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BREAKING NEWS!. This just in…. Another family has come and invaded your home. They’ve taken everything that belongs to you. Your house, your room, your belongings!

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This just in
This just in…

  • Another family has come and invaded your home.

  • They’ve taken everything that belongs to you. Your house, your room, your belongings!

  • You still have to live in your home but your entire family lives in one room and you can’t leave your house freely- the group that has invaded blocks your house and you can only leave at certain times during the day

What s going on
What’s going on?

  • Think quietly: How does this make you feel? What could have possibly made this happen?

  • Power Conference: In your group, discuss how it makes you feel. How are you going to handle it? What are you going to do to regain your living space again?

Let s think
Let’s Think!

  • Do you know of any time in history in which something was taken away from a group of people? (Think about culture and the past)

  • Think about current times- is there anybody or group of people that are experiencing something being taken away from them?

It s happening right now
It’s happening RIGHT NOW!

  • In a part of Ukraine- in the Ukrainian peninsula called Crimea

  • Towards the end of February, Russian forces invaded the Crimean peninsula and took it over leaving the Crimean people stuck and forcefully guarded by the Russian army

This also happened
This also happened…

  • In Medieval Europe, during an event called the Crusades.

  • In this event, land belonging to religious groups was conquered and taken over in wars that lasted for years.

  • We will learn more about that tomorrow

Crimea and the crusades
Crimea and the Crusades

  • During the Middle Ages, the Crusades happened as a result of conflict over land and culture. Although this is a past problem, the Crimeans are experiencing the same issue today as Russian forces have invaded and taken over their territory because of cultural conflicts. Students, acting as the Crimean people, will develop a plan to make peaceful contact with the Russian government and army and reclaim their borders.

How can we as crimeans develop a plan to reclaim our land
How can we, as their landCrimeans, develop a plan to reclaim our land?

Crimea and the crusades1
Crimea and the Crusades their land

  • With this project, you will be responsible for individual products and a group product.

  • Individual products:

    • Research notebook

    • Timeline for Crimea and the Crusades

    • Compare and contrast visual of the Crusades and Crimea

  • Group product- Choice of:

    • creation of propaganda product in the form of poster, song, video

    • a military strategic plan, step-by-step guide including illustrations

    • (Both choices will educate and inform the audience on the background of the conflict and give culture, geography, government/social structure, and economical background of Crimea.)

Crimea and the crusades2
Crimea and the Crusades their land

  • We will discuss the final product in more detail later

  • As for right now, we will begin working on our research notebook

The research notebook
The Research Notebook their land

  • Must have 13 pages:

  • The 1st page is the cover page:

    • Crimea and the Crusades Research Notebook

    • Name, Core

  • The 2nd page will be reserved for the titleCRIMEA

  • 3 their landrd page: Brief history of Crimea and background of conflict with Russia

  • 4th page: Culture

  • 5th page: Geography

  • 6th page: Government/social structure

  • 7th page: Economic background

  • 8 their landth page: reserved for the title Crusades

  • 9th page: Brief history of Crusades

  • 10th page: Culture of Middle Ages

  • 11th page: Geography of the Crusades- map?

  • 12th page: Government/social structure of the wars- who was involved?

  • 13th page: Economic background- how was it funded? How much money did the Crusades cost?