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Care Plan (CP) Team Meeting Draft PowerPoint Presentation
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Care Plan (CP) Team Meeting Draft

Care Plan (CP) Team Meeting Draft

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Care Plan (CP) Team Meeting Draft

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  1. With meeting notes Important Note: the webexurl will vary for the next few meetings. Please check the wiki. To join the meeting: Phone Number: +1 770-657-9270Participant Passcode: 943377 WebExlinkis on the wiki (linkbelow) Care Plan (CP) Team MeetingDraft André Boudreau ( Laura Heermann Langford ( Stephen Chu ( 2011-08-31 (No. 21) Care Plan wiki: HL7 Patient Care Work Group

  2. Agenda for August 31st • Minutes of August 17rd (5 min.) • EHR-S FM • SAIF summary • Finalize perinatology storyboard for presentation at the WGM (Laura) (30 min.) • Finalize agenda and slide deck for the Care Plan quarter at the WGM (Q1, Thursday Sept. 15th): 9h00 to 10h30 PT (= 12h00 to 13h30 EDT) (10 min.) • Status on remote participation capabilities. • Slide deck (André) • Review of Home care plan SB (André) (20 min.) • Cancel Sept. 7th meeting? Agree • Next meeting agenda, post WGM (Sept. 28th) • Appendix: storyboard vetting process (Updated)

  3. Agenda for Sept. 28th • Minutes of August 31st (5 min.) • Feedback from San Diego WGM (Stephen, Laura, others) • Care plan • Other meetings • Clinical validation of storyboards in October (André) • Perinatology • Home Care (3 home care nurses in Canada recruited) • Other storyboards • Chronic care (Stephen) • Roadmap for Oct to Dec. (André) • Decide on future meetings and roles • Every 2 weeks as in the summer • If time permits: Storyboard document introduction (Andre) • Purpose, scope, guidelines, structure, quality criteria

  4. Updated 2011-08-17 Future Topics • Other SBs • BPMN Models for the SBs (after SB validation and updates) • Review of the ISO CONTSYS work on care plan aspects • André to contact ISO Lead • Care Plan elements from KP, Intermountain, VA, etc. (Laura) • Requirements (André) • Care Management Concept Matrix update (Susan) • Comparison of care plan contents (Ian, Laura) • To inform the information model • Start of spreadsheet (Laura…) • Overarching term to use (Ian M.) • Care Plan Glossary • Forward plan- first cut

  5. Participants- WGM Meetg of 2011-08-31 p1

  6. Participants- WGM Meetg of 2011-08-31 p2

  7. Perinatology Storyboard • Final review • Laura

  8. Perinatology • See document by Laura • Review done Aug. 31st • Laura to revise some parts (Giving birth) and will post to the list with a note to Stephen to review. • Next steps (notes of Aug. 17): • Intro to be reworked by Laura • Laura sends doc to PC list and Stephen • Laura adds some description of the info that is exchanged among actors in each encounter • Laura then sends this last version to the list before our next meeting, Aug. 31st • Aug. 31st: we look at the last version and do final adjustments before WGM

  9. WGM Care Plan Quarter (90 minutes) • André to prepare slide deck and send to Laura and Stephen • Webex for WGM Care Plan meeting- Sept 15, 12h00 EDT: •

  10. WGM Care Plan Objectives and Agenda • Objectives • Review our approach to storyboards (multiple encounters among multidisciplinary team of clinicians for one episode of care or one stream of condition management) • Review one SB • Review our approach to validation of the SB by clinicians • Agenda • Roll call (5 min.) • Review of approach to structuring SBs (20 min.) • Perinatology SB (45 min.) • Plan for clinical validation of all SBs (20 min) • NOTE: André to prepare slide deck and send to Laura and Stephen

  11. Conclusion

  12. Updated 2011-08-31 Action Items as of 2011-08-31 NB: Completed action items have been removed.

  13. Appendix

  14. Storyboard Vetting Process

  15. Storyboard (SB) Validation & Approval • Clarify the guidelines and quality criteria for the Care Plan Storyboard (Care Plan Work Team CPWT) • Assign a PCWT ‘owner’ for each SB (CPWT) • For each SB, identify a validation group (3 to 5) of SMEs that include (CPWT) • At least one physician, one nurse, and one other type of clinician that is described in the SB • Representation from at least 2 countries • Where possible and relevant, include a care coordinator/manager • Obtain agreement to participate from SMEs (SB Owner) • Communicate the criteria and the specific SB to the appropriate group of SMEs (SB Owner) • Obtain individual feedback from the SMEs (SB Owner) • Consolidate feedback and update the SB (SB Owner) • Review the updated SB with the SMEs and the CPWT at a regular meeting (CPWT) • Finalize the SB (SB Owner)

  16. Care Plan Storyboard Guidelines and Quality Criteria • Focused on one typical story, not on exceptions • Focused on the exchange of information about care plan • Identifies what should be a best practice in the exchange of clinical information • Is at the conceptual level, Is architecture, implementation and platform independent • Is written in common clinical term, not in technical or IT terms • Notes: • Make explicit the state transitions? • We will need to clarify the criteria for what is being sent in the information exchange, especially for patients with a long history • Exclude patient profile, referral request • Do not exclude application services related to care plan information exchange • SB SME? MnM, Lloyd, Graham

  17. Updated 2011-08-31 Storyboard Owners -1 • Owners are coordinators for the preparation, review and approval of SB, not experts in the domain • Home Care: André • SMEs from Canada: SK Home nurse, ON Home Care Nurse, QC Home Care Nurse, Northern QC general surgeon • SMEs from USA: ? • SMEs from AU: ? • SMEs from UK: ? • Perinatology: Laura • SMEs:

  18. Updated 2011-08-03 Storyboard Owners -2 • Acute Care Plan Storyboard: Danny/Kevin • SMEs: • Pediatric and Allergy/Intolerance: Susan • SMEs: • Stay healthy: Laura • SMEs: • Chronic disease: Stephen • SMEs: Stephen + others