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DGP Warm Up:

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DGP Warm Up:.

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dgp warm up

DGP Warm Up:

Underline the verb. Circle the direct object. Draw an arrow to connect them.1. Inside the tent, the two children told ghost stories.2. Mom and Dad used the entire roll of wrapping paper for my present!3. A bug flew in my mouth!4. Zach built a time traveling device with Brian.5. The dog ate all of the food in his dish.


Subject Complement:a word(s) in the predicate that identifies or describes the subject.Two kinds of Subject Complements:Predicate Nominative: a noun or pronoun that is in the predicate and identifies or refers to the subject.Predicate Adjective:an adjective that is in the predicate and describes the subject.


Subject Complements - LINKING verbs(predicate nominative/predicate adjective)Direct Objects - ACTION verbsFind the verb, then ask yourself: “___what?”Examples of Predicate Nominative:1. The fourth planet from the Sun is Mars.2. That bird is an eagle.3. You are a monster.4. In 1959, Hawaii became our fiftieth state.


Examples of Predicate Adjective:1. Those fresh strawberries smell delicious.2. She is talented in music.3. During the movie, I became restless.4. Remain calm in an emergency.5. That scratch may become worse.


Answer the following questions in your DGP with a partner in complete sentences:1. What is the difference between a direct object and a subject complement?2. What is the difference between a predicate nominative and a predicate adjective?3. What is the difference between an action verb and a linking verb?Worksheet: http://www.plusd.org/schools/rmi/subsites/Sarah-Anderson/documents/Grammar%20Worksheets/Ch%201%20L%208.pdf