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An Entrepreneur's Story: Chic-Boy PowerPoint Presentation
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An Entrepreneur's Story: Chic-Boy

An Entrepreneur's Story: Chic-Boy

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An Entrepreneur's Story: Chic-Boy

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  1. Chic-boy By: Gianne Itaralde

  2. “In just 2 years and 2 months since we opened our first franchised store in Molito, Alabang, we have grown into a total of 108 dine- in stores, one hundred four 104 units of which are franchised. 37 more franchised stores are under construction. ” – Chic-boy Website Chic-Boy

  3. Francis Juan is the President & CEO of Pier One Bar and Grill Holdings, Corporation, the company behind the famous Pier One Bar and Grill that was established 11 years ago. Francis A. Juan

  4. The Story • Many entrepreneurs are not satisfied with having just one business. • Francis Juan wanted to start another business but he had a hard time thinking of what product to sell • “He wanted to have a new business but he did not have a product in mind,” says Cat Juan (Francis’s niece who is also the marketing manager of Pier One Bar and Grill Holdings Corp). “We wanted to tap a different market: people on-the-go. So when he was in Cebu and got to try Cebu lechonmanok and lechonliempo, he finally found what to sell.”

  5. The Story • He combined the two Filipino favourites: Chicken and Baboy • To test the market, they first set up takeout counters of Cebu lechonmanok and lechonliempo under the name Chic-Boy • After two years, the takeout counters grew to six outlets (5 were company-owned and 1 was franchised). • Chic-Boy was then ready for the mainstream and the first restaurant was built on May 2010 on Jupiter Street in Makati.

  6. The Story • By the end of 2010, Chic-Boy had 5 stores • By October 2011, it was opening an average of five branches per month • Catherine Juan, franchise director of Chic-Boy, said it was not difficult for her uncle Francis to cross over the quick service restaurant business, having been running the Pier One Bar and Grill chain (with 10 stores today) since 2000.

  7. About Chic-Boy • On May 1, 2012, Chic Boy opened their 100th store • Juan said Chic-Boy still has a long way as all its 135 stores are located in Luzon. • Chic-Boy’s closest competitor has over 400 stores all over the country. • They serve around 500-600 visitors per day • Chic-Boy stores are set up as stand-alone stores or in malls and community centers. Some stores like the ones in Jupiter, Timog Avenue and UN Avenue are open 24 hours. • Plans are afoot to explore the Visayas and Mindanao, targeting key cities in these areas by the third or fourth quarter.

  8. Franchising  “Franchising is the fastest way to expand and get a bigger market share. It also provides opportunities for other entrepreneurs.” – Cat Juan

  9. “Sigrin Andrea Bernardo uploaded several photos of her meal, ginisangkangkong which had a black caterpillar in it in an album titled “CHICKBOY SCANDAL!!!”. The photos were allegedly taken last Nov. 21, 2011, between 3:54 and 4:00 pm at Chic-Boy, Timog Branch.” – Look, there’s caterpillar on my veggies

  10. The Caterpillar Scandal • “Dalawanglinggonaangnakakalipasmulangpinakain mo akongginisangkangkongna may pagka-lakilakingbulate o caterpilar o kung ano man yun,” wrote Sigrid Andrea P. Bernardo in a Facebook album entitled “CHICKBOY SCANDAL!!”

  11. The Caterpillar Scandal • Bernardo said that after the discovery of the caterpillar, the management offered to pay for her meal. • Instead, she ordered the remains of the dish to be wrapped for take-out. • The Inquirer reports that she did this in order to use it as evidence when she files a complaint with the Bureau of Food and Drugs. • In Bernardo’s post, she says that the management refused to give her the dish for take-out, did not apologize, and called in policemen to mediate.

  12. The Caterpillar Scandal • “Goodbye CHICKBOY may you rest in peace just like the poor HUMONGOUS CATERPILLAR WHICH COULD'VE BEEN A BEAUTIFUL MARIPOSA, ONLY IF I HADN'T EATEN IT,” Bernardo said. • Chic-Boy said that Bernardo’s post was part of a campaign against them • Chic-Boy posted on their page, “THE COMPETITOR IS DESPERATE!!!” and added, “There are rumors going around Facebook that a caterpillar (or "bulate" as they call it) was found in our GinisangKangkongsaBawang. If you are familiar with Chic-Boys ginisangkangkongsabawang, our kangkong is cut into bits. HOW COME IN THE PHOTO THEY POSTED, THE CATERPILLAR IS WHOLE?”

  13. The Caterpillar Scandal • “We are not surprised with this demolition job,” they said. “We are entrepreneurs who have good business ethics. We will build our name and business by giving our best to our customers and not destroy the name of our competitor for our gain. You be the judge!!!!” • They thanked their patrons, franchisees and employees for the support and said that they will be filing a libel case against Bernardo.

  14. Chick-Boy Now • Despite the catterpillar scandal, Chic-Boy still continues to grow with more stores all over the Philippines.

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