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Управление образованием окружного административного городского округа г. Якутска PowerPoint Presentation
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Управление образованием окружного административного городского округа г. Якутска

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Управление образованием окружного административного городского округа г. Якутска - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Управление образованием окружного административного городского округа г. Якутска « The popular American Food and Drink » Research work. Pupil 4 A class Ann Galetskaya . Teacher: Burnina Elena Fedorovna School 36 "Nadezda" Yakutsk. Introduction . Fast Food of America

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Управление образованием окружного административного

городского округа г. Якутска

«The popular American Food and Drink»

Research work.

Pupil 4A class Ann Galetskaya.

Teacher: Burnina Elena Fedorovna

School 36 "Nadezda" Yakutsk

  • Fast Food of America
  • a). Pop-Corn.
  • b).The Hot Dog.
  • c). The Hamburger.
  • d). Coca- cola.
  • American meals.
  • McDonald's.
  • 5. Conclusion.

I have chosen this theme because I wanted to know what my coeval from America eat. It was interesting for me to know the history of famous American food.

  • What is "American" food? The answer is that it is part Italian, part British, part German, part Mexican, part Chinese…
  • When people from other countries came to live in the USA, they brought different cooking traditions.
  • Some of them opened restaurants. Today Americans enjoy food from all over the world. Over the years some foreign dishes changed a little.
  • Doughnuts were originally from Holland. In 1847 a young American boy told his mother that her doughnuts were never cooked them – and they were very tasty!
Maybe the USA is most famous for "fast food". The first fast food restaurants served hamburgers, but now they serve other kinds of food too. Inside there is often a "salad bar", were you can help yourself to as much salad as you want.

Americans eat a lot, and when they go to a restaurant, they don't expect to be hungry afterwards. Most restaurants will put a lot of food on your plate –sometimes it can be too much. But if you can't finish it all, don't worry: they will give you "doggy bad" and you can take it home.

Most Americans now have a light breakfast instead of the traditional eggs, bacon, toast, orange juice and coffee. But on weekends thereis more time, and a large late breakfast or early lunch "brunch" is often eaten with family or friends. And if guests come to lunch or dinner, the hosts will make something special. It might be Mexican.
  • Enchiladas, Japanese sushi, or Italian lasagna — or it might be good old American steak. Many people takea bottle of wine or some flowers when they areinvited to dinner at someone’s home.
  • At a «pot luck» dinner, all the guests bring something to eat. You should ask your hosts what kind of food they would like you to bring. Usually it is a salad, vegetable, or a dessert. When you are invited to dinner, it is usual to arrive ten or fifteen minutes late.
Fast Food of America.
  • Have you ever enjoyed a hamburger, sitting on a lawn? May be you're against all these hot dogs and cheeseburgers, because it's a junk food. Anyway, it is always interesting to find out something about the origin and history of such trifles, which make our life more comfortable. They really make life more pleasant, especially outdoors, don't they?
  • It’s impossible to imagine American take-away food or snacks without popcorn. Clear as a day, it is made from corn. But what about the first part of the word “pop”. Actually, when you put a kernel of corn on a fire, the water inside makes the corn explode. This makes a “pop” noise. That is why we call it popcorn. It’s an interesting thing to know that not all corn pops. A seed of corn must contain 14% water in it. Other kinds of corn have less waters and do not pop. The American Indians, who popped corn a long time ago, knew that special sort. They introduced corn to the first settlers. In 1620 when Pilgrims had a
Thanksgiving dinner they invited the Indians, who brought popcorn with them. Since that time Americans continued to pop corn at home. But in 1945 a new machine was invented that changed the history of the product. The electric machine enabled to pop corn outside the home. And soon movies started selling popcorn to make more money. The famous American habit of eating popcorn at the movies is well-known. Many people like to put salt or melted butter in their popcorn, some preper to have it without. Either way Americans love their popcorn.
The Hot Dog.
  •   The original name of the hot dog was the frankfurter, after the German city of Frankfurt. In the United States frankfurters, sausages on buns, were first sold in the 1860s. But for Americans the name “dachshund sausage” seemed to be a good one for the frankfurter. In actual fact, a dachshund is a dog from Germany with a very long body and short legs. Dachshund sausages first became popular in New-York especially at baseball games, where they were sold by men keeping them warm in hot water tanks. The men walked up and down the rows of people and yelled “Get your hot dachshund sausages here!”
And in 1906 the newspaper cartoonist Tad Dorgan saw the men with the dachshund sausages and got an idea for a cartoon: he drew a bun with a dachshund inside – not a sausage but a dog. The cartoonist didn’t know how to spell the word “dachshund” and under the picture he just wrote: “Get your hot dogs!” The cartoon was a sensation as well as the name. If you go to a baseball game today, you can still see sellers walking around with hot water tanks and yelling, “Get your hot dogs here! Get your hot dogs here!”  
The Hamburger.
  • An obligatory item on the list of fast food, the hamburger has no connection to ham, but with the German town of Hamburg, which was famous for its ground steak. German immigrants to the United States introduced the “hamburger steak”. At the St. Louis World’s Fair in 1904, hamburger steaks were served on buns for the first time. It was convenient and tasty and became a usual way of eating hamburgers.   But how did the hamburgers become the most popular, most typical American food? The introduction of the bun is the important part of the answer.

