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EBD driver diagram. Featuring West Coast DHB. Driver diagrams explained. Primary drivers. Secondary drivers. Tertiary drivers. Actions/ Interventions. Aim. Reduce price per litre. Fill up at supermarket. Combine journeys. Plan ahead. Reduce miles driven. Decrease fuel costs.

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Ebd driver diagram

EBD driver diagram

Featuring West Coast DHB

Driver diagrams explained
Driver diagrams explained

Primary drivers

Secondary drivers

Tertiary drivers

Actions/ Interventions


Reduce price per litre

Fill up at supermarket

Combine journeys

Plan ahead

Reduce miles driven

Decrease fuel costs

Cycle or walk short distances

Use alternatives

Work from home

Improve car efficiency

Buy a diesel car

next time

Limit speed

Stick to 70 mph on motorway



Improve driving patterns

Use appropriate


Get into highest gear more quickly

Accelerate more slowly



Book onto AA course

West coast dhb1
West Coast DHB

  • Primary drivers?

  • We want to do it

  • We are competent to do it

  • We do it

West coast dhb2
West Coast DHB

  • Buy in?

  • Evidence that it works from elsewhere.

  • Experience for yourself the process.

  • Listen to patient stories

West coast dhb3
West Coast DHB

  • What influences what?

  • Reduction in complaints etc the result of using EBD rather than the other way around

  • EBD aim is a driver in a ‘bigger’ diagram focusing on reducing complaints

How to create a driver diagram
How to create a driver diagram

Start with a clearly defined goal

Brainstorm potential drivers - the areas where change will impact on your aim. Concentrate on generating ideas for drivers at this stage, don’t try to allocate into primary or secondary straight away.

Once you’ve completed the brainstorm then cluster the ideas to create an agreed set of ‘drivers’ - make sure you use language like “improve” or “decrease” and that each driver is clearly defined (and potentially measurable)

Now you can identify the links between the drivers – creating primary, secondary and tertiary drivers – and set these out in the diagram format.

Add actions or interventions for each driver.

Finally, decide which drivers and interventions that you want to measure and add those to the diagram.

Tips and tricks
Tips and tricks

Driver diagrams are a ‘live’ tool. They will change over time as you make changes to your system.

If you can make your drivers measurable you have created a measurement framework for determining progress towards your overall goal

Creating a driver diagram with a team ensures that everyone understands your goal and how they can contribute towards achieving it

Driver diagrams will vary from place to place - there is no definitive ‘right’ answer as your local situation may be very different from other parts of the country

Drivers activity
Drivers Activity

  • Prompts

  • People/skills

  • Process

  • Equipment

  • Materials/consumables

  • Communication/ Education

What are the drivers for your project aim?

Write each driver on a separate Post-It note

Discuss how they fit together

Are some of your drivers really interventions?

Complete the diagram withboth drivers and interventions

Use the prompts in the boxfor possible sources of drivers