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Virginia Statewide Survey

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Virginia Statewide Survey - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Virginia Statewide Survey. Key findings from a survey of 600 likely voters, c onducted September 25-27, 2010. #101098. Glen Bolger Keith Frederick Methodology. Methodology.

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Virginia Statewide


Key findings from a survey of 600 likely voters,

conducted September 25-27, 2010


Glen Bolger

Keith Frederick



Public Opinion Strategies and Frederick Polls are pleased to present the key findings of a statewide telephone survey conducted in Virginia. The survey was completed September 25-27, 2010 among 600 likely voters and has a margin of error of +4.0%.

Glen Bolger and Keith Frederick were the principal researchers on this project. Dave Wilson was the project director, and Bryan Kitz provided analytical support.





ABC privatization receives solid support.

“Thinking now about another issue...As you may know, Virginia owns all of the liquor stores in the state. Do you favor or oppose selling the state-owned ABC liquor stores with the revenues to be dedicated to transportation projects across the state.”

Total Favor: 57%*

Total Oppose: 35%

*Denotes Rounding


A majority of Independents support ABC privatization.

ABC Privatization by Party







Hampton Roads and Northern Virginia voters back

ABC privatization by wide margins.

ABC Privatization by Region








Privatization is popular across the ideological spectrum.

ABC Privatization by Ideology






Level of church attendance does not impact attitudes on this issue.

ABC Privatization by Church Attendance





Drinkers and non-drinkers alike support privatization.

ABC Privatization by Alcohol Use











A significant majority of voters prefer ending the state’s monopoly on liquor sales to a gasoline tax.

“Thinking some more about this issue...Now I would like to read you two statements about privatizing the ABC liquor stores in Virginia. Please tell me which one comes closest to your own view…”

Some people say ending the state government’s monopoly on liquor sales will provide a half a billion dollars in new funding for transportation, all without a tax increase. They say privatization makes government smaller, ends an outdated government monopoly, and takes the state out of a business that can be better handled by the free market.



Other people say the one-time revenue increase will not be enough to end the long-term transportation problem in the state. They say that an increase in the gasoline tax is a better solution, as it taxes those who use the roads the most.



For more information about this presentation or about Public Opinion Strategies, please give us a call.

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