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2013 SENIOR. Conferences . Who’s Who …. Principal – Jeff Vaughan Counselors : Marianne Rodriguez (A-Ch) Beverly Gonzales ( Ci-Garm ) Yolanda Cavazos (Garn- Kel ) Felipe Cardenas ( Kem -Mo)

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2013 senior



Who s who
Who’s Who….

Principal – Jeff Vaughan

Counselors : Marianne Rodriguez (A-Ch)

Beverly Gonzales (Ci-Garm)

Yolanda Cavazos (Garn-Kel)

Felipe Cardenas (Kem-Mo)

Rose Garcia, Lead Counselor (Mp-Pa/AVID)

Cynthia Patterson-Lopez (Pb-Sl)

Jeannie Dimaline (Sm-Z)

Beth Fox (STAN)


2013 senior


Oct. 17 - PSAT Movie Day *

Oct. 31 - District College Night at BAC 6-8pm

Nov 16 - Senior Lunch**

Dec. 7 - Josten’s presentation (Dec.11-12 order)

April 17 - Summa Reception

April 25 - Senior Field Day

May 6 – May 17 – AP exams

May 8 - Senior Awards

June 10 - Graduation 7:30pm

Ap exams
AP Exams

AP Exams will be administered from May 6 th – May 17th.

A score of 1 – 5 is given on an AP exam

Colleges may award credit based on AP score

To check AP scores / College credit awarded

1. Go to http://www.collegeboard.org/

2. Click on AP

2. Click “For Students” at top of site

3. In “College Tests”- click on AP

4. Under TOOLS, click on “AP Credit Policy Info” (on the left)

5. Enter the college name

6. Click here for the institution’s AP credit and placement policy

7. You will be able to see what score you need on an AP exam and what course (s) it will replace at the college

Graduation is just around the corner what should i be doing to get ready for life after high school
Graduation is just around the corner……what should I be doing to get ready for life after high school ??

Wc go center
WC - Go Center

*Room 8115A

*Open before school, after school, and during all lunches

Mrs. Abrego can help with SAT/ACT registration, and the College Reps visitation schedule.

Caf college

  • College admission assistance

  • Financial aid guidance

  • Career exploration

  • College applications

  • SAT & ACT Preparation

  • Free Wi-Fi Tues-Fri 8am – 8pm

  • www.cafecollege.org Sat. 8am- 5pm

  • 207-4528

Post high school options
Post High School Options

  • Technical or Trade school

  • Military Service, Military Academies, ROTC Programs

  • Junior/Community Colleges

  • 4 year Colleges & Universities

If you are interested in a trade school technical school vocational program
If you are interested in a Trade school, Technical School, Vocational Program…

  • Visit http://www.trade-schools.net

  • This will allow you to search by trade/area/interest

  • Now is the time to begin visiting the Trade schools in which you are interested and talking to the admissions counselors about requirements

If you plan to attend a 2 year college
If you plan to attend a 2 year college….. Vocational Program…

  • Apply Spring 2013

  • Visit the college website for admission details

  • Plan a college visit

If you plan on attending a 4 year college or university
If you plan on attending a 4 year college or university Vocational Program……

Admissions deadlines are quickly

approaching-many are December 1, 2012

If applying to a Texas Public School- use www.applytexas.org

If applying to a U.S. Private School-use


Check college websites for specific admissions information and deadlines

College visitation
College Visitation Vocational Program…

  • You are allowed 2 days a year for college visitation.

  • You must bring proof of your visitation to the attendance office.

College admission 1
College Admission #1 Vocational Program…


  • Based on rank/test scores

  • You still need to apply by deadline

  • UT Austin – top 8%

  • All other Texas public schools-top 10%

College admission 2
College Admission #2 Vocational Program…

Under Review:

  • Submit letters of recommendation

  • Submit optional essays

  • Make a phone call!

Resume tips
Resume Tips Vocational Program…

  • Make it easy to read

  • Use a Chronological format (12th-9th)

  • List school- related and non school related activities & any leadership positions

    • community service and activities

    • volunteer work / work experience / internships

    • summer activities & special programs

  • Include awards, honors, GPA, class rank, SAT/ACT scores

Go center counseling clerk bianca abrego
Go Center Counseling Clerk- Bianca Vocational Program…Abrego

Requesting official transcripts
Requesting Official Transcripts Vocational Program…

  • Mrs. Abrego processes all transcript requests.

