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Risk vs Benefit PowerPoint Presentation
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Risk vs Benefit

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Risk vs Benefit - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Risk vs Benefit
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  1. Risk vs Benefit Relative Risk/Benefit: The Yardsticks Have Been Moved Off The Field

  2. How much can we control? The Biggest Benefit and Risk: Super-Intelligence Will Occur in the Next 25-35 years And Will Start Evaluating Us

  3. Timeframe for Annihilations Time Required to Annihilate Aboriginal Civilizations in the 16th Century: Approx. 20 Years

  4. Guns, Germs & Steel Yesterday: Guns, Germs, & Steel Tomorrow: Engineered Germs & Intelligence

  5. Are We Next? Will Homo Sapiens Be The Next Incas When Human/Machine Intelligence Evolves?

  6. How much can we control? Monkeys Designing Humans: Can We Design Ethics into Super-Intelligence?

  7. How will they see us? How Will “They” Judge “Us” ? “Unfriendly AI is the most daunting challenge” -Kurzweil July 20/05

  8. “What Were They Thinking?” Oil Silliness. Mass Animal Slaughter. End of Pipe Medicine.

  9. Incrementalism Won’t Do. We Require Big Thinking Now

  10. Examples Of Behavior That Might Make Them Think We Are Worth Keeping Around: Replace Oil Now. Replace Animal Protein. Fix the very worst diseases.

  11. Criteria for Choosing What condition occurs in most diseases on the Leading Causes of Death List? What condition is associated with symptoms of most major diseases e.g. inflammation, rapid cell division, organ dysfunction What is the common denominator to aging?

  12. Pictures of Calcification • Nanotechnology The Calcium Bomb – The Nanobacteria Link To Heart Disease and Cancer

  13. Impacts of Calcification • Provokes acute inflammation • Stimulates rapid cell division • Blocks blood vessels and organs • Hardens skin and arteries • Makes joint movement difficult The Calcium Bomb – The Nanobacteria Link To Heart Disease and Cancer

  14. What is Calcification? www.calcify.com Calcification is the deposit of calcium phosphate in parts of the body where it’s not supposed to be. This is different from the normally healthy process that builds bones and teeth. Less than one percent of calcium in the body goes haywire, but this is enough to cause a lot of trouble, because calcium phosphate is toxic to human tissue.

  15. Calcification Is Everywhere www.calcify.com

  16. Calcification in the human body www.calcify.com

  17. Finding Calcification? Still Not Good At It. Computed Tomography Scanner The Calcium Bomb – The Naobacteria Link To Heart Disease And Cancer

  18. Software Enhanced Angiogram/Scan Carotid Artery Showing Calcium Deposits • y The Calcium Bomb – The Naobacteria Link To Heart Disease And Cancer

  19. A Disguised Condition www.calcify.com

  20. Hardening Of Arteries www.calcify.com

  21. The Infectious Suspects www.calcify.com Pathogens that have been found in heart disease

  22. The Good News www.calcify.com “Calcification in coronary artery disease can be reversed by EDTA–tetracycline long-term chemotherapy.” - Extract from the journal Pathophysiology

  23. The Book www.calcify.com The Calcium Bomb – The nanobacteria link to heart disease and cancer