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benefits for mobile operators delivered from zte unified ran n.
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Benefits for Mobile Operators Delivered from ZTE Unified RAN PowerPoint Presentation
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Benefits for Mobile Operators Delivered from ZTE Unified RAN

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Benefits for Mobile Operators Delivered from ZTE Unified RAN
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Benefits for Mobile Operators Delivered from ZTE Unified RAN

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  1. 7th National Telecom Conference Benefits for Mobile Operators Delivered from ZTE Unified RAN Speaker: Zheng Lingyun ZTE Corporation

  2. Aim To Be A Global Communications Leader, Providing The Clients Worldwide With Satisfied And Customized Products & Services

  3. Global Presence, Worldwide Support 107 Branches 9Regional Distribution Centers Amsterdam Miami Urumchi Turkey Dubai India Venezuela Brazil South Africa

  4. Ranked among Top 3 LTE vendors by Gartner • Cooperating with over 10 leading operators • Delivered 550,000 carriers worldwide in 2008, up by 100% over 2007 • No.1 in global delivery of SDR BTSs • No.2 in accumulated market • No.1in emerging markets • 210,000 BTSs shipped by Q3 2009 • Covers 33% of market share and ranked No.1 in the industry • Serving 48 operators in 33 countries • A Tier 1vendor • Serving 1.13 billion subscribers in 110 countries • Ranked No.1 in Global NGHLR market Wireless Business Progress International awards Built the biggest HSPA+ network in Asia with CSL ZTE Wireless Product

  5. 2009 ZTE GSM/UMTS Global Application UTRAN GERAN CORE Network CIS Germany Belarus Turkey Mongolia Romania Montenegro China Mainland Sonaecom China HK Zimbabwe Libya Afghanistan Indonesia India Brazil Vietnam • GERAN Global: 90 Operators; 70+Countries. 310M Subs Capacity • UTRAN Global: Until Nov.2009, ZTE SDR platform based BS have been delivered more than 200,000 sets in the world. • Core Network Global: Totally 1.13 billion users over 110 countries and areas. 5

  6. The Trend of Integration and Evolution MGCF MSCS HLR MGW HSS BTS Uni-Core IMS BTS Uni-RAN G/U/C/W/L Uni-Backhaul BSC/RNC CSCF BTS BTS MRF GGSN SGSN Uni-OMC • Key Benefits: • Efficient network convergences, reducing TCO • Meets multiple future network evolution needs, such as HSPA+ and LTE • Greatly saves space and site rental, decreases construction cost • Greatly decreases power consumption, and saves power OPEX • Supports IP transmission, saves E1 rental cost • Unified BTS Platform • Unified BSC/RNC • Unified OMC • Unified Transmission • Unified Core Network

  7. ZTE Uni RAN ---- Unified SDR Platform BS8900 CDMA G/U/C/W/L Co-Platform WCDMA/HSPA R8840 R8880 R8860 LTE BS8800 BS8906 LTE GSM/EDGE GSM/EDGE CDMA WCDMA/HSPA Smooth Evolution Indoor Outdoor Distributed All-IP Architecture Unified SDR Platform Broadband

  8. UMTS SDR Base Station GSM IP Network ZTE Uni RAN ---- Unified BTS/NodeB 3G OMC Unified OMC Unified 2G/3G CN GSM 2G OMC UMTS Co-room/cabinet Battery Sharing Power Sharing Co-feed-cable window Co-transmission 2G BTS P B A M 3G NodeB Co-tower AC Sharing Microwave Sharing

  9. UMTS ZTE Uni RAN ---- Unified BSC/RNC UMTS Phase I Phase II Phase III GSM G/U G/U GSM Software upgrade G/U G/U MME/SGSN G/U • Multimode Radio Network Controller • Distributed CRRM • Dynamic Transmission Resource Sharing (IP) • O&M Resource Sharing • Multimode Radio Network Server (2G/3G/Femto GW) • Move UP(2G&3G) function into Node-B • Co-Rack with MME • Centralized CRRM ( Dynamic Frequency Adjustment, etc) • Co-Rack • Common Platform • Same CP&UP Boards for GSM&UMTS applications

  10. ZTE Uni RAN ---- Unified OMC NMS NML EML NetNumen M31 All IP GGSN NEL CN BSC BTS CDMA1X/EVDO MGW MSC Server Battery eNodeB eNodeB UPS RNC NodeB BSC BTS Power /Microwave LTE UMTS GSM

  11. Smooth Evolution of G/U/L 1. Add a UMTS BP board to UMTS 2. Software Upgrade to HSPA+ (MIMO+64QAM) 3. Add a LTE BP Board to LTE Software GSM / UMTS/HSPA+/ LTE BP Board R8880 GSM UMTS HSPA+ LTE

  12. IP Network TDM Network CSL Original Network CSL New Network Existing VAS Platform 3G OSS TDM Network CSL 3G Network GSM900 GSM1800 UMTS2.1G/900M, GSM900/1800M UMTS2.1G CSL 2G Network CN HLR MSCS BSC /RNC VAS MGW 2G OSS ZTE VAS Platform 2G/3G OSS ZTE Uni-RAN Solution Application in Hongkong CN CN HLR HLR MSCS MSCS BSC /RNC BSC /RNC MGW MGW

  13. TCO Saving Breakdown over Network Life-cycle Saving Margin 0 (uncounted) 0 (uncounted) 0 (uncounted) 59.4% 779M -> 316M 20.1% 1889M->1509M 0 (uncounted) TCO Saving: 31.6% Cost to buy + Cost to deploy + Cost to Operate + Cost to maintain + Cost to evolve = TCO

  14. HYBRID EVOLVABLE ZTE constructs the largest 2G/3G Hybrid Network with SDR solution GSM + WCDMA LARGEST SDR UMTS 900M in Hong Kong CSL On November 28, 2009, ZTE SDR Base Station made a breakthrough in Hongkong CSL network: 900M spectrum refarming was successfully implemented in Tseung Kwan O area, and so far, over 1000 GSM/UMTS 900 SDR sites were commercially enabled and working in dual mode in CSL network. 900M GSM 900M UMTS The first commercial network which's scale of G/U 900M refarming base station exceed 1000 sets. RU: SW Re-configuration BB: Keep

  15. Convergence GREEN TCO Saving Evolution Benefits of ZTE Uni-RAN Solution Softwareconfigurable, multi-mode supported 1 + Unifiedplatform, support Convergence of multi-tech 2 Sharing of facilities & transmission for different technologies + 3 Greenfor energy saving 4 + Lower TCO, All-IP architecture 5 Smooth Evolution toward 4G 6