october 2012 taks retest n.
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October 2012 TAKS Retest PowerPoint Presentation
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October 2012 TAKS Retest

October 2012 TAKS Retest

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October 2012 TAKS Retest

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  1. October 2012 TAKS Retest

  2. This training does NOT replace reading the 2012 TAKS manual.

  3. Schedule and Materials

  4. Campus Training Training for TA must cover: • Security and Confidentiality • TAKS Administration • Oral Administration Campus training must be conducted by Friday,October 19, 2012.

  5. Campus Training Reminders TAKS Accommodations: • No Oral Administration (OA) allowed on any portion of ELA • DBA does not exist for TAKS ELA • Test Administrator can NOT read test questions or answer choices on ELA TAKS.

  6. Security and Confidentiality • All testing personnel must be trained and have a signed oath before handling testing materials. • Trained, certified personnel are the only individuals authorized to have access to test materials. • All secure items must be kept in locked storage when not in use. • Materials should be inventoried upon receipt. Send an email to once materials are inventoried.

  7. Security and Confidentiality • No person providing an oral administration may write notes, calculations, or any other marks in the test booklet or in any other location. • No person may view, reveal, discuss the content of a test or answer documents before, during, or after a test administration, unless specifically instructed to do so by the procedures outlined in the administrator instructions. • Secure test materials may not be duplicated. • All tests must be administered in strict accordance with the directions in the administrator manual. • Each subject area of the test booklet is sealed and may only be broken during the respective subject-area test session.

  8. Security and Confidentiality • No person may answer verbally or nonverbally any question that relates to the content of a test before, during, or after a test administration unless specifically authorized to do so by the procedures outlined in the TA materials. • No person may review or discuss students responses during or after a test administration unless specifically authorized to do so. • No person may change any response or instruct a student to do so. • No one is authorized to look in a test booklet before or after an administration, including the coordinator without TEA approval.

  9. Document Retention- 5 years • TA Oaths • Training Sign-In Sheet • Material Control Form • Seating Charts • Attendance Verification Reports • Monitoring Logs

  10. Student Eligibility • All GR 11 students enrolled in spring 2012 eligible to take any section of the test for which they have not passed. This would be current GR 12 or retained GR 11. • July 2012 students who completed credits but were still in need of passing TAKS are enrolled as 12th graders as non-ADA students. Campus responsibility to ensure that they have a current address for students who test so that the campus can mail their CSRs. • Any new GR 12 students that will graduate spring 2013. • NOT based on co-hort

  11. Out of School (OOS) • HS DO NOT test OOS students. • OOS students test at Johnson CTR. • Test only enrolled students at your campus, including non-ADA. • Non-ADA = Non-Attendance • completed course work (credits) • only enrolled for tutoring purposes for TAKS

  12. Student Pre-coded Labels • Pre-coded labels are provided for each retester for whom an answer document was submitted in summer testing. • Verify information on the pre-coded label. All hand gridding will override the label except for name, DOB, and PEIMS number. • If a name, DOB, and/or PEIMS number is incorrect, you void the label and hand grid an answer document. • Hand grid new students that you do not receive a pre-coded label. • Labels of students no longer enrolled must be voided.

  13. Attendance Verification Form • Must be completed by each TA • CTC verifies absences in iTTCs • Submit copy for Testing Department to spot check with answer documents Monitoring Log • Assign campus admin. to monitor testing rooms

  14. Score Codes A = absent P = previous pass (MUST be bubbled in) O = other S = score

  15. Materials • CTCs will be notified when materials are available for pick up. • CTCs will identify number of additional books if needed and complete additional form by designated deadline. • Pre-coded labels will be sent separately and CTCs will be notified upon receipt. (by Oct. 11th) • Return all materials to the Testing Department by the deadline.

  16. Material Return TOP • Answer documents are sorted into two piles: 11th grade pile (first) 12th grade pile (second) • Each pile must have a gold header and apurple header • Tape each pile with a paper band and label appropriately. • Voided answer documents (third) behind a green void header. • Voided labels (unused) • Unused answer documents. • Test Booklets (used and unused) • TAKS-Accommodated • TAKS booklets BOTTOM

  17. Material Return • DO NOT wait until the last moment to pack…..sort and organize as you go. • Bring completed binder for verification. • Materials that remain on campus include: math & science charts, TA manuals All materials due NO LATER THAN THURSDAY, OCTOBER 25th by 4:30 PM Testing Department.

  18. REMINDER! TEA assessment policies must be strictly adhered to based on assessment program. TAKS and STAAR have DIFFERENT accommodations guidelines.