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一、走进温州. 中国温州 瑞安.

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中国温州 瑞安

温州是浙江省沿海港口城市,位于中国东南部。温州民营经济发达,是中国最具活力的城市之一,城市人均可支配收入位居全国第四,是一个非常富有的城瑞安,位居我国黄金海岸线中段,地处上海经济区和厦漳泉金三角之间。瑞安是“温州模式”的重要发祥地。改革开放以来,瑞安人民发挥自己的聪明才智,率先发展市场经济,尝试股份经营,走出了一条适合本地实际的经济发展路子。20世纪80年代初,农村实行了联产承包责任制,率先兴办农村家庭工厂,千方百计把产品推向市场,著名社会学家费孝通把以上经济特色概括为“小商品、大市场”。从此,瑞安以全国独有的“温州经济格局”和灵活的运行机制蜚声海内外 成为温州最富有的城市……

海外温州 瑞安




、Approaching Wenzhou

Ruian, Wenzhou,China

Wenzhou is a coastal port city in Zhejiang Province, located in the southeastern part of China. Wenzhou private economy developed, is one of China's most dynamic cities, urban per capita disposable income among the nation's forth place, is a very wealthy city. Ruian, highest in the Middle coastline of China's gold, located between Shanghai economic zone andXia-Zhang-Quangolden triangle. Ruian is the "Wenzhou model" important birthplaces. Since the reform and opening up, Ruian people play to their talents, lead in the development of a market economy, trying to share business,out of the way of a suitable for real economic development. In the early 1980 of the 20th century, rural introduced a system of contracted responsibility linking, rural family first set up factories, doeverything possible to bring products to market, renowned sociologist Fei Xiaotong's economic characteristics above summed up as "commodity, big market." Since then, Ruian to the national unique"Wenzhou economic structure" and flexible operational mechanism renowned overseasbecame the richest in Wenzhou City .


Overseas Ruian Wenzhou”

Ruian is a famous hometown of South Zhejiang, and how Ruian hasmore than 100,000 people located in more than 60 countries and regions in the world. more than 200,000 Ruian people doing business in the country, forming a village of Ruian street, . Chinese News said: "there are market places Ruian people are, no market, Ruian people go to create a market.



根据统计显示,温州地区的民间资本总量已经高达5200亿元,2012年国务院设立浙江省温州市金融综合改革试验区12条主要任务,其中包括开展了个人境外直接投资试点。由于国内投资环境的诸多不确定因素,加之海外投资渠道的逐步增加,金融领域、海外并购领域出现繁荣迹象,越来越多的温州高收入阶层或企业开始倾向于海外投资。我国有强大的外汇储备和遍布全球的中资银行作为支持;另一方面,我国正加紧推进结构调整,国内产能过剩、内需不足、资源和原材料价格上涨、环境压力增大以及欧美贸易保护主义抬头等制约因素,都在要求对外寻找新的发展路径。近两年来 ,民间资本青睐海外房产投资。不仅仅是在海外抄底房地产,温州民营企业海外投资以并购实业和购买矿产类资源为主,现在的温州商人已经开始参股国外PE和VC机构,逐渐增加对金融领域的投资。通过长期的市场摸底调研,温州世联展览机构架起海外投资机构与温州高端客户群体的标志性桥梁,综合温州历届房展会参观买房客户资源,集中锁定温州高端人群及出国留学海外温州华侨,全面服务于海外服务咨询机构,推动温州民间资本海外投资市场健康稳健发展。特此举办2013温州秋季海外置业&海外项目投资展。


Ⅱ. Background

According to statistics, total amount of private capital have up to 520 billion yuan in Wenzhou, 2012, Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province, set up under the State Council finance pilot zone for overall reform 12 main tasks, including foreign direct investment of the individual pilot. Due to the many uncertainties of the domestic investment environment, coupled with the gradual increase of overseas investment channels, finance, overseas mergers and acquisitions fields showed signs of prosperity, an increasing number of high income groups or enterprises in Wenzhou tend to overseas investment. China has a strong foreign exchange reserves and banks around the world to support the other hand, the country is intensifying promote structural adjustment, excess production capacity, insufficient domestic demand, domestic resources and raw material prices, environmental pressures and constraints such as the rise of protectionism in Europe and America, are demanding external search for a new development path. Over the past two years, private capital favor overseas real estate investment. Not just bottom real estate overseas, in Wenzhou civilian-run enterprises ' overseas investments dominated by mergers and acquisitions business and the purchase of mineral resources, Wenzhou businessmen have now begun shares of PE andVC institutions abroad, gradually increase financial investment in the area.


Ⅱ. Background

Through long term market mapping research, constant Shilian exhibition in Wenzhou, Wenzhou, the exhibition of overseasinvestment institutions and the high-end customer group's iconic bridge in Wenzhou,Wenzhou, comprehensive previous exhibition visit the buying customer resources, focus lock the high-end crowd inWenzhou and overseas Wenzhou overseas Chinese studying abroad, comprehensive services for overseasservice consulting institutions, promote the healthy and steady development of Wenzhou private capital overseas investment market. 2013 organized exhibition of Wenzhou overseas investment and overseas projects.