  • First transcripts are free, any additional are $5.00.

  • All official transcripts must be sent electronically or must be mailed directly by the Churchill

  • Make sure to allow at least 3 working days for processing.

  • Transcripts cannot be mailed via overnight services.

  • SAT/ACT scores must be sent directly from

    Collegeboard.org or act.org.


Requesting recommendation letters
Requesting Recommendation Letters Vocational Program…

*Students - Be sure you have filled out the “Senior Information Sheet”. This provides teachers/counselors with valuable info for letters. The information sheet will be available in the Counseling Office.

*When you request a recommendation letter from your counselor be sure to indicate the destination of the letter.

*Allow at least 2 weeks for recommendation letters to be written.

Financial aid free application for federal student aid
Financial Aid Vocational Program…Free Application for Federal Student Aid

  • You must complete and submit a FAFSA to apply for federal student financial aid

    *Apply on-line for a Federal Student Aid Pin Number –www.pin.ed.gov before January 1 (You can do this now)

    *Apply online with FAFSA at www.fafsa.ed.gov starting Jan. 1, 2013.

    ***You cannot fill out FAFSA until January 1, 2013***

    Every college/university bound student must complete the FAFSA to determine eligibility for money…even if you think you don’t qualify

For college the early bird gets the worm
$$$$ for college: Vocational Program…the early bird gets the worm!

Scholarships Vocational Program…

Be sure to check once a month with the Counseling Office

or your English teachers, this is where you can get valuable

scholarship info through the Jr/Sr Bulletin.

Some websites you can check out:





2013 senior

1 2 3 4 5 Vocational Program…

TOP TEN Differences between High School and College

6 7 8 9 10

2013 senior

Number 10 Vocational Program…

Students pay for college textbooks

Go ahead and write in your book.

YOU own it!!

After you’re done – sell it back and get some $$$

2013 senior

Number 9 Vocational Program…

There is much less

professor supervision

  • Read the book!! You’re responsible for info. whether it’s discussed or not

  • Know it before you enter class

  • Study on your own time

2013 senior

Number 8 Vocational Program…

Students create their own schedule

  • Not a morning person? Choose PM classes

  • Want M/W/F only classes?

  • Work afternoons?

  • Need a break after a class? Schedule gaps in between.

    Schedule it your way!!

Course load suggestions

WORK Vocational Program…

40 hours

30 hours

20 hours

10 hours or less


6 credit hours

9 credit hours

12 credit hours

14-15 credit hours

Course Load Suggestions

2013 senior

Number 7 Vocational Program…

Students select their professors

  • The good ones fill up fast so register as soon as possible

  • Ask around…get the scoop!!

  • www.ratemyprofessor.com

2013 senior

Number 6 Vocational Program…

Students may withdraw from a college course

  • You are not required to fill the class hour with another course, not early enough will receive a WF

  • Most likely, no refund on tuition/fees.

2013 senior

Number 5 Vocational Program…

Minimum parental involvement

  • No calls to parents about grades and attendance

2013 senior

Number 4 Vocational Program…

No designated lunch period

  • No passes!

  • No TARDY sweep

  • Eat where you choose, when you choose

2013 senior

Number 3 Vocational Program…

Inappropriate behavior is not tolerated

  • No assistant principal to visit

  • No calls to parents

  • You’re an adult and will be treated

    like one

2013 senior

Number 2 Vocational Program…

Attendance and punctuality are your responsibility

  • No bells

2013 senior

#1 Top Difference! Vocational Program…

You must study at least three hours outside of class for every hour in class!

Less time spent sitting in class and more time spent studying out of class

Learn to earn
Learn to Earn Vocational Program…

Final thoughts
Final Thoughts… Vocational Program…

“Perseverance is not an issue of talent. It is not an issue of time. It is about finishing. Talent provides hope for accomplishment, but perseverance guarantees it.”

Dr. John Maxwell

Finish high school strong – by finishing strong- you are better equipped to begin your next race which begins after graduation.