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Oracle Secure Backup PowerPoint Presentation
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Oracle Secure Backup

Oracle Secure Backup

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Oracle Secure Backup

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  1. Oracle Secure Backup

  2. Objectives • After completing this lesson, you should be able to do the following: • Describe the Oracle Secure Backup architecture and how it benefits your environment • Discuss the basic Oracle Secure Backup media management concepts • Install and configure Oracle Secure Backup • Use RMAN and Oracle Secure Backup to back up and restore the Oracle database • Use Oracle Secure Backup to back up and restore file system files

  3. Data Protection to Tape for the Oracle Stack • Oracle Collaboration Suite configuration files • Oracle Application Server configuration files • Oracle database • Versions Oracle9i and later • Real Application Clusters Oracle Secure Backup Centralized tape backup management • File system data • Oracle home • Other nondatabase data Tapelibrary Backup and Restore

  4. The Customer Advantage:Complete Oracle Solution • Oracle Secure Backup and RMAN provide an end-to-end backup solution for Oracle environments • Centralized backup management to tape for file system data and the Oracle database • Most well-integrated media management layer for RMAN backups • Backup of any data anywhere on the network • A single technical support resource for the entire backup solution expedites problem resolution. • This ensures reliable data protection at a lower cost and complexity.

  5. Oracledatabase Oracle Secure Backup forCentralized Tape Backup Management UNIXLinux • Oracle Secure Backup • Central administration of local and network backup and restore • Local and remote tape device management • Client/server architecture • Heterogeneous data protection to tape Oraclebackup Windows NAS Multivendor clients backed up over the network LAN Media servers locally backed up Tapelibrary

  6. OracleSecureBackupCatalog Datatoback up Oracle Secure BackupAdministrative Domain • Administrative server: • Maintains Oracle Secure Backup catalog files containing configuration settings and backup history • Has standard access mode only • Media or SAN server: • Transfers data to or from attached devices • Has standard or NDMP access modes • Client: • Is a server backed up by Oracle Secure Backup • Has standard or NDMP access modes Administrative server Media or SAN server Client Network

  7. Oracle Secure Backup:Backup Management Overview • Centralized management of the administrative domain • Consolidated catalog • Users and privileges • Ease of administration with multiple interface options, backup policies, and much more • Backing up and restoring data • File system and Oracle database • Management through policies • Media management (tapes) • Automated tape device management • Flexible configuration options

  8. history config log state default dataset class device family host oconf schedule summary user admin operator oracle reader user Oracle Secure Backup Catalog /usr/local/oracle/backup Should be backed upon a regular basis Centralized on theadministrative server admin admin

  9. Oracle Secure Backup Users Name & password Class privileges Preauthenticationuser information Oracle SecureBackupuser UNIX username& group Given name Windows domainaccount & password Email address NDMP accessauthorization

  10. Rights • ADMIN • OPERATOR • USER • ORACLE • READER • Browse backup catalogs with this access   privileged not denied permitted permitted named • Display administrative domain's configuration  • Modify own username and password   • Modify administrative domain’s configuration • Perform backups as self  • Perform backups as privileged user  • List any jobs, owned by user  • Modify any jobs, owned by user  • Perform restores as self  • Perform restores as privileged user  • Receive e-mail requesting operator assistance  • Receive e-mail describing internal errors  • Query and display information about devices  • Manage devices and change device state  • List any job, regardless of its owner  • Modify any job, regardless of its owner  • Access Oracle Secure Backups (database) all owner owner owner none • User can perform Oracle database backups and restores  Predefined Classes

  11. Oracle Secure Backup Interface Options Web tool File systemoperations OracleSecureBackup RMAN obtool Databaseoperations EM

  12. Oracle Database • File System Data • Defining what data to back up • RMAN backup sets • Oracle Secure Backup data sets: User defined • Backup options • Use RMAN backup levels: Full and incremental • Multilevel backups: Full, incremental, or off-site • Frequency of backups • Intuitive Enterprise Manager scheduling interface Flexible date/time calendar–based scheduling On-demand backups Managing Data to Be Protected

  13. Oracle Secure Backup Media Concepts Backup image Media family Volume set Volume Tape Set of tapes containing backup images Means to manage the content of a volume set Product of one backup operation

  14. Volume Set Recycling Recycling File System File Volumes Write window Retain duration Time Updates forbidden Updates allowed Volume setcreation Volume setclosed Volume setexpiration Recycling Backup Pieces Volumes Exceedexpire duration Manuallydeleted Or Expired Expired Expired Expired Volumeset Backuppiece Backuppiece Backuppiece Backuppiece

  15. Automated Device Management • Oracle Secure Backup automates the control of tape libraries. • Accepts SCSI commands from the library to: • Manage the tapes inventory • Move tapes to or from storage elements and drives • Automates tape drive cleaning • Supports bar code readers and media verification • Automated device discovery and configuration for NDMP v3 and v4 capable servers

  16. Library Management Operations insertvol extractvol movevol Storageelements Loadvolunloadvol Tapedrives Library

  17. 1 Oracle Secure Backup: Installation Administrativeserver OTN CD-ROM 3 2 Devicedefinition/discovery Softwareinstallation Administrativedomain definition Administrativeserver Mediaserver Tape drives/libraries Client Mediaserver Client Oracle Secure Backup/NDMP Media servers Deviceattachmentscreation Oracle Secure Backup only

