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Mawell Introduction

Mawell Introduction. Timo Koistinen Director Imaging Solutions Mawell Ltd. Tel. +358 40 560 4655 Email: timo.koistinen@mawell.com www.mawell.com. Company Overview. Mawell is an innovative and fast growing technology and service provider We focus 100% on healthcare industry

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Mawell Introduction

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  1. Mawell Introduction Timo KoistinenDirector Imaging Solutions Mawell Ltd.Tel. +358 40 560 4655Email: timo.koistinen@mawell.comwww.mawell.com Timo Koistinen

  2. Company Overview • Mawell is an innovative and fast growing technology and service provider • We focus 100% on healthcare industry • We are a scandinavian company with offices in Finland and Sweden • Our objective is to provide healthcare professionals with • We add value to our customers by improving the effectiveness and efficiency of healthcare processes • We are a trusted solution provider for more than 250 healthcare organizations • Our services reach 4 Million citizens in Scandinavia • We trust on networking and co-operation with other companies and organizations • We believe in • Agility and continuous learning • Customer satisfaction • Balance of life • Growth and profitability

  3. solutions Imaging & Clinical Data Selfcare & Disease Management Business Intelligence www.mawell.com/solutions/M7 www.mawell.com/solutions/B7 www.mawell.com/solutions/S7

  4. Mawell Imaging Solutions Offering Timo Koistinen

  5. Mawell M7 • Imaging and digitalization of medical data is the fastest growing segment in healthcare IT • Amount of medical multimedia produced grows more than 100% annually • New digital modalities and new imaging technologies introduced • For example usage of digital cameras in all medical specialties is growing exponentially • Mawell M7 is the leader in medical multimedia and imaging • M7 is the leading medical multimedia and regional imaging solution in Scandinavia • More than 150 installations with over 2 000 professional healthcare users • Comprehensive and seamless hospital-wide and regional multimedia-enabled electronic patient record solutions

  6. More than 5 million patient cases are handled using Mawell M7 software annually. More than 2 000 healthcare professionals use Mawell M7 software daily. • Why?To improve efficiency, quality and effectiveness of healthcare operations. • How?To provide comprehensive and seamless digital multimedia and image solutions for healthcare professionals. Imaging & Clinical Data Solutions www.mawell.com/solutions/M7

  7. Mawell Imaging and Clinical Data Solutions • Typical Mawell M7 solutions • Medical multimedia production, storing, distribution and viewing • Structured reporting • Remote consultation • Double-reading and automated discrepancy reporting • Workflow automation • Integration to HIS, EPR, RIS and PACS systems • Mawell M7 product family • eConsultation Portal • eForm • Feeback • Infobroker • MediMaker 7 • WebViewer • Winceph • Mawell M7 technology • Easy-to-deploy - web-based software platform • Comprehensive – supports any modality and medical specialty • Seamless workflow – supports open and standard interfaces • Easy-to-integrate – practical integration experience

  8. Customer Examples Timo Koistinen

  9. Case: Multimedia solution in Hospital District of Southwest Finland • 56 municipalities and cities • 26 health centers • University hospital + local hospitals • Providing healthcare services to a population of 450 000 residents • Largest city Turku with 170 000 inhabitants • Smallest municipality Velkua with 250 inhabitants Volume of services • 5 300 permanent employees • 560 000 treatment visits annually • 440 000 inpatient treatment days annually • Annual budget about 300 million euros Second largest Hospital Districtin Finland

  10. 10 Case: Regional Imaging Solution in Västra Götalands Regionen, Sweden Second largest region in Sweden • 1.5 million citizens • 49 municipalities • 50 000 employees • Largest city Gothenburg Regional imaging solution • Integration of radiological imaging between 17 hospitals • Integrated PACS systems • Agfa • Siemens • Sectra • Integrated RIS systems • Siemens • ADAPT • Sectra • In partnership with GE • Seamless imaging workflow between hospitals and different IT systems

  11. Case: DigiFundus Imaging Service • Eye fundus imaging and reporting • Central repository • Fully digital and web-based • Alerting eye specialists by SMS/email to report on images • Service provided to more than 60 000 patients Customers • More than 100 municipalities • Private healthcare providers (e.g. Mehiläinen) • Public healthcare service centers(e.g. Tampereen Silmäklinikka) • HUS (largest hospital district in Finland) • Distributed around Finland Screening service for diabetes patients

  12. Case: Regional Imaging Solution in Northern Finland • Covering almost half of the geographical area of Finland • Providing healthcare services to a population of 725 000 residents • Largest city Oulu with 130 000 inhabitants • Long distances and only few specialists Regional imaging solution • Centralised data centre • Local modalities connected to data centre • Consultation market place for remote consultation inside (and outside) of RATU area • Integrations to local EPRs Five Hospital Districtsin Northern Finland

  13. Customer Service Capabilities Timo Koistinen

  14. Delivery and Customer Support • People • Mawell employs more than 100 technology and healthcare professionals in Finland and Sweden • Our professionals assist in implementing Mawell solutions for customer organizations • Experience and expertise • Mawell has experience of several successful national, regional and local level implementation projects • Our expertise covers all aspects necessary for successful implementation from healthcare process consulting to technical details of modalities and interfacing • Customer Care • Our Customer Care service ensures that customers are getting the benefits from Mawell M7 solutions continuously • Our services range from help desk support to remote 24/7 monitoring and maintenance services

  15. Technology and Partners • Technology and Standards • Mawell M7 software products are based on modern Java technology making them robust, fast and easily implemented solutions in large-scale use • Mawell M7 solutions can utilize existing commercial or open source software (e.g. Linux) for cost-effective implementation • Mawell M7 supports open architecture and standard interfaces such as HL/,DICOM, CDA and IHE profiles to enable easier integration and lower TCO in changing system environments • Partners • Mawell partners with local EPR/HIS vendors and global modality manufacturers and RIS/PACS vendors to ensure seamless solutions for customers • Mawell is also an active member and influencer in HL7 and IHE associations

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