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The Path to a Future-Ready Infrastructure

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The Path to a Future-Ready Infrastructure - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Path to a Future-Ready Infrastructure. NetApp Delivers the Optimal Platform for Shared IT Infrastructure. Ilman Wibisana Storage Architec t 0811155667. NetApp at a Glance. Broad solutions portfolio Comprehensive professional services Global support

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the path to a future ready infrastructure

The Path to a Future-Ready Infrastructure

NetApp Delivers the Optimal Platform for Shared IT Infrastructure

Ilman Wibisana

Storage Architect


netapp at a glance
NetApp at a Glance
  • Broad solutions portfolio
  • Comprehensive professional services
  • Global support
  • Industry-leading partners
  • 140+ offices around the world
  • ~9,000 employees
  • 20% 5-year CAGR
  • Fortune 1000, S&P 500, NASDAQ 100

“Our talented employees are united in one goal: helping our customers succeed.”

growth companies of scale
Growth Companies of Scale

Fortune 1000 + Global 500 High Tech Companies with $4B+ revenues and 20%+ five-year organic CAGR

Customer Success Is Fueling Our Growth

a major market transition is underway
A Major Market Transition Is Underway

Waste, Complexity,and Inefficiency

Explosive Data Growth

Aging DedicatedArchitectures

 Utilization

No Data Reduction

 Data Copies

Huge Waste







  • IT responsiveness not meeting business needs
  • Keep-the-lights-on spending remains high
  • Strategic IT investments are limited
it leaders forced to explore alternatives
IT Leaders Forced to Explore Alternatives

Embrace Service Providers?Delivering new levels of cost efficiency and responsiveness


Dedicated Architectures

Build Future-Ready IT?Compete on cost and deliver business enablement

Internal IT

Business as usual is not the winner’s choice

the question is not if it s how
The Question Is Not “If,” It’s “How”

Requirements are the same: flexible and efficient shared IT infrastructures that increase service levels







Internal IT

All roads lead to shared infrastructure

data center transformation
Data Center Transformation



Data CenterVirtualization

Zones ofVirtualization


ITaaS(aka Internal Cloud)

ExternalCloud Services





Service Efficiency


Storage Efficiency

shared it infrastructure delivers results
Shared IT Infrastructure Delivers Results



  • Telstra provisions resources within hours, not weeks
  • CARCO generates $5M in annual revenue, gets to market 12 months faster
  • Arup saved $1.6M in two years despite data growing by 70%
  • DCI got a 40% ROI; reclaimed 75% of data center space; reduced energy costs by 22% 

Flexibility to Accelerate Business

Capitalize on new opportunities

Dynamically add capacity and rebalance workloads to meet cloud requirements

Sustained Efficiency to DriveBusiness Productivity

Maximize efficiency while delivering predictable performance levels

Leverage automation to deliver on promise of cloud

new innovations deliver even greater value
New Innovations Deliver Even Greater Value
  • Providing new levels of scalabilitywith 6 new systems
  • Enhancing the world’s best unified platform
  • Adding a new weapon in the storage efficiency arsenal
  • Delivering performance at half the cost
  • Introducing preconfigured VMware®, Cisco®, and NetApp offerings
  • Expand management toolset for shared infrastructure
the industry leading systems portfolio
The Industry-Leading Systems Portfolio


Broad System Portfolio







Unified Management

Flash Cache

  • Same tools and processes:learn once, run everywhere
  • Integrated data management
  • Integrated data protection



One architecture for many workloads

scaling for shared it infrastructures
Scaling for Shared IT Infrastructures
  • Mixed workloads
    • Applications with different performance, availability, and data protection SLAs
  • Variable workloads
    • Requirements that grow or shrink in response to business needs
  • Multiple dimensions
    • Performance
    • Capacity
    • Operations




Shared Workloads Must Scale Efficiently

shared it infrastructures drive partnership
Shared IT Infrastructures Drive Partnership

Application Partners

Technology Partners

Delivery Partners

Service Providers

industry leading it efficiency
Industry-Leading IT Efficiency

Storage Efficiency

Operational Efficiency

Data Growth

  • Application integration
  • Storage management automation
  • Integrated data protection
  • Service automation

SATA / Flash Cache



Thin provisioning



Thin replication

Virtual copies


Enables you to do more with le$$

intelligent caching cuts cost complexity
Intelligent Caching Cuts Cost, Complexity

Optimized Storage Infrastructure

Flash Cache


  • Efficiency
  • Same performance,half the price
  • 50% more capacity
  • 66% less power
  • 59% less rack space

SATA +Dual-Parity RAID


Why Manage Complexity When You Can Eliminate It?


