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Denver Public Schools

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Denver Public Schools. Potential New Schools. March 14, 2013. Progress Monitoring. What is it? Progress monitoring is a systemic approach to determining current levels of performance and related goals.

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denver public schools

Denver Public Schools

Potential New Schools

March 14, 2013

progress monitoring
Progress Monitoring
  • What is it?
  • Progress monitoring is a systemic approach to determining current levels of performance and related goals.
  • Progress toward meeting the goals is measured regularly (weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc.) by comparing expected levels of performance to actual performance.
      • Why is it important?
  • Research shows that effective progress monitoring is key to increasing student academic achievement.
  • Progress monitoring is a key strategy among DPS schools with the highest growth on TCAP.
progress monitoring and your uip
Progress Monitoring and Your UIP
  • Are we setting appropriate targets?

Target Setting

Interim Measures

Implementation Benchmarks

  • How are students progressing towards the targets?
  • Are we implementing action steps?
  • Are we effective at implementation?
progress monitoring setting appropriate targets
Progress Monitoring: Setting Appropriate Targets
  • How do we know we’ve set appropriate targets?
    • An appropriate target:
      • Meets the minimum targets set forth by the district
      • Adheres to CDE’s 5-year accountability clock (turnaround and priority improvement schools only)
      • Is based upon the school’s long term goals and major improvement strategies
      • Is set for disaggregated groups (if gaps exist)
progress monitoring setting appropriate targets1
Progress Monitoring: Setting Appropriate Targets
  • Revisit end of year TCAP target in relation to where you are mid-year.

Setting Targets

Interim Measures

progress monitoring action steps implementation benchmarks
Progress Monitoring: Action Steps/Implementation Benchmarks

Action Step:

What we said we would do.

How we determine the Action Step was implemented and effective.