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Astrologer in Mumbai

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Astrologer in Mumbai - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Need astrology for home in Mumbai? Dr. Gittanjali Saxena is one of the best astrologers in Mumbai offering vastu, tarot reading, Counselling, Theta healing and more.

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about us

About Us : -

Dr. GeetanjaliSaxena has done her Masters in Psychology and has done her PhD in Psychotherapy & Counselling. She has dedicated her life to the betterment and happiness of Humanity. She has been a wellness coach with more than 2 decades of experience. She has done her Diploma in Inner Child Therapist under Trisha Cateno and is a Past Life Regression Therapist.




Theta healing


Past life regression



Counsellingis a conventional process which can be instrumental in the development of skills that can help to bring about an effective change in dealing with the conflicts of the mind. It is an interpersonal relationship between the counsellor and the client, where the counsellor helps the client to get in touch with the root of the problem, understand the reasons and thereby take effective steps towards achieving a resolution. This is achieved in a clearly defined and drafted principled relationship between the counsellor and the client. Counselling activities are not just limited to dealing with depression, crisis situations or relationship issues, rather it can help one to face their fears courageously and gracefully achieve their goals at both personal as well as professional levels.

theta healing

Theta Healing

Dr. GeetanjaliSaxena is a Hypnotherapy trainer and has been teaching of Hypnotherapy certified under California Hypnosis Institute(USA) for the past 7 years.

Hypnotherapy is therapy that is undertaken with a subject in hypnosis. The word "hypnosis" (from the Greek hypnos, "sleep") is an abbreviation of James Braid's (1843) term "neuro-hypnotism", meaning "sleep of the nervous system".

Hypnotherapy helps one to go the root cause of the issue, rather than seeing just the outer cover. It helps the clients to establish a direct connection with the subconscious mind where all the memories are stored. Not only memories, but also your past life experiences, current life learning and so on. One can watch the entire life like a series on the television & view all the beliefs, thought patterns, fears, accomplishments to see the core issue of their physical or mental dis-ease.



Past Life Regression is one of those modalities which can connect you to your deepest hidden Karmic Cycles playing havoc in your life. Dr. GeetanjaliSaxena’s journey began in 2008 with Past Life Regression when she completed her first course with Dr. Newton. It was a life-transforming experience for her where the quest to go deeper on this journey was born. She not just resolved her own issues but also touched hundreds of lives with this beautiful modality. Hence, she decided to learn the depths of Past Life Regression with the master himself – Dr. Brian Weiss. She successfully completed her course with him in Rhinebeck, New York.

contact us

Contact Us:-

ADDRESS:- 3rd Floor, AbbasManzil, Opp. Chakala CigaretteFactory, Sahar Road, Andheri (E) MUMBAI 99

TEL :+91 9322127722 (India) +001 7328296859 (U.S.A)