c iv board of directors board and general membership meetings
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C-IV Board of Directors Board and General Membership Meetings

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C-IV Board of Directors Board and General Membership Meetings - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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C-IV Board of Directors Board and General Membership Meetings. SAWS Consortium IV, C-IV System January 30, 2009. Agenda. Agenda cont. Migration Project Status Overview. On Time and On Budget!. Update on Migration Development.

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c iv board of directors board and general membership meetings

C-IV Board of Directors Board andGeneral Membership Meetings

SAWS Consortium IV, C-IV System

January 30, 2009

migration project status overview
Migration Project Status Overview

On Time and On Budget!

update on migration development
Update on Migration Development
  • Completed “do no harm to Original County” testing for CMSP Online & Rules. Deployed to C-IV Production June 2008 (8.06).
  • Completed development currently in System Test and on progress for deployment to C-IV Production July 2009 (9.07)
    • Replication of approximately 100 batch programs, 29 interfaces
    • CMSP Reports/Forms/NOAs/Eligibility
    • New interface development (Warrant Print, Auditor Controller, Direct Deposit, etc.)
    • New Reports/Forms (35 local/rush warrant templates, MEDS Progress Reports, etc.)
    • System Test Acceptance on schedule for April 3. User Acceptance Test follows.
  • Remaining Development
    • The project accommodated over 80 enhancements (SMCRs) by reallocation of time on items not yet worked and allocation of 500 hours managed by the Consortium
    • Over 80% of these SMCRs are complete. Remaining items include Stale and Paid Warrants, Siskiyou Warrant Print Check Stock, CMSP Policy changes.
update on migration conversion data clean up
Update on Migration Conversion - Data Clean-up
  • Current Status
    • Currently 3 Data Cleansing requests have been sent to the counties (All Waves)
    • No “show stoppers” currently identified
    • A higher volume of Data Cleansing requests is expected to start in March 2009 (All Waves)
      • This aligns with the Conversion Team completing build activities and entering Conversion System Test March 1
update on migration conversion data clean up1
Update on Migration Conversion - Data Clean-up
  • Data Cleansing Tracking
    • C-IV is tracking the progress of each Data Cleansing item on a monthly basis beginning mid-February 2009
    • The Data Cleansing Tracking Report will show a summary of the items left to be cleaned-up and detailed breakdown of the activity per month completed on each item
    • By the 15th of each month an updated CIT will be sent to the County notifying them that updated Data Cleansing Reports have been posted to the Web Portal and a new Data Cleansing Tracking Report has been posted
      • The Data Cleansing Tracking Report will report on progress through the end of the prior month. (On April 15th the counties will receive a report of progress through March 31st)
update on migration conversion mock conversions
Update on Migration Conversion – Mock Conversions
  • Mock Conversions
    • There are currently 7 Mock Conversions scheduled
      • Wave 1: May 2009 – September 2009 (4)
      • Wave 2: December 2009 – January 2010 (2)
      • Wave 3: April 2010 (1)
    • Each County will have access to their converted data (accessed through the C-IV System) for a period of 4 weeks during a Mock Conversion for the Wave
      • Wave 1: 7/5/09 – 7/23/09 & 8/10/09 – 8/14/09
      • Wave 2: 1/4/10 – 1/22/10 & 2/1/10 – 2/5/10
      • Wave 3: 4/5/10 – 4/23/10 & 5/3/10 – 5/7/10
    • County provides resources to confirm that their data is being migrated effectively
      • This is the County’s opportunity to preview the migrated data before cutover
      • It is anticipated that the County resources will be able to access C-IV from the County
update on migration development status release schedule and scope management
Update on Migration Development Status – Release Schedule and Scope Management
  • New Scope Management Change Requests (SMCRs) will not be included in the Migration Release (9.07)
  • Release 9.07 includes all of Migration required modifications
  • Critical path from System Test to UAT to Training to Wave 1 Go Live!
update on migration development status uat
Update on Migration Development Status – UAT
  • UAT Plan is complete
  • Recruitment of UAT Testers began in January
  • Testing will be conducted April 1 – June 5, 2009
  • UAT Testing will be conducted at the project site
  • UAT testing will focus on CMSP functionality, Reports, Forms, NOAs and Rush Warrant Print
  • UAT will include both scripted and unscripted testing
  • There is funding for salaries, benefits and travel
civ consortium by the numbers
CIV Consortium: By the Numbers...

