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Program & Portfolio Focus

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Program & Portfolio Focus. Leadership and Technology at the School Level: Technology Integration. Paul Handley MEDT 8463 University of West Georgia. Program & Portfolio Focus. Leadership and Technology at the School Level: Technology Integration.

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program portfolio focus

Program & Portfolio Focus

Leadership and Technology at the School Level:

Technology Integration

Paul Handley

MEDT 8463

University of West Georgia

program portfolio focus1
Program & Portfolio Focus

Leadership and Technology at the School Level:

Technology Integration

  • I believe it is imperative for instructors at all academic levels to integrate technology into their instruction because it is so prevalent in our society.
  • I also believe technology should be integrated in meaningful and purposeful ways.

“With technology, young people are becoming more confident.  Their willingness to reach out and learn new things is much greater.” 

Bill Gates - Microsoft Corporation’s CEO

technology integration
Technology Integration
  • Integrating technologies is a complicated issue.
  • The benefits associated with technology need to be clear and the barriers that exist have to be addressed, thus increasing the use of technology.
the benefits associated with technology integration include
The benefits associated with technology integration include:
  • increased student learning
  • improved organizational strategies by instructors
  • enhanced teaching resources
  • increased communication
barriers to technology integration include
Barriers to Technology Integration include:
  • teacher attitude and “buy-in”
  • technology competence
  • learning curve/time needed for mastery
  • lack of mentoring and role models
  • limited funding and resources
teacher attitude and buy in
Teacher Attitude and “Buy-in”
  • Research shows that in order for instructors to use technology effectively they require appropriate training and confidence.
  • If they are lacking in confidence or training they will not use technology as an instructional tool.
learning curve
Learning Curve
  • Learning to use a software program takes time, as does learning how to integrate that software into the curriculum.
    • If a teacher has never seen the instructional technologies being modeled in a lesson, then he or she is less apt to attempt to use the resources.
background information
  • I have been teaching middle school technology for nine years at Fayette Middle School
  • In addition to my teaching responsibilities, I am (and have been) the school’s Technology Specialist.
background information1

I work with many energetic and open teachers who are ready for change. I also work with teachers who resist any modification to the way they have “always done it” and use technology only when they are forced to use it.

  • Simply using technology for technology's sake defeats the purpose.
reasons for selecting this topic
Reasons for selecting this topic:
  • To promote staff and student use of instructional and informational technologies.
  • To develop new and exciting ways to engage students in learning by incorporating new technologies into my curriculum.
  • To create positive teacher attitude and “buy-in”
reasons for selecting this topic1
Reasons for selecting this topic:
  • I hope to quell the panic teachers feel when problems occur by preparing them adequately.
  • I plan to execute a more orderly process of dealing with the issues that arise.
  • I want teachers to have a sense of empowerment.
benefits to students
Benefits to Students
  • Students will be exposed to new and exciting ways of learning.
  • It will create new ways for students in different class sections to collaborate on topics.
  • It will help students understand how to use technology as tools for learning not just for entertainment.
  • Students will also develop an understanding of how to solve problems using these tools.
benefits to school
Benefits to School
  • Faculty would be more self-sufficient and “tech savvy”
  • More likely to have teacher “buy-in”
benefits to myself
Benefits to Myself
  • Most faculty members recognize that I teach six classes but they often do not realize their “emergency” should not interfere with the educational process of my classroom. In the past, I have felt pressured to solve everyone’s problems.
  • I was able to identify this as a targeted need through the SWOT analysis assignment.

*I too need to always make sure my students come first.*

benefits to myself1
Benefits to Myself
  • By helping teachers help themselves, the benefits trickle down into my classroom.
  • My job will be increasingly less complicated and stressful as teachers become more self-sufficient.
  • Creating a positive, “You can do it!” atmosphere, will help me to balance my duties better than I have in the past.
ways to accomplish goals
Ways to Accomplish Goals
  • I have created a discussion board for Fayette Middle School faculty to discuss technology issues.
  • A Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section will be added to the school’s intranet website. This section will include answers and solutions to common technology problems that may be encountered by the faculty.
ways to accomplish goals1
Ways to Accomplish Goals
  • Implement Wikis, blogs, and Podcasts into my curriculum.
    • I am currently looking at ways to implement these new technologies into my curriculum
ways to accomplish goals2
Ways to Accomplish Goals
  • I am in the process of creating PowerPoint Presentations, video tutorials, and handouts to help teachers with technology issues.

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