利用组委会庞大的消费者数据库,通过call center、SMS、DM、EDM 等方式组织观众参观。通过与行业协会和强势媒体合作,建立多渠道推广模式。

1) 邀请金融机构18家在温银行VIP私人黄金客户;

2) 邀请豪华车车主:20种顶级品牌跑车、豪华轿车车主;

3) 邀请顶级房产业主:豪华别墅、楼盘业主及准客户;

4) 邀请49家世界各地温州人同乡会、联宜会、华人华侨联合会会员;

5) 邀请40家顶级高尔夫球会、游艇俱乐部、私人会所会员以及高级五星级酒店行政层人员;

6) 邀请40余家奢侈品专卖店消费客户;

7) 定向邀请温州历届房展会常年积累黄金俱乐部成员

8) 温州历届历届房展会10万的客户针对俱乐部会员群发短信。

9) 邀请温州市中小企业促进会、温州市总商会两万名会员企业参加。


Organizing Committee of the multi-channel audience organization

using extensive consumer databases, through the call center, SMS, DM, EDM Orgernization, including audience visits. Through collaboration with industry associations and

Powerful media, establish a multi-channel extension model.

1) invited bank’s VIP private gold customers from Financial Institution;

2) inviting owners of luxury vehicles: 20 top brand sports car, luxury car owners;

3) invites the top real estate owners: luxury villas, real estate owners and potential clients;

4) inviting 49 Wenzhou natives around the world, Linix, Member of the Federation of overseas Chinese;

5) invited 40 top Golf Club, Yacht Club, a private club member andsenior administrative levels of the five-star hotel;

6) invited more than more than 40 luxury boutique consumer customers;

7) directed to invite each exhibition annual accumulation of the Wenzhou Gold Club member

8) 100,000 customers for each successive room of the Wenzhou exhibition Clubmass text messaging.

9) invited the Association of Wenzhou small and medium enterprises, Wenzhou General Chamber of 20,000 member

companies to participate in


Vehicle for watching house organization

Wenzhou Tangxia, FeiYun, HuLing, Mayu, Arranged free vehicle to watching house,


2013 organization 年9月6-8日

Date: Sep.6-8,2013




Venue: Ruian Gym Center,Wenzhou

Organizer: Wenzhou Shilian Exhibition Co.,Ltd


世联展览 温州新房网

温州都市报 温州商报 温州晚报 温州房网 瑞安日报 瑞安电视台 温州太太炒房团



Media: < Chinese Biz News > < Global Luxury Properties Magazine >

< International Real Estate > < Overseas Investment >

< OPP Overseas Property Professional > < Villa >

soufun.com 、House.sina.com.cn House tencent.com.cn




展会安排 organization




Space :

3000 sq.m.


参展范围: organization

Exhibition Profile:

● 海外地产:住宅、写字楼、度假型酒店、高端公寓、别墅、独栋庄园、城堡、海岛,土地

● 留学机构,移民机构,律师事务所

● 酒庄 农厂

● 资源、矿产能源项目

● 金融理财及其他

residential, offices, resort hotels, luxury apartments, villas,

detached residences, castles, Islands, lands

Overseas real estate:

● Study abroad agencies, immigration authorities, law firm

● Winery and farm

● Resources, mining, energy project

● Finance, wealth management and others


参展费用及回报: organization

2700元/m2 (12平方起订)


Participation Costs and Rewards:

2700 Yuan /m2 ( MOQ: 12 m2 )

standard booth equipment:

spotlights X3, outlet X1, Table X1, Chair X2


2013 organization 温州秋季海外投资置业展览会合约书

2013 Wenzhou Autumn Overseas Property & Overseas Investment Fair Agreetment

时间:2013年9月6-8日 地点:温州瑞安体育中心

Date:6-8, Sep.,2013 ADD:Ruian Gym Center,Wenzhou


注意事项: organization




3、由于自然因素、不可抗力、政府当局的法令或其它不可抗拒的因素而导致 展会取消或者调整时间,参展商


4、本协议自双方授权代表签字盖章之后生效,即为参展合同,具有法律效力, 同时传真件也将视为正式合同



参展单位: 组委会确认:

Exhibitors: Organizing Committee:

代表签字(盖章): 代表签字(盖章):

Sign And Seal: Sign And Seal:

日 期: 日期:

Date: Date:


联系方式 :

contact information :


2013 Wenzhou autumn Overseas Property&Overseas Investment OrganizingCommittee



4D zhongxing building ,wenzhou

联系人:Fiona (何芳)

Key person: fiona

座机:0577-8891 8955

Phone:0577-8891 8955

手机(Mob):137 3836 9047

Mob:137 3836 9047

邮箱(E-mail): hehe_911@126.com

E-mail: hehe_911@126.com

QQ: 44211682,1162876422



4D zhongxing building ,wenzhou


Key person: fiona

联系人:Fiona (何芳)

Phone:0577-8891 8955

座机:0577-8891 8955

邮箱(E-mail): hehe_911@126.com

E-mail: hehe_911@126.com

QQ: 44211682,1162876422