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Emergency Management Committee:. Go Team. What is the IAFC?. The mission of the IAFC is to provide leadership to current and future career, volunteer, fire-rescue and EMS chiefs, chief fire officers, company officers and managers of emergency service organizations throughout the

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What is the iafc
What is the IAFC?

The mission of the IAFC is to provide

leadership to current and future career,

volunteer, fire-rescue and EMS chiefs, chief fire

officers, company officers and managers of

emergency service organizations throughout the

International community through vision,

information, education, services and

representation to enhance their professionalism

and capabilities.

What is the iafc1
What is the IAFC?

  • The IAFC is an international group representing Career and Volunteer Fire Chiefs throughout the United States, its territories and the World.

  • Lead, Educate and Serve

  • Began in 1873 and is located in the vicinity of Washington, DC(Fairfax County Virginia)

Iafc disaster response
IAFC Disaster Response

  • IAFC’s main role until September 11, 2001 and Hurricanes Katrina and Rita was supportive

  • Following Katrina, a Task Force examined the national issues with mutual aid

  • The EMC was formed as a standing committee

  • Targeted involvement with state and federal partners

Iafc disaster response1
IAFC Disaster Response

After 9-11

  • Communications

  • Interoperability

  • Equipment Availability

  • Change of Scope of Fire Departments

  • Career Development Paths

  • Development of Assistance to Firefighter Grants (AFG)

  • NIMS Implementation

Iafc disaster response2
IAFC Disaster Response

Katrina/Rita Aftermath

  • Mutual Aid Agreements

  • Cataloging of resources

  • Use of the Emergency

    Management Assistance Compact (EMAC)

  • Interoperability issues

  • Certification Standardization

    • Fire: Credentialing

    • EMS: National Scope of Practice

IAFC National Mutual Aid


  • Development and Implementation of Strategic Plan

  • Emergency Management Committee

  • Addressed Intrastate Mutual Aid and State Mutual Aid Plans (IMAS)

  • Further Emphasized NIMS

  • Concept of Response Teams

Intrastate Mutual

Aid System


  • Assist the Fire Service in any state, US Territory or Tribe to develop or enhance intrastate mutual aid plans

  • Funded through DHS-NIMS Integration Center

  • Technical Advisors are provided

  • Working to create regional groups

Emergency management committee1
Emergency Management Committee


  • Established by IAFC in 2006

  • Address issues of State to State Coordination; FEMA; NIMS; NRP

  • Oversee and coordinate with IMAS

  • Implementation of Go-Teams

What is the go team
What is the Go Team?

“The IAFC Go Team is comprised of highly skilled and equipped chief officers that will work with peers, allied agencies and elected officials to assist in the coordination and recovery of significant emergencies and/or catastrophic events”

Selection of go team members
Selection of Go Team Members

  • Application process

  • Considerations

    • Diversity

    • Geographic location to ensure national balance

    • Type of department; career, volunteer, combination

    • Prior work with IAFC mutual aid programs

    • Experience and department history

    • Activity within the state mutual aid program

    • Emergency management background

Benefits of the go team
Benefits of the Go Team

  • The Go Team members will act as liaison between the requesting agency and the IAFC for request and/or provision of support services.

  • There are 42 members across the ten FEMA Regions which allow for an effective means of coordinating resources within a smaller geographic area and interaction between regions.

Benefits of the go team1
Benefits of the Go Team

  • By paralleling the FEMA model for response and coordination of the Go Team, this allows for a more timely response and people that may better understand the local needs and concerns.

Go team members in the fema regions
Go Team Members inthe FEMA Regions

What We Do

Team Activation

  • Normal deployment 7-10 days

  • Each member outfitted for up to a standard 14 day assignment

  • Relief crews can be deployed if necessary

  • Typically a 2 person team will be assigned

  • Multiple teams may be dispatched if the situation requires

What We Do

Team Versatility

  • Vast experience in areas of:

    • Staffing and Command

    • Resource Management

    • Incident Action Plans

    • Documentation, NIMS Forms

    • Public Information

    • Operations and Finance

    • EMAC procedures

What We Don’t

  • We are not an Incident Management Team (IMT):

    • We can fill positions of an IMT

    • We can fill positions in an EOC or MAC

    • We can assist any special need

  • We are not an Incident Command Team:

    • We are to provide support and relief, not take over.

Requesting assistance2
Requesting Assistance

  • Who can request assistance?

    • Local fire chief

    • State official

    • Federal official

    • Affected department

    • County or state emergency operations centers

    • Any federal official operating under the National Response framework as part of a local/state disaster response.

      *The individual making the request, MUST be in a position of

      authority as part of an emergency event.

Requesting assistance3
Requesting Assistance

  • Requests for assistance may be initiated after the event occurs or prior to an anticipated event for pre-staging of Go Team resources.

  • There is a 24-hour call center that directs calls to the IAFC staff.

  • A Request For Assistance (RFA) application must be filled out by the requesting individual/agency providing detailed information of the event, the type of help needed, and the number of members needed.

