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Thermochromic Textiles

Thermochromic Textiles

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Thermochromic Textiles

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  1. Thermochromic Textiles Wearable Technology 3B16 Megan Falconer

  2. Thermochromic • A thermochromic substance will change colour as temperature changes. • Within textiles a special dye will act as the thermochromic agent • The chemical reaction is caused by liquid crystals which are cholestric which means the are arranged in a particular structure (called a helical structure) which reflect wavelengths of light • As the crystals heat up, the orientation of the molecules change within the structure causing them to reflect different wavelengths of light making the textile appear to change colour. • When the material cools down the molecules return to their original structure and original colour. Megan Falconer

  3. Sara Robertson • Sara Robertson is a textiles graduate from Heriot-Watt University • Research into thermochromic textiles which involves laser etching to change the colour of liquid crystals on textiles • She uses a carbon dioxide laser to create linear surface patterns on fabric surface • The programmable heat profiling system activates the liquid crystal layers to create spectrum of colours, which alter depending on the temperature. The crystals are affected when the temperature fluctuates between 25 and 40 degrees Celsius Megan Falconer

  4. Hypercolour • This type of technology was recognized within textiles in the early 90’s when the ‘Hypercolour’ fad came around. • Heat sensitive t-shirts, shorts, sweatshirts • The heat of your body would alterthe colour of the garment • Unfortunately after washing the clothing the liquid crystals stopped working and the t- shirts stayed a mushy brown/purple colour. Megan Falconer

  5. Baby Glow • Temperature sensitive fabric has been continued to research after the hypercolourfad within baby clothing • Chris Ebejer developed this type of technology which could be useful for keeping track of the temperature of babies. • If the child’s temperature rose above 37C the liquid crystals would alter to indicate the high temperature due to the embedded temperature sensitive molecules. Megan Falconer

  6. Thermochromic ink • Marjan Kooroshnia, textile designer from Sweden • Inspired by swine flu pandemic by creating face masks that picks up rises in breath temperature to warn people to be cautious • She focuses on smart materials and used thermochromic ink to develop this face mask - She researched into how this technology could be used as a form of visual communication and also used to prevent contagious diseases from spreading. Megan Falconer

  7. Thermochromic active wear • Earlier this year pledged for backing through ‘Kickstarter’ and raised $580,000 towards company • Sportswear that changes colour to show where muscles are working • Visualization of what areas of the body are being worked due to thermochromic dye within the clothing • Distributed heat away from body Megan Falconer

  8. The Hug Vest Sculpture to facilitate human connection Megan Falconer

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