  18. Installing Oracle Secure Backup Software WindowsUNIX/Linux Determineserver roles UNIX/Linux OTN Eachhost Onehost CD-ROM Staged locally OR Unzip/untar Install Install Remove stage

  19. Administrative Server Installation: Example [root@EDRSR14P1 stage]# mkdir -p /usr/local/oracle/backup [root@EDRSR14P1 stage]# cd /usr/local/oracle/backup [root@EDRSR14P1 backup]# /stage/ob-4.1cdrom040914/setup Welcome to Oracle's setup program for Oracle Secure Backup. This program loads Oracle Secure Backup software from the CD-ROM to a filesystem directory of your choosing. This CD-ROM contains Oracle Secure Backup version 10.2. Please wait a moment while I learn about this host... done. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - You may load any of the following Oracle Secure Backup packages: 1. solaris (Solaris 32, SPARC) administrative server, media server, client 2. linux32 (RH 2.1, RHEL 3, RHEL 4, SuSE 8, SuSE 9) administrative server, media server, client 3. solaris64 (Solaris 2.8 and later, SPARC) administrative server, media server, client Enter a space-separated list of packages you'd like to load. To load all packages, enter 'all' [2]: 2

  20. Defining Your Administrative Server in EM

  21. The Oracle Secure Backup Device and Media Page

  22. Adding Devices

  23. Managing Devices by Using EM

  24. RMAN and Oracle Secure Backup Possible operations Back up or restorebackup setsto tape Back upfile systemfiles to tape Browse/managebackup pieces Recovery Manager OracleSecureBackup Oracleserversession SBTlibrary Anywhere on the network

  25. Accessing Oracle Secure Backup from RMAN Oracle Secure Backup Backup or restore DatabaseBackupStorageSelectors Recovery Manager Oracleserversession SBTlibrary PreauthorizedRMAN user Oracledatabasefiles

  26. 4 5 4 3 2 1 User Preauthorization User executes anallocate SBT_TAPEchannel command. PreauthorizedRMAN user OS useroracle Host Recovery Manager Backuporrestore Oracleserversession OracleBackupuser SBTlibrary Localobserviced The Oracle serversession runs underOS user oracle. Administrativeobserviced

  27. Wait time DatabaseBackupStorageSelector Expire duration Media family Copy number Database Backup Storage Selector Name Databasenames & IDs Content Hosts & Restrictions

  28. RMAN and Oracle Secure Backup: Usage Model Install Oracle software. Install Oracle Secure Backup software. Create userwith necessary rights. Create media family. Create database storage selector. Allocate SBT channel.

  29. Defining Database Storage Selector

  30. Testing Your Tape Drives

  31. Scheduling Backups by Using EM Database Control

  32. Oracle-Suggested Strategy for Backups

  33. Managing Tape Backups

  34. Performing Database Recovery by Using Tape Backups

  35. 0 1 2 3 2 3 Backing Up File System Files with Oracle Secure Backup • Two ways of backing up data • On-demand backups • Scheduled backups • Two types of backup • Full: All specified files • Incremental: Only files that have changed since the last lower backup Full Up to nine levels Backup level

  36. Oracle Secure Backup Web Tool

  37. Oracle Secure Backup Data Set Scripts stc1 stc2 stc3 • Textualdescriptionthat defines whichfiles to back up • Examplesfound in thesamplesdirectory / Structure to back up(example) home usr1 usr2 usr3 usr4 labs labs tmp labs file1.tmp file2.txt labs file1.temp tmp file2.junk

  38. Data Set Script: Examples # Dataset "common-exclusions": exclude name tmp exclude name *.tmp exclude name *.temp exclude name *~ include path /home/usr1 include path /home/usr2 include host stc1 include host stc2 include host stc3 { include dataset common-exclusions include path /home/usr3 before backup optional "/etc/local/nfy '/usr3 begin'" after backup optional "/etc/local/nfy '/usr3 end'" include path /home/usr4 { exclude name *.junk } }

  39. Data Set Organization OS view Oracle Secure Backup view /usr/local/oracle/backup Top-leveldata setdirectory admin config Pre-created dataset / Data setdirectoriesand files Data setdirectoriesand files NEWCLIENTS NEWCLIENTS … …

  40. Creating Data Sets Using the Web Interface

  41. File System Files: Backup Concepts Backup window Backup trigger Backup schedule What is the job? When should a job execute? When can jobs be executed?

  42. Oracle Secure Backup Jobs • Backups using data sets: • Data set jobs: One for each data set request • Backup jobs: One for each impacted host for each data set job • File system file restores: • Restore jobs: One for each needed backup image • RMAN jobs • For each job, Oracle Secure Backup maintains: • A log • A running transcript

  43. Creating On-Demand Backup Requests

  44. Sending Backup Requests to the Scheduler

  45. Creating Backup Schedules

  46. Creating Backup Triggers

  47. Viewing Job Properties and Transcripts

  48. Restoring File System Files with Oracle Secure Backup • Two ways for restoring data • Catalog-based restore: Based on catalog backups history • Raw restore: Based on your memory

  49. Creating a Catalog-Based Restore Request

  50. Creating a Catalog-Based Restore Request