Coca- cola.

  • Another important part, due to which hamburgers have become well-known and favourite all around the world is McDonald’s, the fast food restaurant. The first restaurant was opened in San Bernadino, California, in 1949 and hamburgers were the main item on its menu, as well as the hamburger remains the main item in all McDonald’s restaurants today.

Coca- cola.

Coca-cola is one of the most popular soft drinks in the world. Dr. John Pemberton first made it in Atlanta, America, in 1886. Dr. Pemberton wasn't a real doctor but he sold syrups to people who were ill. He made his first Coca-Cola drink with syrup and soda water. He gave it to his friends to try. They liked it but asked him to make it even better.
  • Although. Dr. Pemberton's drink was 99% sugar and soda water, 1% of it was coca leaves and coca nuts (that is why he called the drink "Coca-Cola") and some other things. Dr. Pemberton would not tell anyone what these other things were. He kept them a secret. The drink did not sell well at first so he sold the secret. Two years later, he died.
In 1892, Asa Candler bought the secret and started The Coca-Cola Company. Until 1899 people could not take the soft drink away from shops to drink at home. They had to drink them in the shops. However, when the Coca-Cola drink became very popular, people wanted to take home bottles of it, so Mr. Candler agreed to sell it in bottles.
  • In 1919, Mr. Candler sold his part of the company for US $25 million!
Today, The Cola-Cola Company is one of the largest companies in American. In 1992, it sold 506 million bottless of Coca-Cola each day. People can buy it in 195 countries.
  • It is still the same drink that Dr. Pemberton made in 1886.
Americans usually have three meals a day. Breakfast usually comes before eight o'clock in the morning, since most people have to be getting off to work and children have to leave for. Lunch is served between twelve and one o'clock, and dinner, the main meal, is generally between six and eight in the evening.
  • Breakfast in America may be orange juice, toast and coffee, or juice and cold dry cereal with milk. Lunch in America is usually a small meal- a sandwich, salad or soup.
  • School children take sandwiches, fruit and cookies along with them or eat in the school's cafeteria.

American meals.

Dinner is ordinarily planned around a meat course, pork, or various fowl such as chicken or turkey.
  • An American dinner often includes potatoes or rice, and a green or yellow vegetable. Fresh salad is also frequently served. Coffee, tea, and milk are generally served with a dessert after dinner, but not always.


There were two McDonalds – Mac and Dick – and they were brothers. In 1948, they owned a restaurant in California. They liked working in the restaurant, but they got tired of the customers ordering so many different things to eat.
  • If we gave customers a smaller menu, we could make some of the food before they come, and they wouldn't have to wait so long for their meals, sad one of the brothers.

The other brothers agreed and added , 'And if we made the customers come to the counter, we wouldn't need any waiters or waitresses. We could also use plastic plates so there wouldn't be any washing-up.

There were such good ideas that the McDonald brothers used them, and the customers were very pleased. They got their meals very quickly – in pleased less than a minute – and they paid only 15 cents for hamburgers and 10 cents for fries. The first McDonald's restaurant had no seats for customers to sit on. This meant that people had to take their food away, and that no one had to clean up any tables after them.
Then a man called Ray Kroc came to the brothers and asked to buy their business. They agreed to sell it to him for $27 million. After that, people paid Ray Kroc to open their own restaurants using the McDonald's name and menu. Before long, there were McDonald's restaurants all over the United States, and nowadays, they are all over the world - even Chine and Russia.
The most successful McDonald's business is in Hong Kong. The Hong Kong McDonald's sells more hamburgers every day than any other McDonald's anywhere else in the world.
  • McDonald's restaurants are so successful because children love going to them. They like the food, and They like the toys and games they can get at McDonald's.
  • I have learnt that the most of my classmates drink Coca-Cola with pleaser and like to eat hamburgers but they have to remember that the eating in fast-food restraints lead to obesity and to another problems of health.
  • Finishing this research, I have made a conclusion that fast-food isa good business, but in opinion of most scientists this food is junk for our health.
  • In conclusion I wanted to say that food must be various and useful.
  • It is known that we are what have we eaten.