Total CIV Consortium at

Users: 13,086

Offices: 373

completion of project

Original 4 Counties

C-IV Production Counties

Migration Counties

Merced: 400 Users 9 Offices

Wave 1: 2907 Users 78 Offices

Imperial 398 Users

Inyo 23 Users

Kern 1612 Users

Kings 251 Users

Mono 8 Users

Monterey 554 Users

San Benito 62 Users

Stanislaus: 543 Users 6 Offices

Riverside: 1985 Users 51 Offices

San Bernardino: 3308 Users 65 Offices

Wave 1: 2907 Users 78 Offices

Total: 6236 Users 131 Offices

Wave 2: 2358 Users 90 Offices

Wave 2: 2358 Users 90 Offices

Total: 9143 Users 209 Offices

Alpine 1 User

Amador 27 Users

Calaveras 40 Users

El Dorado 119 Users

Glenn 51 Users

Lake 120 Users

Madera 288 Users

Marin 140 Users

Mariposa 18 Users

Mendocino 156 Users

Napa 95 Users

San Joaquin 1217 Users

Tuolumne 55 Users

Total: 11501 Users 299 Offices

Wave 3: 1585 Users 74 Offices

Total C-IV Consortium at completion of Migration:

13,086 Users 373 Offices

Wave 3: 1585 Users 74 Offices

Butte 363 Users

Colusa 32 Users

Del Norte 66 Users

Humboldt 197 Users

Lassen 41 Users

Modoc 16 Users

Nevada 69 Users

Plumas 19 Users

Shasta 291 Users

Sierra 3 Users

Siskiyou 81 Users

Sutter 152 Users

Tehama 115 Users

Trinity 22 Users

Yuba 150 Users

Migration Total: 6850 Users 242 Offices

overview of the migration implementation and communications plan schedule deliverables
Overview of the Migration Implementation and Communications – Plan, Schedule Deliverables


  • Create Implementation Plans (Deliverables) with County Review
  • Conduct Site Prep and Installation of Hardware/Software
  • Build and Test Interfaces
  • Verify End Users and Type of Training Required
  • Prepare Adhoc Report Users for New Reporting Methods
  • Prepare County Points of Contacts for Project Activities
  • Conduct Change Management Analysis and Train Staff on Process Changes
  • Conduct C-IV System Training
  • Conduct Data Cleansing and Conversion Prep/Mock Conversion

Cutover to C-IV

  • Prepare Counties for Go Live
  • Cutover Weekend


  • Provide In-County Support
  • Issues Resolution
overview of the technical migration development and implementation activities
Overview of the Technical Migration Development and Implementation Activities

