phrasal verbs multi word verbs n.
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PHRASAL VERBS (MULTI-WORD VERBS). frazni ali večbesedni glagoli. MEANING. LITERAL (DOBESEDEN), examples: look up = pogledati gor look down = pogledati dol pick up = pobrati take off = odstraniti, dati stran IDIOMATIC (PRENESEN),

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phrasal verbs multi word verbs


frazni ali večbesedni glagoli


examples: look up = pogledati gor

look down = pogledati dol

pick up = pobrati

take off = odstraniti, dati stran


examples: look up = poiskati informacijo v

look down on = zaničevati

pick up = mimogrede se naučiti

take off = vzleteti

  • VERB + ADVERB: (neprehoden tip)

take off, be off, look out, fall out, go on

ex. The plane took off at noon.

Look out! The car is going to hit


2. VERB + ADVERB + OBJECT (prehoden, ločljiv – separable): take sth off, look sth up, pick sth up, take sb out

ex: Take your shoes off = Take off your shoes. BUT: Take them off.


3. VERB + PREPOSITION + OBJECT (prehoden, neločljiv): look after sb/ sth, come across sb/ sth, look for sb/ sth,

ex: Will you look after the baby/ after her.

4. VERB + ADVERB + PREPOSITION + OBJECT: look forward to sth,put up with sb/ sth, look up to sb, look down on sb

I really look forward to going on holidays.

  • Break down: 1. stop working (cars …)

2. lose control of feelings


  • Break into: 1. enter by force

2. start doing sth suddenly


  • Break out: 1.begin suddenly (wars, fires,


2. escape from a place

  • Break up: stop (a relationship)
Bring about: cause to happen
  • Bring sth out: publish
  • Bring sb round: 1. cause to regain


2. persuade

  • Bring sb up: raise a child

bring sth up: vomit (food)

Carry on (with): continue
  • Carry sth out: do, complete sth
  • Fall behind: fail to keep up with
  • Fall out: quarrel
  • Hold sth back: control oneself, crowds …
  • Hold on: wait (esp on the telephone)
  • Hold sb/ sth up: delay (the traffic held me up
Get away : escape
  • Get on: 1. make progress (also get along)

2. enter a bus, train (opp: get off)

  • Get on with: have friendly relationship with
  • Get through: 1. reach by telephone

2. manage to finish sth

Give sb/ sth away: 1. reveal sth/ betray sb

2. give sth free of charge

  • Give sth back: return
  • Give sth off: emit (a smell)
  • Give out: come to an end (food)
  • Give sth up: stop doing sth (a habit, sport)
  • Give oneself up: surrender, give in
Go away: leave
  • Go in for: enter a competition, exam
  • Go on: continue, happen
  • Go round: be enough for everyone
  • Go through sth: examine in detail
  • Call in: visit briefly
  • Call off: cancel
  • Call out: 1. shout; 2. send for help
Look after sb/sth: take care of sb/sth
  • Look for sb/sth: search for
  • Look forward to sb/sth: anticipate with pleasure
  • Look into sth: investigate
  • Look out (for): watch for
  • Look through sth: examine quickly
  • Look sth up: look for an address, name, word
Make sth of sb/sth: understand the nature or meaning of sb or sth
  • Make sth up: 1. invent

2. put cosmetics on

3. end a quarrel

  • Make up for sth: compensate
  • Make up one’s mind: decide
Put sth away: put in a box, drawer …
  • Put sth down: write down
  • Put sth forward: propose
  • Put sth off: postpone
  • Put sb off: cause to lose interest in sth
  • Put sth on: 1. dress oneself

2. increase in weight

3. make sth to begin to play

  • Put sth out: extinguish (fire, cigarette)
  • Put sb through: connect by phone
  • Put sb up: provide a place to stay
Run across sth: find by chance
  • Run after sb: chase
  • Run away: escape, get away by running
  • Run sb/sth down: 1. knock down by a


2. say bad things about

sb, criticise

  • run into sb/ sth: 1. meet by chance

2. collide with

  • run out of: reach the end of (a supply money, food)
Set off: start a journey, set out
  • Set sth up: start a business, erect
  • Stand by sb: support sb, esp in a difficult


  • Stand for sth: represent
  • Stand in for sb: replace sb temporarily
  • Stand up: rise to one’s feet
  • Stand up to: defend oneself
Take after sb: look like sb
  • Take sth away: remove
  • Take sth down: write down
  • Take sth off: remove (clothes)
  • Take off: leave the ground, rise quickly
  • Take sb out: take sb to a restaurant
  • Take sth over: take control of sth
  • Take sth up: begin a hobby, sport, job
Turn sb down: refuse an offer
  • Turn sth down: reduce the volume, heat
  • Turn sth on: switch sth on (lights, radio) opp: turn sth off
  • Turn to sb: go to sb for help
  • Turn up: arrive
  • Turn sth up: increase the volume
  • Turn sth out: produce sth