  • Maximum flexibility with large storage pools
  • Dynamic and policy-based performance tuning
  • Automatically respond to changing needs
new innovations deliver even greater value1
New Innovations Deliver Even Greater Value
  • Providing new levels of scalabilitywith 6 new systems
  • Enhancing the world’s best unified platform
  • Adding a new weapon in the storage efficiency arsenal
  • Delivering performance at half the cost
  • Introducing preconfigured VMware®, Cisco®, and NetApp offerings
  • Expand management toolset for shared infrastructure
introducing fas v6200 storage systems
Introducing FAS / V6200 Storage Systems
  • 3 new models
  • FAS/V6280
  • FAS/V6240
  • FAS/V6210

For your most demanding workloads

Industry leading performance with room for future growth

  • Latest multi-core processors and PCIe-based hardware
  • Intelligent Caching modules
  • Data ONTAP 8 performance enhancements

Flexible capacity scaling and expandability (up to 2.8 PB/system)

Enterprise-class data availability

introducing fas v3200 storage systems
Introducing FAS / V3200 Storage Systems
  • 3 new models
    • FAS/V3270
    • FAS/V3240
    • FAS/V3210

Delivers Even Greater Efficiency and Value

Perfect modular building block for the shared infrastructure

Flexibility to scale based on business needs

  • Spans across enterprise class and MSE deployments

50% more built-in slots for expandability

Includes all efficiency and flexibility features

More software value included at no additional cost

enhanced data ontap 8 for more value
Enhanced Data ONTAP 8 for More Value



  • Unified connectivity, allowing all workloads to consolidate over Ethernet
  • Nondisruptive data mobility for better data management

Data Growth

SATA / Flash Cache


Thin provisioning

Snapshot® tech.



Thin replication

Virtual copies

Data compression


  • In-line data compression extends efficiency and increases utilization

Flexibility and Efficiency, Shared IT Infrastructures

introducing netapp unified connect
Introducing NetApp Unified Connect

Wire once,

all protocols

A Must for Shared IT Infrastructures

Wire once for all your workload needs

Industry’s first and only storageinterconnect for all protocols— FCoE, CIFS, NFS, iSCSI

  • True network convergence

Increased efficiency and simplified management

  • Reduced cabling and management points
  • Improved expansion slot efficiency
  • Enhanced port and bandwidth utilization
flexibility to deploy denser faster storage
Flexibility to Deploy Denser, Faster Storage

* Comparison of IOPS per rack unit under OLTP workload between DS2246 with 10k RPM SAS drives and DS4243 with 15k RPM SAS drives

Save Rack Space and Power with the DS2246 Disk Shelf

NetApp’s third-generation SAS storage

Doubles storage density for performance HDDs with 24 x 2.5” drives in only 2U

Increases performance density by 60%*

Save on power, space, and cooling with the latest disk technology

Same RAS features as the highly dependable DS4243 disk shelf

SSDs to Support Your Most Demanding Workloads

Provide consistently fast response times for mission-critical applications

24 x 100GB SSDs in DS4243 disk shelf

challenges to storage and service efficiency
Challenges to Storage and Service Efficiency

Service Efficiency

Storage Efficiency

NetApp Solution


  • Unified architecture and management to simplify infrastructure
  • Automate to reduce errors and costs
  • Gain visibility and insight to make better decisions
  • Use open APIs to integrate IT management for end-to-end control


Low storage utilization

Costly errors

Inefficient manual processes

VM sprawl

Lack of Infrastructure visibility

Complex management tools

Managing to SLAs

storage and service efficiency
Storage and Service Efficiency


Average Cost

Rationalize and



and Virtualize



  • Thin provisioning
  • Deduplication
  • Clones and Snapshot™ copies

Storage Efficiency

  • Automation
  • Reduce waste
  • Service analytics

Service Efficiency


new netapp oncommand
New NetApp OnCommand

Manage Storage Infrastructure

  • Control and optimize unified storage
  • Automate for operational efficiency
  • Analyze to gain visibility and insight

Integrate for IT Management

  • Flexibility to choose best of breed
  • Develop custom integrations with SDK
  • Support for all major platforms
  • Extend IT service to storage
  • Full-stack automated provisioning
  • Single point of management

Unified Management Suite for Shared IT Infrastructures

what is effective management optimize storage and service efficiency
What Is Effective Management?Optimize Storage and Service Efficiency

How can I manage

my NetApp® storage


more effectively?






  • Device management
  • Problem detection
  • Standardization
  • Monitor and report
what is effective management optimize storage and service efficiency1
What Is Effective Management?Optimize Storage and Service Efficiency

How can I reduce thetime and complexity to provision andprotect NetApp®storage for users?