Migration Development

Commodities Procurement #4: February 2009

Server Installation and Configuration: May 2009

Performance Testing: Through May 2009 and Continuously After

Oracle RAC Upgrade: August 2009

System Operations and Support Plan: Through April 2010

Migration Implementation

Hardware and Software Acquisition Plan: December 2008

Imaging Plan: December 2008

Site Survey, Preparation, and Installation: Through March 2010

review dts pop network issue and status
Review DTS POP Network Issue and Status
  • Dec. 11 - Met with DTS & OSI to discuss Technical and Service Delivery issues. DTS to provide document on issues in two weeks
  • Dec. 15-18 – Conference calls with DTS POP counties to inform of status of issue and options
  • Dec. 24 – Received documents from DTS. Technical issues largely resolved. Service Delivery issues still outstanding
  • Jan. 5 – Submitted C-IV response to DTS documents to OSI
  • Jan. 5 – Napa County formally requests to change to County POP Model
  • Jan. 22 – Follow-up conference call held with DTS POP counties
update on c iv m o
Update on C-IV M&O
  • The M&O Phase of the Project has been underway for 50 months.
  • M&O highlights since the September 2008:
    • Automated Medi-Cal Redetermination Packets
    • Upgraded to Java 5, Web-Logic 10
    • Implemented 3 of the 5 phases for Time Limits enhancements - database and page updates complete. The last 2 phases will increase automation and will occur post-Migration.
    • Enhanced Resource Data Bank to show cross county impacts
update on c iv m o1
Update on C-IV M&O
  • M&O Planned Release Highlights, available to all 39 counties as they migrate:
    • CMIPS-II Design for C-IV Online IHSS referral processing
    • 9.01: Add Spell Check, County maintained valuables (45+ enhancements)
    • 9.02: ACL 08-30 Reporting, EBT PIN unlock
    • 9.03: Training Data Refresh, FNS 209 Report Updates
    • 9.04: County maintained mileage rates, CA 237 FC Report Updates
    • 9.05: Automate Cal-Learn, Enhance Intake Scheduling, Confidential Case Restrictions, CA 812 Report Updates
    • 9.07: Merge Migration Code with M&O Code
    • 9.09: Change EBT Vendor from JPM Chase to ACS, WPR Enhancements
    • 9.11: New programs for C4 Yourself: CMSP, CalWORKs, Medi-Cal
c iv m o release 9 01 recap
C-IV M&O: Release 9.01 Recap
  • Release 9.01 deployment was delayed 1 week to February 1. This was the first time in 53 monthly releases there has been a delay.
  • What happened
    • The database structure is changing to support an SCR which creates tighter coupling of the Person and their Application Status. This involves over 57 million rows of database updates.
    • This SCR was tested through CIV development lifecycle and was applied to Staging to get a Production timing estimate of 15-20 hours, within the deployment timeframe of 2am Sunday to 2am Monday.
    • The Production timing estimate was inaccurate due to additional time needed to update both Disaster Recovery and Ad-hoc databases while maintaining archive and rollback logs. At 2pm Sunday the update was 12 hours through running with 20+ hours projected remaining. After functional and technical review confirmed no mandate for deployment timing, rollback was initiated to ensure C-IV Online would be up Monday morning.
  • What we measures are we researching, to execute differently this weekend
    • Increase Rollback and archive logs (both size and scale) to reduce contention.
    • Segment database structure update into subroutines some of which can start earlier in the deployment cycle.
    • Decouple Ad-hoc database update from Production and Disaster Recovery. This may result in a delay of Ad-hoc availability until Tuesday. This SLA exception has been approved to provide greater contingency.
    • Research any network tuning parameters to improve file transfer speeds.
update on c iv work participation rate wpr functionality and status
Update on C-IV Work Participation Rate (WPR) functionality and status
  • The project has planned the rollout of WPR as follows:
    • Data Collection(C-IV page changes necessary for adequate data entry and tracking) – targeted for July 2009 implementation
    • Work Eligible Individuals (WEI’s) Determination(mandatory participants) – targeted for March 2009 implementation
    • Work Participation Rate (WPR) Determination(the percentage of mandatory participants that meet the federal work participation requirements) – targeted for November 2009 implementation
    • Reporting – (integrate all necessary WPR reporting into C-IV Solution) -targeted for November 2009 implementation
update on c iv medi cal pii safeguards
Update on C-IV Medi-Cal PII Safeguards
  • C-IV is in compliance with the physical and security safe guard requirements set forth by the State, with the exception of the following
    • All systems must time out after 20 minutes of inactivity. Currently, C-IV’s time out is set at 30 minutes. SCR 33323 has been created to address this issue and will be implemented prior to June 2009
