what is the difference in a 2 0 church and a 3 0 church n.
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What is the difference in a 2.0 Church and a 3.0 Church? PowerPoint Presentation
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What is the difference in a 2.0 Church and a 3.0 Church?

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What is the difference in a 2.0 Church and a 3.0 Church? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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What is the difference in a 2.0 Church and a 3.0 Church?
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  1. What is the difference in a 2.0 Churchand a 3.0 Church?

  2. A 2.0 Congregationis program-centered.The church organizes manyactivities and gatherings: programs for youth, music, seniors, education, missions, visitation, evangelism, etc.

  3. A 3.0 congregationis people-centered. The focus of the church is to meet the needs of its members and pre-believers, helping them to become all God’s intendedfor their lives.

  4. A 2.0 Congregation is building-focused. The majority of the ministries of the church are located inside the church building. The size of the church’s ministry is limited to the available space in its building.

  5. A 3.0 congregation is community-focused.The ministry of the church is decentralized and occurs in the homes and lives ofchurch members out in the community, more than what happens in the church facility.

  6. A 2.0 congregation has a come structure.Its outreach to non-Christians is mainly dependent upon bringing pre-believers to the church building for worship services or special programs.

  7. A 3.0 congregation has a go structure. The church prioritizessending its members out,to meet and reachpre-Christians where they live.

  8. A 2.0 congregation believesin programmed evangelism. This includeshouse to house evangelism,mass crusades, concerts, etc.Evangelism happens only when scheduled or programmed.

  9. A 3.0 congregation believes in relational evangelism. Sharing one’s faith happens naturally through friendships.It is sensitive to the needs & hopes of the pre-believer;it is not confrontational.

  10. In a 2.0 churchministry rests ona few people who have been trained in formal and long-term Bible schools.

  11. In a 3.0 church,all members see themselves as full-time ministers. Everyone is expected to servein the congregationand in the local community.

  12. A 2.0 pastor takes on the role of a doting caregiver: He or she “protects” the congregation by carrying almost all the workload of the church.The pastor derives fulfillmentfrom being the primary DOER of ministry for the congregation.

  13. A 3.0 pastor takes on the roleof an empowering equipper.He or she modelshealthy ministry and tough love. The pastor is always lookingfor others to develop.He or she finds fulfillment in seeing others become fruitful.

  14. A 2.0 church focuses on adding members.

  15. A 3.0 churchfocuses onmultiplying leaders.

  16. In a 2.0 churchleadership development focuses on the head:training and more training until you’ve earned a DIPLOMA.

  17. In a 3.0 churchleadership training focuseson the feet: alittle modeling and orientation,and then you’re activelyDEPLOYED to learn as you go.

  18. A 2.0 churchcounts thenumber ofmembers attending Sunday worship and other gatheringsduring the week.

  19. A 3.0 Churchcounts thenumber of leaders functioningand the number of ministries being led by its members.

  20. A 2.0 scorecarddefines success by the# of attenders at services# of programs offered$ church incomesize of church facilities.

  21. A 3.0 scorecarddefines success by thematurity of its people :how are members growing in Christ-like character?Biblical wisdom?gift-based service?& Spirit-filled living?