caso 2 famous people teacher erika gallardo onel n.
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Caso 2 Famous People Teacher Erika Gallardo Onel PowerPoint Presentation
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Caso 2 Famous People Teacher Erika Gallardo Onel

Caso 2 Famous People Teacher Erika Gallardo Onel

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Caso 2 Famous People Teacher Erika Gallardo Onel

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  1. Caso 2 Famous PeopleTeacherErika Gallardo Onel

  2. Caso 2: Famous People Objetivo: Comprender auditivamente una variedad de textos adaptados o auténticos relacionado con el campo semántico de las personas, identificando información general y algunos detalles. Evaluación:Escriben acerca de un personaje famoso, escogido por los alumnos, considerando lugar de nacimiento, fecha, estudios, profesión, familia, actividades que realiza, motivo de su éxito.

  3. Answer in English 1.What does the first paragraph discuss? a.His country of origin b.His career success c.His political views 2.What is true of Arnold Schwarzenegger? a.He immigrated in his teens b.He eventually mastered English c.He came from Australia 3.What movie gave him his first brake? a. The Terminator b. Conan the Barbarian c. True Lies

  4. 4. What is true about the film The terminator? a. He did not speak much. b. It was his first film c. It was a box office disaster 5. Which paragraph would include the following sentence, ‘Later, he would take on parts with more dialogues’? a. First paragraph b. Second paragraph c. Third paragraph 6. How many times has he been voted into office? a. Once b. Twice c. Three times

  5. Classify the sentences of the text in the following table(do it in your notebook)

  6. Complete the following sentences with the correct form of the verb given 1.Arnold ______also called Arnie by his fans.( be) 2.He _________five Mr.Olympia titles.(win) 3.He _________ a politician in 2003.(become) 4.He ___________very well English (speak) 5.He _________the Governor of the State of California.( be) 6.His first break _______ in Conan the Barbarian. (be) 7.He ________born in Austria. ( be) 8.He __________ to the States in 1968(immigrate) 9.They __________ him for a second period as Governor (elect) 10.He ________lived the process of the american dream successfully. ( have)

  7. Adverbs coming out of Adjectives“ –ly ” • Current currently • Like likely • Easy easily • Unique uniquely • Actual actually • Eventual eventually

  8. Complete using the correct adverb.Uniquely/ eventually / actually/ likely / easily / currently • ____________the president of Chile is a woman. • They could do all the exercises________ • He ____________ got a seven in English. • They ____________got to the top of the mountain. • I think they __________don’t want to study. • They are ____________ to be here at 10.

  9. New Vocabulary Movie physique claim Actor famous hallowed Director easy big break Bodybuilder small land Politician due to soon Governor command however Success despite since Attempt mimicked fields

  10. Let’s remember!!Simple Past Tense Affirmative Form: Subject + verb(past ) + complement Ex: He won five Mr.Olympic titles Negative Form: Subject + didn’t + Verb(infinitive) + complement Ex: He didn’t speak English well Interrogative Form Did + Subject + verb (infinitive) + complement ? Ex: Did he immigrate to the United States? Yes, He did ( No, he didn’t)