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Flawless Consulting

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Flawless Consulting

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Flawless Consulting

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  1. Flawless Consulting Presenter Course Date

  2. Introduction • Consulting refers to the process of providing other professionals with expert advice relate to business or technical matters (Zimmerman, 2013). • Flawless consulting is the process of giving advice at a mastery level. • Flawless consulting occurs when the consultant is credible or authentic (Block, 2011). • This presentation is on the process of flawless consultation, the skills that consultants need to have in order to become flawless in their consulting roles. • An effective approach to consultation and ways of overcoming resistance during the consulting process are also discussed in the presentation

  3. Flawless Consulting Process • Phase 1: Entry into the consulting process and designing a consultation contract. • Phase 2: Active data collection and diagnosing of the problem • Phase 3: Providing feedback to the group that is seeking consultation, and the decision that they require in order to act on problem • Phase 4: Implementation of the solution • Phase 5: Extension of the action, recycling the action or terminating it as appropriate

  4. Important Skills of a Flawless Consultant • Consulting skills, interpersonal skills and technical skills • Applying consultation skills allows consultants to negotiate, analyze the political environment and controversial data for a proper diagnosis or feedback • Interpersonal skills of a consultant allow him or her to relate with the group seeking the consultation in an effective manner (Lamons, 2010) • A flawless consultant should also be a good planner and aware of business processes, such as marketing, finance and management (Alverson, 2009).

  5. The Effective Approach to Flawless Consulting • A goal oriented approach should be used to ensure that the consulting process is flawless (Lehman, 2011). • A consultant must aim at establishing good and collaborative interaction or relationships during the consultation process (Zimmerman, 2013). • A flawless consultant should also focus on the solution of the problem. • A flawless consultant must be able to pay attention to both the business related problems and the associated technical factors in implementing the solution (Alverson, 2009)

  6. Overcoming Resistance during Flawless Consultation • Provide the group seeking consultation with adequate details and facts on the problem, and the suitable solutions (Lamons, 2010). • The details should be provided in a manner that the feedback is easy to comprehend • Motivation and moralizing the preferred change or solution (Lehman, 2011). • Employ interpersonal skills, such as effective communication, to overcome resistance (Lamons, 2010).

  7. Conclusion • Flawless consultants are effective because of their ability in employing consultation, interpersonal and technical skills in the consultation process. • During the negotiation process, consultants should collaborate with the people seeking consultation. • Resistance to the decisions of the consultant and the implementation of change may be experienced. • Flawless consultation overcomes resistance through motivation, detailed feedback and demonstrating the importance of implementing the decision to the organization and members of staff. • It is through a goal oriented approach that flawless consultation is achieved.

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