. Going from egg to baby…. the original fertilized egg has to divide… and divide… and divide… and divide… Getting from there to here… S5

  7. Why do cells divide… • One-celled organisms • for reproduction • asexual reproduction(clones) • Multi-celled organisms • for growth & development • fromfertilized eggto adult • for repair & replacement • replace cells that die from normal wear & tear or from injury amoeba starfish S6

  8. Dividing cells… What has to be copied DNA organelles cell membrane lots of othermolecules enzymes S7 plant cell animal cell

  9. Copying DNA A dividing cell duplicates its DNA creates 2 copies of all DNA separates the 2 copies to opposite ends of the cell splits into 2 daughter cells • But the DNA starts loosely wound in the nucleus • If you tried to divide it like that, it could tangle & break DNA cell nucleus S8

  10. Copying & packaging DNA When cell is ready to divide… copy DNA first, then… chromosomes COIL UPlike thread on a spool… now can move DNA around cell without having it tangle & break Coil DNA into compact chromosomes Copying DNA S9

  11. Organizing & packaging DNA DNA cell DNA has been “wound up” nucleus DNA in chromosomes ineveryday “working” cell cell nucleus 4 chromosomesin this organism DNA in chromosomes in cell getting ready to divide S10

  12. DNA must be duplicated… chromosomes in cell DNA in chromosomes cell 4 single-stranded chromosomes duplicated chromosomes nucleus duplicated chromosomes cell nucleus 4 double-stranded chromosomes S11

  13. double-strandedhuman chromosomes ready for mitosis S12

  14. Chromosomes of Human Female 46 chromosomes 23 pairs S13

  15. Chromosomes of Human Male 46 chromosomes 23 pairs S14

  16. Mitosis: Dividing DNA & cells Stage 1: cell copies DNA DNA interphase cell nucleus S15

  17. Mitosis: Dividing DNA & cells Stage 2: DNA winds up into chromosomes DNA is wound up into chromosomes to keep it organized duplicated chromosomes (prophase) cell nucleus S16

  18. Mitosis: Dividing DNA & cells Stage 3: Chromosomes line up chromosomes line up in middle attached to protein “cables” that will help them move metaphase duplicated chromosomes lined up in middle of cell S17

  19. Mitosis: Dividing DNA & cells Stage 4: Chromosomes separate chromosomes split, separating pairs start moving to opposite ends anaphase chromosomes split & move to opposite ends S18

  20. Mitosis: Dividing DNA & cells Stage 5: Cell starts to divide cells start to divide nucleus forms again telophase S19

  21. Mitosis: Dividing DNA & cells Stage 6: DNA unwinds again cells separate now they can do their every day jobs cytokinesis S20

  22. New “daughter” cells Get 2 exact copies of original cells same DNA “clones” S21

  23. Cell division in Animals S22

  24. Mitosis in whitefish embryo S23

  25. Mitosis in plant cell S24

  26. onion root tip S25

  27. Overview of mitosis I.P.M.A.T.C. interphase prophase PleaseMake Another Two Cells cytokinesis S26 metaphase anaphase telophase

  28. Any Questions?? Any Questions?? 2009-2010