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Welcome!. Dave Kisch Stillwater Area High School Resource Officer Mary Leadem Ticiu Stillwater Area High School Assistant Principal. Introductions . Why we are here… Create an understanding of the possibilities of partnership

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Presentation Transcript

Dave Kisch

Stillwater Area High School Resource Officer

Mary Leadem Ticiu

Stillwater Area High School Assistant Principal

  • Why we are here…
  • Create an understanding of the possibilities of partnership
  • Share our common interests: community & school are stakeholders in community
  • Clarify how RJ circles make a difference in school climate and the culture we create
  • 2,250 students 10-12
  • Washington County
  • Small town feel
  • First ring suburb
  • 3 AP’s, 6 counselors, 1 SRO
what is a school resource officer
What is a School Resource Officer?
  • Officer Kisch, Oak Park Heights Police Department, Black Pony Center
  • On site investigation and school/community safety and security
what is an assistant principal
What is an Assistant Principal?
  • Serve students and families whose last names fall between A-Ha, Hb-O, or P-Z
  • Student discipline
  • Staff development
  • School safety
  • Diversity
  • MNHSL Fine Arts Liaison/Academic co-curriculars
success in safety depends upon
Success in safety depends upon…
  • Good planning
  • Good security
  • Swift identification of threats that are real
  • Quick response with intervention to prevent violence
needed an alternative to formal system
Needed an alternative to formal system
  • Joined staff with background as RJ Planner
  • YCAPP program for alternatives to suspension
  • Teachers who care about 3R’s: Relationships, Rigor, Relevance
  • Community accountability
  • School is a place of learning and discipline means to learn
  • Can always resort to punitive model if RJ fails
what is a circle
What is a Circle?
  • You can have a circle in a square
  • Non hierarchical group and yet be honest of intent if you plan to have added consequences outside of the group.
  • Take off your hat but not your interests
  • Level the playing field
  • Share power
  • Proximity is intentional
who is involved
Who is involved?

Direct participants

Those who have the most to gain from the impact of understanding perspectives and the resulting agreement/offering.

Voluntary-More honestly voluntary coercion applies

who can have a circle
Who can have a Circle?
  • Full admission of responsibility
  • Willingness to respect process and participants
  • Commitment to make a change and restore despite the past
what kind of offenses
What kind of offenses?

Circles are for the most serious level of offense

They often require a serious time commitment.


types of circles
Types of Circles
  • Accountability
  • Learning
  • Healing
  • Sentencing
  • Other
real life examples
Real life examples…
  • Harassment of new bus driver
  • Possession of weapons
  • Homecoming tradition of streaking
  • Social skills for Asperger’s/Autism spectrum
    • Information on website: http://www.asperger.org
  • Theft from team member
additional examples
Additional examples
  • Suspension
  • IEP
  • Reentry from suspension or alternative placement
  • Not everything changes in a circle
learning beyond expected
Learning beyond expected
  • What challenges have we seen?
  • Repeat issues with girlfriend and boyfriend contact
  • Ironically, some students experience more power, fun, love, belonging in circle and want to misbehave to be given opportunity to “circle up” and be heard.
  • Hence, we see a need to have circles to celebrate success in classrooms and beyond.
do you believe
Do you believe…
  • All behavior has a purpose.
  • Behavior is an attempt to meet an unmet need.
  • Our students come to school with the intent to be and do their best.
  • Conflict is an opportunity to learn.
  • Life is not fair.
  • Change takes time.
restorative partnership
Restorative partnership
  • Slides for school wide class meetings
  • Meet and Greet everywhere you can
  • Present at orientation and other school activities
  • Classroom guidance
  • Parent advice for issues of use/theft that may not be charged but must be addressed
  • Active School wide Safety Committee
  • SIT and RTI
school s discipline policy includes restorative measures
School’s Discipline Policy Includes Restorative Measures
  • Restorative measures
  • Restitution symbolic and financial
  • Exit conference with emphasis on PIES or the Physical, Intellectual, Emotional, Spiritual/Social needs
ask good questions and investigate
Ask good questions and investigate
  • Seek answers
  • Listen to all parties
  • Expect change
  • Coordinate and communicate with family members on the first instance
is hazing a problem here
Is hazing a problem here?
  • Clearly defined policy and immediate consequences apply!
  • “Committing an act against a student, or coercing a student into committing an act, that creates a substantial risk of harm to a person in order for the student to become initiated into a student organization.”
  • SAHS is a student organization, activities, clubs, etc.
  • Could include: physical or emotional components, forcing the use of chemicals, or depriving individuals of basic needs.
but it s okay to haze during homecoming right
But it’s okay to haze during Homecoming right?

No, it is never okay to act against the will of another.

  • Hazing taken seriously
    • Notify staff or administration
    • Administrators will investigate
    • Parents/Police will be contacted
  • Discipline policy is followed
can i be suspended for fighting in school
Can I be suspended for fighting in school?
  • Yes, you can
  • Investigations
  • Criminal charges could be filed
  • Seek staff, counselor, administrator for help before
  • Every student has an obligation to retreat
how do i avoid a fight
How do I avoid a fight?
  • Bring it on…in an admin or counselor setting.
  • Use circle as a means to an end.
  • This is a school and a place for us to provide for an education first.
  • Conflict creates an opportunity.
  • Believe it and model it. I.e. staff have option to use circle in lieu of insubordination
thank you
Thank you!


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