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SFU Condo Report PowerPoint Presentation
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SFU Condo Report

SFU Condo Report

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SFU Condo Report

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  1. SFU Condo Report

  2. Overview • A perspective home buyer was looking to purchase a condo. The buyer was monitoring several property sites for finding a home as well as financial services sites for mortgage information. • Using ORGWD’s tools, the daily monitoring and mortgage calculation activities were substituted with an automated report that provided specific property and mortgage information. Overview

  3. Prior to Using ORGWD • Several web sites:Buyer’s goal was to find a property and then use an on-line mortgage calculator to compute monthly payments. This required a constant interaction with property and mortgage site. • Frequent site visits:To monitor property listings, the buyer visited several property sites daily • Iterative mortgage calculations:For each potential property the buyer manually supplied inputs to the online mortgage calculator. • Tedious and error-prone process:Monitoringseveral web sites and repeatedly supplying inputs to mortgage tools was highly tedious and time-consuming. • No convenient way to analyze options:Because of the iterative nature of the process, there was no convenient way to review potential propertiesin the context of costs (i.e. mortgage payments, maintenance fees, insurance costs, etc.) Prior to Using ORGWD

  4. Property Search and Monitoring • Finding a property and monitoring meant frequent visit to property sites. Typical steps included: • Navigate to property site • Enter search criteria • Review search results and flag properties of interest • The process takes anywhere between 15 min to an hour depending on the number of properties of interest Prior to Using ORGWD

  5. Cost Calculations • For each perspective property the buyer estimated various costs associated with owning the property. • Estimating the costs involved: • Obtain mortgage payment information using online mortgage calculator • Repeat step 1 for various scenarios (different interest rates, down payment) • Obtain information on condo fees, property taxes, other fees from property site • Combine the information from steps 1 and 2 in a spreadsheet • Repeat steps 1 through 4 for each property • The process takes approximately 10 minutes per prospective property Prior to Using ORGWD

  6. Automating with ORGWD • The Goal: ORGWD’s objective was to automate data collection process and property/mortgage cost report. • Business Analysis: ORGWD analyzed the manual process and identified the requirements for process automation. • Technical Implementation: ORGWD used its tools to construct data collection modules, intermediate computation modules and the final Excel report (see Appendix A for implementation diagram). • Automated Efficiency: ORGWD substituted manual data collection and mortgage cost calculations with automatic data collection (including cost calculation) occurring according to a set schedule. • Effective Presentation:ORGWD produced a concise and meaningful property/cost report. • New things showed up:ORGWD produced a concise and meaningful property/cost report. • From tedious and iterative effort to a single click: • The final property/cost report is now generated on demand by clicking the link provided on ORGWD’s web site. Automating with ORGWD

  7. ORGWD Condo Report • The following report was produced by ORGWD Automating with ORGWD

  8. Appendix A: Implementation Diagram Appendix A

  9. Appendix B: Implementation Tool Screenshots Report Configuration – assembling intermediate report from collections Appendix B - ORGWD Implementation Tool Screenshots

  10. Report Configuration – constructing the master report from intermediate reports Appendix B - ORGWD Implementation Tool Screenshots

  11. Collection Configuration – constructing collection from extraction rules Appendix B - ORGWD Implementation Tool Screenshots