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Business Flow Modeller (BFM) PowerPoint Presentation
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Business Flow Modeller (BFM)

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Business Flow Modeller (BFM) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Business Flow Modeller (BFM)
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  1. Business Flow Modeller (BFM) Simplify and standardize your business processes across the project lifecycle

  2. Business Challenges • Organizations today need to test complex interactions between processes and systems, and they often find that their testing capabilities are not as robust as they want them to be. • Traditional test automation tools may have come a long way, but there are still challenges that need to be addressed. Many testing teams still rely on keyword-driven tools so designing an entire business process may require hundreds of keywords to be used – a time consuming process- creating a feeling that they are still creating scripts despite the promises for ‘scriptless’ testing. • Validata Group has recognized the need to overcome these difficulties and has extended its Quality Suite to include the Business Flow Modeller (BFM) solution that enables you to manage you complex business workflows, build your automated test assets against them, and deliver full traceability and test coverage reporting. • Now, for the first time, non-technical experts can quickly build tests for complete business processes without coding expertise — so they can focus on the business flow rather than the testing tool

  3. Business Flow Modeller Capabilities The approach includes the following capabilities: • Import workflows from multiple sources including ARIS • Integration with other technologies • Create , Edit and Maintain your workflows within Validata SAS • Automatically generate your test case assets from the workflows • Create workflow test coverage and traceability reports • Impact analysis reports between defects, testing and covered workflows • Upload and attach related documentation in to Business Flow Modeler Business Flow Modeler enables import, store, edit and visualization of business workflows from external systems, such as ARIS Workflows, into Validata’s repository. Once the Business Process has been captured, the automatic test cases are generated and their correlation with the business processes is realized.

  4. Standardized business processes and workflows Foundation on which to build Change Management processes and test cases Increase reusability of assets by 40 % Improve process quality and efficiency The Critical Differencies

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