our mukaakas kanungu rukinjiri districts of uganda n.
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Our Mukaakas Kanungu & Rukinjiri Districts of Uganda PowerPoint Presentation
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Our Mukaakas Kanungu & Rukinjiri Districts of Uganda

Our Mukaakas Kanungu & Rukinjiri Districts of Uganda

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Our Mukaakas Kanungu & Rukinjiri Districts of Uganda

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  1. Our MukaakasKanungu & Rukinjiri Districts of Uganda Megan Whaley Volunteer for Nyaka AIDS Foundation

  2. Who we are the Mukaakas?

  3. The Nyaka Foundation built Nyaka School in 2004. The Foundation began Grannies programs in 2007. Below Grannies waiting in line at the temporary Health Clinic set up by Nyaka in March 2008 Overview -How these women live -What problems the Grannies face and how they conquer them -What Nyaka does to lend a hand

  4. A Typical Day “Everything in Africa is down. The fire is down. The baby you are picking up is down. The weeding, washing, and harvesting are all down.” -Jackson Kaguri, Director of Nyaka Above Grannies creating a path on Nyaka school grounds, March 2008.

  5. Finger Millet Cassava (or Manioc) Also: Ground nuts (peanuts),Tomatoes,Irish potato, &Yam

  6. The Diversity of Experience -Size of Family -History -Education of family members -Relatives abroad It’s all about Connections and Chance! Who can you call on for help? Who do you know that may send your grandkids to school? Who falls ill and when can determine so much!

  7. Housing

  8. How the Nyaka Foundation helps 1st and foremost we put their grandkids in school for free. 48 graduated students in who are now in secondary school and 360 students in the Nyaka and Kutamba Primary Schools. AboveNyakapupils distracted from the proceedings.

  9. The Toilet 700 USD The Stove and Kitchen 500 USD

  10. Revolving Fund & Self Help Groups Leaders, Mothers, Sisters, Caretakers, Guardians, Elders, Grandmothers, Role Models How do the women identify themselves as leaders in their community? RightNyaka Grannies Revolving Fund group

  11. Dignified and Proud Women! The Self Help Groups give grannies social and emotional support, advice, compassion, self-esteem, and power through numbers. The source of their strength is in their souls and their connections with other community members. This IS NOT charity. It’s empowerment!

  12. Any Questions? Thank You so much! Nyaka AIDS Orphans School P.O. Box 339 East Lansing, MI 48826 Cell: 517-899-0107 E-mail: All photos featured were taken between Feb 2008- Jan 2009

  13. You can learn more here…. Follow us on Twitter at Join our FaceBook Page at Link to our FlickrPhotostreams and Sets on your Weblog or just go to see the photos