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Setting Expectations On and Off the Podium FMEA Conference Friday January 10, 2014 7:45 a.m. by Kira Omelchenko, D.M.A. Director of Orchestral and Strings Studies The University of Tampa Powerpoint Templates. Introduction:. What are Expectations?

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Setting Expectations

On and Off the Podium

FMEA Conference

Friday January10, 2014

7:45 a.m.

by Kira Omelchenko, D.M.A.

Director of Orchestral and Strings Studies

The University of Tampa

Powerpoint Templates



What are Expectations?

The act or state of looking forward or anticipating; a prospect of future good or profit

Expectations should be created,

implemented, evaluated, reset, adjusted, altered, confirmed as needed

Expectations are a choice and need to be consistent, practiced and reinforced

Takes energy to set high and

positive expectations


Quotes on Expectations:

“An attitude of positive expectation

is the mark of the superior personality.”

–Brian Tracy (CEO and Chairman of Brian Tracy International Company)

“Excellence is the Result of

Caring more than others think is Wise,

Risking more than others think is Safe,

Dreaming more than others think is Practical,

and Expecting more than others think is Possible”


“Blessed is he who expects nothing,

for he shall never be disappointed”

–Alexander Pope (English Poet)


How Do I Set Expectations

in Rehearsals?

Set own expectations

What kind of educator/director/conductor do I want to be?

Start small-one goal a day easy to achieve

What kind of leaders/students/musicians do I want in my ensemble?

What kind of attitude do I expect from the players?

How do I expect the players to treat me and one another?

What kind of environment/culture do I want established in rehearsal?

Then set expectations for the ensemble- start small

Share Expectations with students and ensemble

Have an open discussion, compare expectations

Level of Expectations varies and depends on director


4 Key Words:







Planning and Commitment

The Body is our first instrument

Posture, Body Language

First Impressions

Physical Appearance

Outfit- colors, dress professional

Create Rehearsal Schedule- map it out with pencil

General and Specific

Auxiliary instruments


Preparation! Score and form analysis, transpositions

historic research, anticipate problem spots

Practice! Use a mirror, videotape yourself



Put the plan into effect/action

Set attitude, mood, energy from the beginning, day 1

What do I expect of the players at the start of rehearsal?

The Podium and Conductor’s Stand

The Clock- Start on time, end of time

Brass, Harp, Piano? Auxiliary instruments

Create the Culture you desire

The Psychology of the ensemble and mood of rehearsal

Use humor when needed

Be stern and push when needed

Be aware of the time of season, semester, exams,

Time of day, and physical and mental state of players



  • Takes place during the rehearsal
  • Make age and ensemble-level appropriate
  • Treat them professionally the way I expect them to behave and play
  • Tuning Expectations
  • Hold players accountable
  • Hold myself accountable
  • Podium utilized for music
  • Prep beats in style of music
  • Don’t wait for them
rehearsal techniques
Rehearsal Techniques
  • Start on a feel-good piece, get everyone involved
  • Let the ensemble play a while before stopping
  • Instrument vs. Player’s Name
  • Speak in 7 words or less rule
  • Corrections: Who, Where, What, Why/How
  • Active vs. Passive instructions
  • Start with a positive then give correction
  • Please and Thank You
  • Beware of over complimenting
  • Repeat/rehearse something 3 times rule, then move on
  • Trust yourself, trust your ensemble
  • Danger words “Ok” and “Good”
  • Rehearsal Letters, be creative
  • Remain in musical world and mood/character


End rehearsal on a Good Note! Upbeat Music

Goal is to inspire ensemble and

To be inspired by the ensemble

Train students to train themselves and each other

To take responsibility

Have student leaders/officers

Orchestra Advisory Board

Video tape self and rehearsals

Observe tapes and evaluate

Discuss and Communicate with ensemble

Practice Concert bows, tuning, walking on/off, soloist(s) entrance/exits, group standing/sitting, etc.

reflection of expectations on ensemble
Reflection of Expectations on Ensemble
  • Invest- Students are expected to practice, be prepared, listening to the pieces, know history of music, style of composer and period of music.
  • Implement- Students are expected to be ready to play at rehearsal, come in on time, tuned, warmed-up, rosined, pencil and music ready on stand. Come ready to work and with positive energy.
  • Invigorate- Students are expected to maintain energy and focus throughout rehearsal. Use correct posture and technique, to lead their section. To share emotions, to be vulnerable, to make music together.
  • Inspire- Students are expected to want to improve, to be excited after the rehearsal. To practice and know what to work on for themselves.

Words of InspirationMusic DirectorNeeds to provide the vision for the ensemble Needs to be passionate, inspirational, creative, yet vulnerableTake risks, use humor, be spontaneous, be honest, be flexible, patient, positive, generous, attentive, assertive, firm, nurturing, do the unexpected. Setting expectations begins with you!From Musical to Magical

inspirational quotes
Inspirational Quotes

“What would you do today if you had no fear?”

“All the world's a stage,

And all the men and women merely players;

They have their exits and their entrances,

And one man in his time plays many parts,”

—William Shakespeare (As You Like It )

“In order to be irreplaceable one must

always be different”—Coco Chanel


Thank you!



Kira Omelchenko, D.M.A.

Assistant Professor of Music

Director of Orchestral and Strings Studies

The University of Tampa

(813) 257-3762

Powerpoint Templates