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DISA’s Transformation to a Platform Service Provider PowerPoint Presentation
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DISA’s Transformation to a Platform Service Provider

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DISA’s Transformation to a Platform Service Provider - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Defense Information Systems Agency. A Combat Support Agency. DISA’s Transformation to a Platform Service Provider . DISA Computing Services August 2011. Platform Service Definition. Software as a Service (SaaS). Forge.Mil. E-Mail. Platform as a Service (PaaS). ERP. Web Services.

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Presentation Transcript

Defense Information Systems Agency

A Combat Support Agency

DISA’s Transformation to a

Platform Service Provider

DISA Computing Services

August 2011

platform service definition
Platform Service Definition

Software as a Service (SaaS)



Platform as a Service(PaaS)



Infrastructure as a Service(IaaS)



Cloud Service Models

DISA Cloud Services

On-demand self-service

End-user application is delivered as a service instead of on-site software installations. Platform and infrastructure are abstracted.

Broad network access

Application platform or middleware as a service on which custom applications and services can be deployed.

Resource pooling

Rapid elasticity

Physical infrastructure is abstracted to provide computing, storage, and networking as a service, avoiding the expense and need for dedicated systems

Measured Service

The Air Force Platform Service falls within the PaaS layer of the Cloud Model

From NIST: The capability provided by PaaS to the consumer is to deploy onto the cloud infrastructure consumer-created or acquired applications created using programming languages and tools supported by the provider. The consumer does not manage or control the underlying cloud infrastructure including network, servers, operating systems, or storage, but has control over the deployed applications

platform benefits
Platform Benefits

Provide standardized development environment with pre-integrated services allowing developer to focus on business logic

Remove IT infrastructure burden from developers

Reduce development costs (H/W, S/W, administration)

Allow developers to focus on application development

Help application PMO better manage costs and schedule

No lab infrastructure startup

No waste of resources due to over provisioning

Provide a fast and inexpensive path to production

Provide dynamic resource allocation

Share situational awareness for platform services

Provide utility-based billing


platform hosting model
Platform Hosting Model
  • DISA provides Hardware, Basic and Database infrastructure & support
  • ITIL based operations model
  • Runtime Environment and Shared Services defined by DISA
    • Initial capability includes DISA infrastructure plus adoption of IIB authentication and MDE services
    • Follow-on capability adds jointly confirmed shared services
  • Custom hosting for unique applications that leverage IaaS and shared services
  • Customer builds and delivers Custom Code for DISA to execute in Runtime Environment
  • DISA provides path-to-production lifecycle services


paas v1 0 decomposition
PaaS v1.0 Decomposition

Air ForceApps









Self Service


Shared SA

Utility Billing


PaaS STS Specific

Customer Facing Elements

Technology Components

approach for an enterprise platform service
Approach for an Enterprise Platform Service

Two Platform as a Service (PaaS) Offerings

General purpose cloud platform model

Secure Token Service (STS) to support Air Force Enterprise Level Security (ELS)

Elastic, Self-service, Utility Pricing, Rapid Deployment of Apps

Web Apps / Services, ERP Apps

JBoss Open Source for 95+% of all Java Applications

paas path to production
PaaS Path To Production





  • Standardized platform from development through production
  • More controlled than commercial for safe, secure cloud services
  • Easier to access than DoD production
  • Smooth path to production with security validation
  • Meets DoD standards for secure computing
  • Enterprise Portal will provide access to all services
  • Orchestration tools will support more mature cloud services
  • Location independent capabilities for production services

Platform as a Service

C&A Verification


Platform Developer Kit


Test Tools


ITILOps Model

Shared SOA Services



Shared Dev / Test Servicesfor Application Development

Rapid, standard, self-service capabilities


paas feature overview
PaaS Feature Overview

Industry competitive capabilities with strong security and faster acquisition

paas service catalog
PaaS Service Catalog



High Availability Clustering

Additional Storage

Exposure Services

  • PaaS Bundle
  • Operating Environment
  • 2 Cores, 2 GB Memory
  • Storage – 10GB
  • Network infrastructure
  • Web & JEE Containers
  • PBAC Access Management
  • Ozone Widget Framework
  • Oracle Database

PaaS Catalog

  • PaaS STS Bundle
  • Operating Environment
  • 2 Cores, 2 GB Memory
  • Storage – 10GB
  • Network infrastructure
  • Web & JEE Containers
  • STS Access Management
  • AF Metadata Environment
  • Oracle Database

Note: Example only

type accreditation for paas
Type accreditation for PaaS

Goal: Significantly reduce C&A timeline

  • Concept grounded on principal of reciprocity between developed applications and DISA’s platform execution environment
  • Implies that accreditation authorities for the PaaS platform (DISA) and the developed web services and applications will reciprocate on acceptance of each others accreditation work
    • Customer will accept accreditation of DISA platform type accreditation
    • DISA will accept customer’s certification of net-worthiness
  • Approach
    • CSD will develop a DIACAP package for type accreditation of the PaaS execution environment
    • The customer’s development, testing and fielding process will need to ensure rigor for application code (above the line system)
    • Acceptance of above the line and below the line IA work will be reciprocal