  • Service automation
  • Policy-based workflows
  • Automated error correction
  • Service catalog for SLAs
what is effective management optimize storage and service efficiency2
What Is Effective Management?Optimize Storage and Service Efficiency

I need visibility into server, network, and storage infrastructures to achieve service efficiencies and deliver on SLAs





  • Capacity planning and chargeback
  • VM optimization
  • Assurance monitoring
  • Multivendor


storage and service efficiency1
Storage and Service Efficiency

I need two 800GB Oracle® instances at the Gold service level

App Admin

Data Center Orchestration Framework

2 VMs with 11g on Tier 1 servers”

2x800GB LUNs






“2x800 LUNs

Thin provisionDedupe



storage and service efficiency2
Storage and Service Efficiency

App Admin

Data Center Orchestration Framework

Service Efficiency





Storage Efficiency



introducing flexpod presized validated data center building blocks
Introducing FlexPodPresized, Validated Data Center Building Blocks


3,000–5,000 Users

3 Industry Leaders—1 Architecture

Unified data center architecture

Best-of-breed technology

  • VMware®vSphere™, vCenter™
  • Cisco® UCS® and Nexus
  • NetApp FAS storage

Modular and granular scalability

Collaborative support

Simplify your journey from virtualization to cloud infrastructure

advanced secure multi tenancy architecture
Advanced Secure Multi-Tenancy Architecture

End-to-end Orchestration & ITSM

New Cisco Validated Design


  • Improved security, validation, and certification
  • Multi-tenant workload profiling
  • Integrated tenant specific
  • Backup and DR
  • Third-party end-to-end orchestration
flexpod benefits
FlexPod Benefits

Data Center Efficiency

Business Agility

Reduced Risk

  • Simplify the journey to virtualization and cloud with one platform from three industry leaders
  • Reduce OpEx, maximize resource utilization
  • Seamless integration to existing technology
  • Open integration with third-party management tools
  • Flexible platform adapts to a wide range of application workloads and use cases
  • Future-proof infrastructure can grow and scale to meet cloud computing requirements
  • Pre-designed, validated infrastructure removes guesswork and speeds deployment
  • Proactive, predictive, centralized management
  • Identify, resolve issues with 24x7 cooperative support
cloud based services at t systems
Cloud-Based Services at T-Systems

Business Impact

T-Systems is the largest SAP outsourcing company in Europe, serving 100 companies like Porsche, Shell, and Airbus and 1.8M live users

30% lower cost offering than on-premise IT

Increased IT Flexibility

Dynamically scale, now with 80PB+

New customer environments in 1 day

Dynamically migrate to meet changing needs

Increased IT Efficiency

50% increase in server and storage utilization

80%+ reduction in disaster recovery costs

Self-service recovering in minutes, not hours

A division of Deutsche Telekom, T-Systems operates information and communication technology (ICT) systems for multinational corporations and public sector institutions.


new business opportunity for sap
New Business Opportunity for SAP

Business Impact

NetApp powers all new on-demand lines of business to serve new customer segments

Increased IT Flexibility

83% higher productivity

10PB installed, supports all SAP® On-Demand offerings

Increased IT Efficiency

650 terabytes managed by 1 person

33% lower hardware and software costs

36% lower per-terabyte costs

49% lower IT costs

4-year savings estimate of €5–10M

SAP is the world’s largest business software company, with 95,000 customers and €10.6B in revenues, serving 50+ countries.


data center inc service delivery network
Data Center, Inc. Service Delivery Network

Business Impact

Accelerated business expansion with iCore360® advanced, comprehensive banking solutions for hundreds of community banks

Increased IT Flexibility

Enable within-minutes automated disaster recovery at half the cost

Self-service recoveries in minutes, not hours

Increased IT Efficiency

On track to achieve 40% ROI over 4 years

Reduced data center footprint by 75%

Reduced power consumption by 22%

Manage over 100TB with 1 full-time employee

Headquartered in Hutchinson, Kansas, DCI provides full-service bank technology and processing solutions to the financial industry.


business expansion at examworks
Business Expansion at Examworks

Business Impact

Enabling 300% growth in core business serving customers and over 6,000 physicians

Aiding integration of newly acquired business and services within one week

Accelerating entry into new geographic markets

Increased IT Flexibility

Cisco, VMware, NetApp—help desk free

Deployed data center in a few hours to meet surging demand

Increased IT Efficiency

$1.5M capital expense savings

Avoided over $1M in IT staffing cost

Examworks is a leading provider of independent medical examinations, peer reviews, bill reviews, and medical record retrieval for the insurance and legal industries.


accelerating value for our customers
Accelerating Value for Our Customers

New High-End Systems

Data ONTAP 8.0.1

Unified Connect

  • Larger Aggregates
  • Compression
  • Transparent Data Mobility
  • Unified Connect
  • 3 new models
    • FAS6280
    • FAS6240
    • FAS6210

Industry’s First and Only adapter for all protocols – FCoE, CIFS, NFS, iSCSI

New Mid-Range Systems

OnCommandManagement Suite

FlexPod for VMware Data Center Solution

  • 3 new models
    • FAS3270
    • FAS3240
    • FAS3210

Pre-sized, Validated Data Center Infrastructure

Manage Storage Infrastructure

More Storage Options


For IT


  • Denser, faster 2.5” SAS Shelf
  • Support for SSDs