update on c iv medi cal pii safeguards1
Update on C-IV Medi-Cal PII Safeguards
  • In addition to C-IV’s compliance, each county in the consortium will need to take appropriate action(s) to confirm they are in compliance with each section of the Privacy and Security Agreement. For example:
    • Section I/X: General confidentiality policies must be signed for all contracted staff (cleaning crews, temporary workers, etc)
    • Section II/IV: Training for staff that have or will have access to PII and maintaining certifications of agreement to comply with privacy/confidentiality and security safeguards.
    • Section III: Risk Management reviews/corrective action plans
    • Section V: Physical security onsite and at applicable storage warehouses.
    • Section VI: Remote access of PII and encryption of portable media devices.
    • Section VII: Paper document controls within the county.
    • Section VI/VIII: This section relates to the policies and procedures, which address identifying and responding to suspected or known security incidents. C-IV contains this ability; however, counties must request the functionality be turned on in order to obtain the log entries of a particular person, case, etc.
    • Section IX: Self assessments
review workstation distribution policy
Review Workstation Distribution Policy
  • Utilizes workstation counts from RFP
  • Prioritizes distribution - Core Users first
  • Provides Methodology for ‘true-up’ by Wave
  • Options to address additional needs
    • True-Up Allotment (100 per wave)
    • Use County-owned PCs as non-managed
    • Use State-owned (ISAWS) PCs as non-managed
    • County Purchase Process
overview of strategic direction and status from october jpa board retreat c4yourself
Overview of Strategic Direction and Status from October JPA Board Retreat – C4Yourself
  • C4 Yourself www.c4yourself.com
    • FNS Grant – C4Yourself implemented in all C-IV counties on 10/29/2007. Currently receiving over 300 applications per week. Total processed as of 12/31/2008:
    • Enhancements targeted for November 2009:
      • Add additional functionality for Food Stamps
      • Add Medi-Cal, CalWORKs
      • Add CMSP program
overview of strategic direction and status from october jpa board retreat c4yourself1
Overview of Strategic Direction and Status from October JPA Board Retreat – C4Yourself
  • FNS funding was approved by the Board last month
  • CMSP funding was approved by the CMSP Board on December 18th and was submitted for JPA Board approval today
  • We have conducted 2 workgroup meetings and are on schedule to have enhancements complete by November 2009
overview of strategic direction and status from october jpa board retreat enhanced ivr
Overview of Strategic Direction and Status from October JPA Board Retreat – Enhanced IVR
  • First Steps:
  • Share marketing tools/plan with production counties
  • Complete staff survey to determine types of questions received from customer phone calls to determine what additional information could be included on IVR
overview of strategic direction and status from october jpa board retreat electronic signature
Overview of Strategic Direction and Status from October JPA Board Retreat – Electronic Signature
  • Identified possible options upon completion of research in the following:
    • State Correspondence
    • Civil Code
    • Other States/systems using electronic signature
  • Accenture completing technical research of identified options
  • Will work with the Counties on solution and identifying/discussing any other issues
  • End product: a global solution that will work for online self service or worker supported use
overview of strategic direction and status from october jpa board retreat imaging
Overview of Strategic Direction and Status from October JPA Board Retreat – Imaging
  • Production Counties and five additional Migration Counties plan to acquire new imaging system
  • Counties are working together to:
    • Identify funding
    • Develop justification for qualifying MC PII funds
  • C-IV is working with counties to identify funding approaches and timelines
Overview of Strategic Direction and Status from October JPA Board Retreat – Tech Enabled Worker Automation
  • Ideas will be requested from County staff via CIT / CRFI, on how to utilize the C-IV System to streamline a worker's daily tasks. Current Cost Saving Ideas (CSI) are being gathered in Stanislaus.
  • Some current ideas are:
    • Using the C-IV System to pre-populate recertification documents so that customers would only enter changed information
    • Use electronic signature capabilities to enhance worker interviews with customers in the office
    • Use the new imaging solution to streamline the flow of paper documentation within the agency
    • Use an enhanced IVR System to reduce the amount of time a worker is answering customer's routine questions
update on c iv consortium staffing m o and d i
Update on C-IV Consortium Staffing (M&O and D&I)