  • All information will ensure the correct resources are allocated.

Requesting assistance4
Requesting Assistance

  • After assistance has been requested, the IAFC will forward the RFA to the Go Team Coordinator for review and processing.

  • The FEMA region involved and number of members necessary will be verified by the Coordinator.

  • Once the team personnel and travel plans have been identified, the Coordinator will provide the information to the requestor and provide an ETA for the team.

Go Team: 1-888-840-6884

Add it to your cell phone contact list

Activation orders
Activation Orders

  • Activation orders will include:

    • Mission or Tasking number

    • Incident type and location

    • Contact information for requesting individual/agency

    • Travel plans, ETA

    • Directions and/or maps to the staging area or incident command post

    • Primary mission objectives and special instructions

Activation selection
Activation Selection

  • “Closest, most appropriate”

  • FEMA Region- proximity to event

  • Availability

  • If a large scale incident (Hurricane, Tornado) send non-affected members.

  • Specialized training or experience

Local Support

  • Local support is NOT required

  • Assistance securing local lodging, meals, and local travel is helpful

  • We arrange our own logistics as needed

  • We do require a designated POC to provide

    • Assignments

    • Check in location

    • Operational periods

  • Tell us how we can assist you.

Cost to requestor
Cost to Requestor

  • ZERO

  • Associated costs are covered through contract funding from DHS

Team organization
Team Organization

  • The team members operate under the authority and direct control of the IAFC’s Emergency Management Committee (EMC) and the National Programs Department of the IAFC.

  • Because team members are from each FEMA region, they may be able to drive directly to the incident in a short period of time. This is helpful if other transportation methods are compromised.


  • The Go Team members complete daily logs for each operational period or day of deployment.

  • The log will document:

    • Work day hours

    • Work assignments

    • Accomplishments

    • Important events

    • Expenses related to deployment


  • An ICS Form 214 is used to record details of daily activity in order to provide the basic reference from which to extract information for inclusion in any after-action report.

  • An ICS Form 209 will be used for further details.

  • All forms will be returned to Go Team Coordinator at the end of deployment.


  • Go Team members keep in daily contact with the Go Team Coordinator to share information and make any requests for further assistance from the IAFC.

  • Upon demobilization, team members report to the Coordinator their safe arrival home and schedule a date for after-action debriefing.

Code of conduct
Code of Conduct

  • The Code of Conduct consists of the rules and standards governing the expected demeanor of the Go Team members responding on behalf of the IAFC.

  • Each team member is both a representative of their response team, their home agency, and the IAFC.

Go team values
Go Team Values

  • Go Team members adhere to the following IAFC Values:

    • Integrity

    • Professionalism

    • Responsiveness

    • Collaboration

    • Diversity/Inclusiveness

    • Safety Culture

Recent activations
Recent Activations

Puerto Rico – Wildland Fires

  • Increased wildland fire activity

  • Request for technical assistance

  • Assist with cause and origin determination

  • Region VIII team selection due to wildland and fire investigation experience

  • On the ground in San Juan in <36 hours

Recent activations1
Recent Activations

Puerto Rico

  • 2 Go Team Members

  • IMAS Technical Advisor

  • No Cost to Puerto Rico

  • Assist in development of strategic plan for decreasing wildland fire incidents

  • 12 days on the island

  • Identified incendiary device

Recent activations2
Recent Activations

Puerto Rico: fire scenes visited

Recent activations3
Recent Activations

Puerto Rico

Recent Activations

Atlanta, Georgia- Severe Weather

  • Request from the State ESF-4 desk

  • 2 Team Members

  • Staff State Emergency Operations Center

  • Assisted with information gathering and resource deployment and accountability

Recent Activations

Tuscaloosa, Alabama - Tornadoes

  • Request from the Fire Chief and Emergency Manager

  • 2 Staff Members

  • Assigned to the temporary city command center (the city EOC was destroyed)

  • Assisted Incident Management Team

Recent Activations

Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Recent Activations

State of Connecticut – Hurricane Irene

  • Request from the ESF-4 Desk

  • 2 member team (3 personnel total)

  • Assigned to the ESF-4 Desk at the State Emergency Operations Center

  • Assisted ESF-4 Desk and other assigned tasks

Recent Activations

State of Connecticut

Recent Activations

Stafford County, Virginia - Earthquake & Hurricane Irene

  • Request from the Fire Chief

  • 2 Member Team

  • Staff County EOC

    • Logistics/Finance

    • Operations

    • Documentation

Recent Activations

Stafford County, Virginia

Recent activations4
Recent Activations

State of Connecticut – Winter Storm

  • Request from the state EOC

  • 2 Members requested, assigned

  • Assigned to the state ESF-4 desk

  • Assisted with situation reports, unit deployment status and power outage needs

Recent activations5
Recent Activations

State of Connecticut

Go Teams – When things are at their worst, the IAFC sends our best”

Iafc contacts
IAFC Contacts