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The Acceptable Housing Project

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The Acceptable Housing Project. Barrio Grenada Anexo Managua, Nicaragua ________________ After three months. Designing and building a park with Canadian and Nicaraguan landscape architecture students, . Creating cool.

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the acceptable housing project

The Acceptable Housing Project

Barrio Grenada Anexo

Managua, Nicaragua


after three months
After three months

Designing and building a park with Canadian and Nicaraguan landscape architecture students,

creating cool
Creating cool

Complete with cool equipment and a working water fountain,

with tons of people
With tons of people

And building a pre-school classroom with tons of people from the community,

take a break
Take a break

You might think we’d take a break. So we did.

culture works
Culture works

We saw children and teachers read their poetry, sings their songs, dance their dances, and play Piñata. It was fun. Then we walked the kids home.

entrance to barrio grenada anexo
Entrance to Barrio Grenada Anexo

As you enter the settlement of 214 families, 800+ people, you notice the road change to dirt and the electrical wires stop. Not so fun in the dark.

some days the dirt road is dry and dusty
Some days the dirt road is dry and dusty

You notice the manhole cover and ask if there is potable or waste water systems here? No, you are told, that’s for the rich neighbourhood up the hill.

some days it is wet and muddy
Some days it is wet and muddy

And the bacteria and bugs thrive,

… and the barefoot little girl does not.

live life with
Live life with…?

You take one boy to the shack made out of scrap metal and the fence with an old billboard that says “Live life with…” How about with decent housing?


You take a girl to another house where the walls are made of plastic. You admire her mother’s perserverance.


A gaggle of kids want to show you the stream that runs through their house when it rains and the logs they use to try and divert the seasonal flood.


A boy invites you to his lean-to, where he lives with Doña Hilda. Dirt floor, cardboard walls, exposed sides, untreated ulcer, a few tortillas and coffee to ward off hunger. You exchange pleasantries.

214 dwellings one after another
214 dwellings. One after another.

You walk away saying to yourself:

This is unacceptable. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE!

community l eaders and organizers
Community Leaders and Organizers

The Acceptable Housing Project is an initiative of ConsejoPoderCiudadano Barrio Grenada and Compañeros Inc.

(L-R) Marlon,Jennifer,Javier,Ramon,David,Hilda,Rachel.

the acceptable housing project1
The Acceptable Housing Project


  • Barrio Grenada Anexo= settlement of 214 families/800+ people (53% children, 26% female adults, 21% male adults) located in Managua. Prevalent health, education, unemployment, and social issues.
  • The ConsejoPoderCiudadano Barrio Grenada (CPCBG) = group of local community leaders with organizational capacity and previous experience working with Managua City Hall and HABITAR.
  • CPCBG recent success working with Compañeros on design of a public park and classroom building project = more commitment to cooperation.
  • Compañeros visited Anexo many times, talked with residents, city hall, undertaken census, partnered with UN TECHO PARA MI PAIS = identified The Acceptable Housing Project as priority.
the acceptable housing project2
The Acceptable Housing Project


  • 1. To build 11 houses in Barrio Grenada Anexoin 2011.
  • 2. To inform residents about housing, health, and property care issues.
  • 3. To strengthen collaboration among community leaders, residents, city hall, and external partners.


  • 1. Decent and dry houses for 11 most vulnerable families.
  • 2. Decent and dry housing results in healthier and happier families with more room to live, cook, study, and rest in dignity. In the event the family moves the house may be dismantled and relocated.
  • 3. Increased cooperation and capacity of individuals/organizations.
the acceptable housing project3
The Acceptable Housing Project


  • USD$1500 per house.

Includes research, prefabrication, preparation, build, and inauguration

phases as well as materials, delivery, and skilled labour.

  • Source of funds:

USD$100 from family

USD$1400 from donor group

  • Seeking 11 donor groups to sponsor acceptable housing for 11 most vulnerable families in 2011.
the acceptable housing project4
The Acceptable Housing Project


  • CompañerosInc = Canadian social enterprise based in Managua
  • organizes volunteer service and cross-cultural learning experiences
  • advocates and manages international community development projects
  • Volunteer participants = work with family and UN TECHO PARA MI PAIS to build a 3 m. x 6 m. (18 sq m.) post-base, elevated, wood house under the supervision of skilled carpenters
  • House to house visits with bilingual social workers to inform residents about housing, health, and property care issues
  • Progress of project depends on # of groups and fundraising $
  • Please join us with your financial support and volunteer participation

Be The Compañeros You Want To Be


careercycles in nicaragua
CareerCycles in Nicaragua

Mark Franklin and other Compañeros participants at a UTPMP house build in Managua in Mar/09.

habitat for humanity
Habitat for Humanity

Canadian and Nicaraguan participants building 4 houses in Matagalpa in Mar/04.

serve and learn acceptably
Serve and learn. Acceptably.

Canadian and Nicaraguan participants during a house build in Matagalpa in Mar/04.

the acceptable housing project5

The Acceptable Housing Project

Barrio Grenada Anexo

Managua, Nicaragua