M & O

  • Riverside has received applications and interviews are scheduled for one vacancy
  • One vacancy (Merced) remains to be filled as soon as possible

D & I

  • 11 vacancies remain. El Dorado may be able to contract for some positions. Openings include:
    • 1 Site Prep
    • 1 Implementation Coordinator
    • 1 Change Management Coordinator
    • 3 Training Coordinators
    • 4 Trainers
    • 1 Admin Assistant
budget update overview migration d i budget
Budget Update/Overview – Migration D&I Budget
  • SFY 2008/09
    • Planned expenditures on target
  • SFY 2009/10
    • Migration D&I fully funded
  • SFY 2010/11
    • IAPDU planning in progress
budget update overview c iv m o budget
Budget Update/Overview – C-IV M&O Budget
  • SFY 2008/09
    • Increasing print volumes due to increased caseload and system functionality.  Re-allocations will cover additional costs
  • SFY 2009/10
    • M&O fully funded
  • SFY 2010/11
    • IAPDU planning in progress
budget update overview overview of sfy 08 09 county administrative expenses
Budget Update/Overview – Overview of SFY 08/09 County Administrative Expenses
  • Insurance Services and KPMG SAS70 Internal Audit – Actuals were slightly less than planned.
  • VTD External Financial Audit; Acct II Position [Solely 4] – Actuals will equal projections.
  • Acct. II Position [Solely 35] – Position remains open. Projection decreased.
update on status of integration of migration counties into c iv m o sub committees
Update on Status of Integration of Migration Counties into C-IV M&O Sub-committees
  • A draft recommendation is in review by CPM’s which will include:
    • Committee Structure
    • Representation
    • Voting
  • Committee Selection Process
    • Currently in development
    • Similar to the existing ISAWS selection process
  • Timeline
    • A final recommendation will be brought before the Project Steering Committee in February
overview of isaws project migration activities
Overview of ISAWS Project Migration Activities
  • Project Closure – State Owned Equipment
  • MCRs
  • Conversion Activities
  • Dedicated County Issue
overview of isaws project migration activities state owned equipment1
Overview of ISAWS Project Migration Activities – State Owned Equipment
  • Notifications sent to ISAWS Counties
  • Why equipment will need to be decommissioned (ISAWS Project Closure and Public Contract Code Section 10389.1)
  • Again DO NOT PANIC!
  • Will work with Counties on “Exemption” requests where needed
overview of isaws project migration activities mcrs
Overview of ISAWS Project Migration Activities – MCRs
  • MCR 2381 – Migration Work Activities (8/29/07 - 7/30/10)
  • MCR 2398 – GEMS Conversion (1/21/08 - 1/29/09)
  • MCR 2405 – Legacy Data Solution (4/22/08 - 7/30/10)
  • MCR 2411 – Conversion Batch Process Analysis (6/30/08 - 3/31/09)
  • MCR 2412 – Mock Conversion Activities (9/25/08 - 3/31/10)
  • MCR 2415 – Cutover Activities (11/17/08 - 7/30/10)
  • MCR 2418 – Conversion Data Validation (8/26/08 - 1/29/09)
  • MCR 2421 – Convert WTW NOAs to PDF format (2/2/09 - 4/30/09)
overview of isaws project migration activities conversion activities
Overview of ISAWS Project Migration Activities – Conversion Activities
  • Weekly Conversion Meetings
  • Meetings With Interface Partners – As Needed
  • Converted Data Testing - Ongoing
  • Monthly System Loads - Ongoing
  • Incremental System Loads - Starting In February
  • Data Validation – Testing Has Started
  • Mock Conversion – In Requirements Phase
overview of isaws project migration activities dedicated county issue
Overview of ISAWS Project Migration Activities – Dedicated County Issue
  • ISAWS Dedicated Counties
    • 11 Counties: Listed by Wave and Equipment Install Start
      • Wave 1: Inyo, Mono, Imperial
      • Wave 2: Glenn, Lake, Alpine, Tuolumne, Amador, Mariposa
      • Wave 3: Colusa, Trinity
  • CTS Working With The Counties
    • Network Solutions
    • Equipment Installation
    • APDs
  • Coordination Of Effort With C-IV Equipment Installation
    • Goal: Have completed 30 days prior to Equipment Installation
  • Tracking progress of all Counties not just ISAWS Dedicated Counties
c iv procurement project
C-IV Procurement Project
  • Business Need
    • The current Maintenance & Operations (M&O) contract with Accenture ends on October 31, 2011. The Consortium requires on-going goods and services to be secured from a qualified M&O contractor at least six months prior to the end of the current contract term
  • C-IV Procurement Project Phases
    • Phase 1 – Secure the services of a Planning Consultant
    • Phase 2 – Secure the services of a Maintenance & Operations Contractor