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IRS XML Initiatives Sol Safran Enterprise Data Management Organization 21 April 2004

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IRS XML Initiatives Sol Safran Enterprise Data Management Organization 21 April 2004 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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IRS XML Initiatives Sol Safran Enterprise Data Management Organization 21 April 2004. AGENDA. Introduction EDMO Vision & Mission Background Managing IRS XML Standards Managing IRS XML Users – Stakeholders Managing IRS Data. Partnered Organization IRS / PRIME / MITRE.

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Presentation Transcript

IRS XML Initiatives

Sol Safran

Enterprise Data

Management Organization

21 April 2004

  • Introduction
    • EDMO Vision & Mission
    • Background
  • Managing IRS XML Standards
  • Managing IRS XML Users – Stakeholders
  • Managing IRS Data

Partnered Organization


Enterprise Data Manager

Data Engineering

Working Group


Data Management

Issues Resolution

Team (DMIRT)

Data Policy & Strategic


Data Administration

Data Architecture

Database Administration

Enterprise Data Management Office – Mission & Vision

  • Establish and implement an Enterprise-wide data management program.
  • Define long term objectives and identify projects and activities that help attain those objectives.
  • Recruit and maintain project staff and integrate services and deliverables into the overall environment.
  • Develop a strategic plan, management reports, schedules, finance and budget
  • Coordinate the support, planning prioritization and monitoring of activities that manage IRS data at the enterprise level to meet the business needs of the agency
  • Provide the necessary infrastructure, policies, standards and tools which provide for common integrated, consistent and effective data management practices
  • Develop, promote and oversee compliance with policies
  • Develop and maintain the Enterprise Conceptual and Logical data models
  • Coordinate and ensure the optimal use of IRS agency resources and assets in the physical manipulation of data and data artifacts
  • Develop and implement plans for data transition, data migration, data conversion, COTS data stores, and custom data stores
  • Facilitate the creation, storage, manipulation, integration, distribution, use and management of enterprise level shared metadata and XML Registry
  • Support application and engineering projects in developing enterprise compliant data solutions.
irs enterprise data management office background
IRS Enterprise Data Management Office – Background
  • Data management work and XML standards being performed by PRIME Enterprise Data Management (EDM)
    • EDM is EDMO support contractor
    • CSC is PRIME integration contractor for IRS Systems Modernization
    • Coalition of CSC, IBM, Northrop Grumann, and others
irs enterprise data management office background1
IRS Enterprise Data Management Office – Background
  • XML plays large role in Systems Modernization
    • Tax returns and forms from external providers
    • Storage of tax returns as received, plus modifications
    • Inter-system messaging
  • IRS had many independent XML initiatives
    • Inter-operability was jeopardized
    • Wheels were being re-invented
    • Each project learned as it went
irs enterprise data management office background2
IRS Enterprise Data Management Office – Background
  • Tax data in XML
    • Also increasingly: tax returns are converted to XML and processed/stored
    • All tax forms must be retained as originally submitted … increasingly in XML from 3rd party providers and large corporations
    • Eventually most tax forms and returns will be in XML format in IRS
    • Tax Year 2004 return projections:
      • 1120 (Corp): 6M
      • 94x (Employment): 30M
      • 1040: 134M
  • Impact of XML
    • 2004 projections
      • 1120 returns (Corp): 100k
      • 94x returns (Employment): 29M
    • XML schemas can amplify data
      • Some 1120 schema instances up to 350 MB
managing irs xml standards benefits
Managing IRS XML Standards - Benefits
  • Improved Systems Interoperability
    • Common business vocabulary
    • Common XML message content
    • Reduce interface development costs
    • Facilitate re-use and interoperability
  • Improved Data Quality
    • Known sources and locations of data
    • Contradiction between databases removed
    • Typing to ensure values
  • Improved Taxpayer Interaction
    • More accurate, timely information
  • IRS commitment to states/external developers
managing irs xml standards goals
Managing IRS XML Standards - Goals
  • Organize stakeholders
  • Pull together internal and external knowledge and best practices
    • Identify existing industry best practices
    • Liaison with external organizations – TIGERS, OASIS, FED XML Working Groups, etc.
    • Leverage IRS project knowledge and lessons learned across the IRS
  • Provide direction, standards and guidelines
    • Define XML specific standards and guidelines
    • Define appropriate uses of XML
  • Plan for XML architecture/infrastructure support (e.g. XML Registry, XML tools, etc.)
managing irs xml standards process
Managing IRS XML Standards - Process
  • Fact finding
  • Develop initial standards to assist team
  • Conduct workshops
  • Important considerations
    • Maintain enterprise perspective
    • Try to minimize impact to projects
  • Communicate process and findings to stakeholders
  • Formalize
  • On-going
managing irs xml standards results where next
Managing IRS XML Standards – Results & Where Next
  • Formalized XML standards & guidelines - ongoing
    • Enterprise Data Standards & Guidelines
    • Stakeholder Working groups
  • Architectural Issues
    • What and how to XMLize, and what not to
      • E.g., messaging, OLTP vs. reporting/analytics, etc.
    • Structural commonalities and differences
      • XML for messaging vs. processing vs. data storage
    • Structural variations for different kinds of processing (SAX vs DOM, vs Custom)
    • Architecting for data sharing, re-use, and interoperability
    • Architecting for performance and scalability
      • Technology/performance implications of data volume amplification
  • Standard XML schema based on Enterprise Logical Data Model
  • XML Registry
  • Organization outreach (TIGERS, OASIS, XML Working Group, etc.)
  • Taxonomy
managing irs xml users stakeholders
Managing IRS XML Users - Stakeholders

IRS Organizations

IRS Projects

Other Organizations

  • Chief Counsel
  • Electronic Tax Admin
  • Media & Publishing
  • Taxpayer Advocate
  • LMSB
  • TEGE
  • W&I
  • BSMO
  • BSD
  • EUES
  • Security Services
  • Web Services
  • 1120 e-File
  • CADE
  • HR Connect
  • Internet EIN
  • MDA
  • Modernized E-File
  • M-TRDB
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • DoD XML Registry
  • DoT XML standards
  • Fed XML Working Group
  • NIST
  • XML Stakeholders:
    • Large, diverse group (100+)
    • Major IRS organizations, all levels of projects, external organizations
    • Members participate in XML working groups
    • Recently expanded scope to include stakeholder presentations
managing irs data irs xml registry
Managing IRS Data - IRS XML Registry
  • Registry benefits
  • Registry analysis underway
  • Stakeholders involved
  • Meta Data
    • Meta Data Management
    • Meta Data Strategy
contact info
Contact Info

Karla TropeaProgram Manager, IRS Enterprise Data Management Office


Sol Safran Senior Data Engineer – XML Lead, Prime Enterprise Data Management