Fortune-Creating Homes and Buildings in Australia Guru Purnima - July 2009 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Fortune-Creating Homes and Buildings in Australia Guru Purnima - July 2009 PowerPoint Presentation
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Fortune-Creating Homes and Buildings in Australia Guru Purnima - July 2009

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Fortune-Creating Homes and Buildings in Australia Guru Purnima - July 2009
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Fortune-Creating Homes and Buildings in Australia Guru Purnima - July 2009

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  1. Fortune-Creating Homes and Buildings in Australia Guru Purnima - July 2009 PO Box 294, Merimbula, NSW 2548 Tel/Fax +61 2 6495 9122

  2. Maharishi Sthapatya Veda – Vedic Architecture in accord with Natural Law.

  3. Jai Guru Dev – my name is Mike Lyons. I am a Maharishi Sthapatya Veda Consultant and the National Architecture Director for Australia.

  4. Australia is a large country and we have Fortune-Creating Homes spread throughout all states and cities. We hope you enjoy the following pictures showing some of our creations.

  5. The first group of pictures show the first homes built in Australia from 1997 to 2000

  6. A "Bed and Breakfast" facility in a popular Western Australian holiday destination.

  7. A modern home in rural Western Australia overlooking the beach and expansive coastline. It features a delightful open central courtyard with glass walls and garden.

  8. The Vastu Brahmasthan is highlighted by a water fountain outside this home in Victoria.

  9. A traditional style 2 storey timber home in Sydney was the first Maharishi Sthapatya Veda Consultation in Australia

  10. A 330 square metre 2 storey weatherboard timber home in Melbourne with a rear double garage outside the Vastu.

  11. A large open space and roof skylightabove the house Brahmasthanhighlight this central focal point.

  12. A charming 3 storey French Provincial home on the oceanfront in Western Australia.

  13. The following pictures show a selection of homes and buildings completed in the last 9 years.

  14. A beautiful 2 storey home in a prestige suburb of Perth designed to accommodate the requirements of the owner who requires a wheelchair for mobility.

  15. A pleasant rural home with projections on the East designed to take advantage of the picturesque views of the world famous Barossa Valley wine growing region of South Australia.

  16. A substantial 2 storey house in Canberra, the location of the Australian National Government, Parliament and bureaucracy.

  17. Another large 2 storey home highlighting the entablature and with the double garage outside the Vastu located in a small rural town close to Melbourne.

  18. An elevated home with Eastern views to the ocean 20 kilometres away set in natural rainforest in Northern New South Wales.

  19. A magnificent 3 storey contemporary home overlooking scenic Sydney Harbour.

  20. The first home in Hastings, a small town near Melbourne, which is orientated True North, South, East and West and has excellent Vastu in every respect.

  21. The second home in Hastings. A village atmosphere is developing with 3 Governors, 10 Sidhas and 11 meditators living there. Three new houses are under construction and plans have been completed for another 5 homes.

  22. An open plan home with large loft. Located in Maleny, a beautiful village in scenic hills near the well known Sunshine Coast in Queensland. Another 2 homes are in the planning phase for Maleny.

  23. A home with timber shutters in the wettest part of Australia and near the world heritage listed tropical rainforests of Far North Queensland.

  24. A consummate sandstone home with commanding views over a valleyin a cool and fertile rural part of Western Australia.

  25. A very open 'L' shape home in rural southern New South Wales overlooking a river and with expansive valley views. The shape is ideal in the Southern Hemisphere for enjoying sunlight throughout the home all year round.

  26. A new Maharishi Sthapatya Veda building increased the capacity of the Maharishi School in Melbourne. A second slightly larger building is currently under construction.

  27. The next few pictures give a quick insight into some of the projects underway.

  28. A large home nearing completion in Hastings, Victoria.

  29. A 2 storey home in the Adelaide Hills, South Australia awaiting finishing touches.

  30. Two rammed earth homes have been built in Australia and this third one is underway in Western Australia.

  31. The foundations of 1 of 2 'U' shaped buildings under construction in Hastings, Victoria.

  32. A luxurious 2 storey building incorporating spa and massage facilities to begin construction soon. Located in Palm Cove, a popular up-market seaside tourist destination 20 minutes north of Cairns, Far North Queensland and near the world heritage listed Great Barrier Reef.

  33. A grand 2 storey home to be built on one of the highest points in Perth, Western Australia.

  34. Plans have been completed for several developments at our 1000 acre Lake George property in South Australia such as accommodation and facilities for 200 Vedic Pandits, 20 cabins for Maharishi courses and 5 small office buildings for our National administration.

  35. AUSTRALIAN KALASHES EXPORTED WORLDWIDE Various colours including 24carat gilded gold. Light weight non-toxic plastic.

  36. We hope these Fortune-Creating Homes and Buildings and the pioneering efforts of the owners and builders will encourage and inspire everyone to live in Vastu. For further information on Vedic Architecture in Australia please visit our website –

  37. Thank you for this opportunity to present and share our projects. Everyone is welcome to contact me and the other Maharishi Sthapatya Veda Consultants for further information and advice. MIKE LYONS – Australia Email Website Tel +61 2 6495 9122 " Healthy, Wealthy and Wise in buildings built according to Auspicious Vastu "