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IndoGenic Legal Services. Captive centers Third party niche Third party Multiple. Low-value services High-value services. What is an LPO. Corporations and law firms need to handle the large volumes while. keeping costs in check and maintaining profitability. This is where.

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what is an lpo
Captive centers

Third party niche

Third party Multiple


High-value services

What is an LPO

Corporations and law firms need to handle the large volumes while

keeping costs in check and maintaining profitability. This is where

Legal Process Outsourcing ("LPO") comes into the picture wherein

core legal functions are delegated to external counsel to complete the

assigned task on the basis of set parameters and fixed timelines.

prospects of lpo industry
Prospects of LPO Industry

The India revenues from legal services offshoring are slated to grow from

$146 million for the calendar year 2006 to reach $640 million by end 2010.

The industry employed around 7,500 people in the legal offshoring space

in India as of end 2006. The number of employees is expected to reach

32,000 by end 2010.

why lpo
Why LPO?
  • Meeting steady growth in demand for legal services
  • cost effective
  • Access to abundant legal talent
  • 24 x 7 operations
  • English language expertise
  • Compatibility: Common law in both countries
cost savings
Cost Savings

Routine legal work, regularly costing clients 200- 300 dollars per hour in the

US, can be done for 30-100 dollars when outsourced to India. Law firms,

corporate legal departments, can achieve savings of 60 per cent by outsourcing

some of these tasks.

time for focusing on core business functions
Time for focusing on core business functions

1.Frees up company’s resources (esp. time and money) from performing

non-core activities.

2.The steady growth in demand for legal services has always exceeded

the supply from law firms, and hence offshoring would help them in

meeting this shortage, thus attaining demand-supply equilibrium.

Access to abundant legal talent

Every year, India churns out close to 300,000 law graduates.

Access to highly skilled legal talent at a significant wage

differential will maintain high quality, thereby increasing

overall productivity.


Common law in both countries

Pankaj Parnami, Director, Acclivant Outsourcing Ltd, said, "Our legal

system is almost similar to that prevalent in the UK. When we talk

about the US market, there are (only) procedural differences."

possible pitfalls
Possible Pitfalls?

dollar depreciation

quality of legal education in India

confidentiality issues


"Even a reasonably sharp appreciation of the rupee doesn't change

the fundamental cost difference between the two countries," said

Johan Gott, an offshoring consultant with the firm A.T. Kearney.

the quality issue can be mitigated by

in-house training

sanitize the transmission of information between U.S and India

offices by concealing all client and party names, commercial

information, and all other case specific information before

transmitting legal documents out of U.S offices.

who are we
Who are we
  • We are a team of superbly trained lawyers and database research experts working from India.
  • We will manage your case from inception to successful conclusion, making it easier for you to work on more important legal matters.
  • We will work with you with superior modes of electronic communication to prepare your case research for you in time.
  • We do all this for US law firms at a fraction of the US price.
services we provide
legal research

drafting of forms

preparing exhibits

case management

financial assessment / billing

document review


litigation support

contract drafting

corporate due diligence

deposition summary

legal transcription


class action support


legal coding

back office

motion preparation

legal pleadings

arbitration support

legal secretarial services

case summaries

data entry

legal writing

services we provide
quality assurance how we train our employees
quality assurance: how we train our employees
  • invite American lawyers and law professors to train our employees
  • in-house lawyer with US law degree
  • training school
  • training also by senior Indian lawyers
how we save you money
how we save you money
  • hourly rates for our services like legal transcription, document conversion, legal data entry, legal coding, indexing, are a standard 10 USD/billable hour. For higher end work like legal research, we charge a flat rate of 20 USD/ billable hour.
  • you know these rates in USA; please compare.