aims review writing dissecting prompts outlining n.
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AIMS REVIEW: Writing Dissecting Prompts & Outlining PowerPoint Presentation
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AIMS REVIEW: Writing Dissecting Prompts & Outlining

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AIMS REVIEW: Writing Dissecting Prompts & Outlining - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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AIMS REVIEW: Writing Dissecting Prompts & Outlining. Concepts borrowed from Buckle Down. Tip One. S ubject : What is the topic of the writing? A udience : To whom are you writing? P urpose : What is the goal or reason for writing? F orm : What form should the writing take?.

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aims review writing dissecting prompts outlining

AIMS REVIEW: WritingDissecting Prompts & Outlining

Concepts borrowed from Buckle Down

tip one
Tip One
  • Subject: What is the topic of the writing?
  • Audience: To whom are you writing?
  • Purpose: What is the goal or reason for writing?
  • Form: What form should the writing take?

Determine SAPF.

What do these letters represent? Explain what each word means.

  • S
  • A
  • P
  • F

Correct your answers to Question #1

Answer Question #1

tip one practice
Tip One: Practice

Practice finding the SAPF by completing question #2.

Imagine that the governor of your state will be visiting your school. You have been selected to deliver a speech to the governor on behalf of the student body about what teens want most from a high school education. Your remarks could possibly influence education policy in your state. Write a speech describing the educational concerns of people your age.

  • Subject: What teens want from a high school education
  • Audience: The governor of Arizona
  • Purpose: To explain (and to convince)
  • Form: A speech (write as a five-paragraph essay)
tip two
Tip Two

Determine what you know and don’t know about the subject.

  • You must use your imagination to come up with interesting ideas that will engage both you and your reader in what you write.
  • One of the best ways to develop ideas is by brainstorming.
tip two practice
Tip Two: Practice

Practice brainstorming by completing question #3.

  • Do not judge ideas as good or bad during this process.
  • Do not worry about spelling, grammar, or complete sentences yet.
  • Write down every idea you can think of!
tip three
Tip Three

Consider your audience at every stage of the writing process.

  • Knowing your readers will help you decide which details to present.
  • It is important to use the words and sentence structure that will be most effective for your audience.
tip three practice
Tip Three: Practice

Practice thinking about audience by completing questions #4-5.

  • If the audience is not given in the prompt, you should assume your audience will be teachers and administrators who are grading the AIMS Writing Test.
tip four
Tip Four

Understand the various purposes for writing.

  • First, answer question #6.
  • Then, as you view the following slides, summarize the five purposes of writing in question #7.
tip four notes
Tip Four (notes)

Understand the various purposes for writing.

  • To convince (persuade, influence): The writer wants to persuade the reader to think, believe, or act in a certain way. The writer may also encourage the reader to take a particular action.
  • To entertain: The writer wants to make readers laugh, cry, feel suspense, or otherwise enjoy the writing. Most fictional writing and personal narratives are written with this purpose in mind.
tip four notes1
Tip Four (notes)
  • To describe: The writer gives a detailed description of a person, place, or object. The writer uses sensory details, strong word choice, and explains the personal importance of the person, place, or object.
  • To teach, inform, or explain: The writer shares factual information in a balanced manner without trying to persuade. If there are two sides to an issue, the writer lets the readers draw their own conclusions.
tip four notes2
Tip Four (notes)
  • To communicate: The writer wants to provide specific information related to real-world tasks. This type of writing includes business letters, memos, or technical manuals.
tip five
Tip Five

Understand the characteristics of the different forms of writing.

  • What are some of the writing forms that you may be asked to use on the AIMS Writing Test? Answer question #8.
tip five notes
Tip Five (notes)

Fill in the chart for question #9

tip six
Tip Six

Create a detailed outline before you begin writing.

  • Create examples of graphic organizers in your AIMS Review packet.
  • Answer questions #10-13.
more practice
More Practice…

The more you practice, the more prepared you will be.

  • Answer questions #14-17.
  • Answer questions #18-21.
  • Answer questions #22-25.