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Tents. Sustainable Fabrics. Fiber Wall Fiber Wall was designed to combine properties such as high structural stiffness, light transmittance, and the appearance of natural fiber. In its final form, Fiber Wall functions as a self-bearing, translucent space divider . Ingeo

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sustainable fabrics
Sustainable Fabrics

Fiber Wall

  • Fiber Wall was designed to combine properties such as high structural stiffness, light transmittance, and the appearance of natural fiber. In its final form, Fiber Wall functions as a self-bearing, translucent space divider.


  • Ingeo derives its fiber from corn, an annually renewable resource. Bacterial fermentation is used to convert corn from a starch to a sugar and then to polylactic acid, which in turn is processed like most thermoplastics into fiber. Ingeo is a closed loop sustainable product: the natural origins of the polymer allow it to be safely biodegraded at the end of its useful life.

Xtreme Leather

  • Xtreme is an extremely hard-wearing leather that can withstand attacks from all the usual suspects such as dirt, chlorine, disinfectants, mould, oil, alcohol and ultraviolet radiation. In everyday use, this leather has also demonstrated exceptional durability. You can choose from 40 different colours finished in 4 different surface structures.

Solanyl Colour

  • Solanyl® BP color is based on a side stream starch of the potato processing industry. It is fully colourable using a biodegradable masterbatch. Production of Solanyl® requires 65% less energy compared to polyethylene production. The granules can be used to combine with natural fibres as well as being blended with other biopolymers.It is a patented and commercially available smart material which is bio based and biodegradable. It is possible to adapt mechanical properties of the product to meet specific end-product requirements by blending the material with other biomaterials.


  • Tyvek® is a water resistive barrier material manufactured by DuPont, which combines strength, protective properties and high vapor permeability. Offers the best characteristics of paper, film, and fabric in one material. 100% recyclable.
eco tents
Eco Tents
  • Vango Eco RangeVango can now offer you a more Eco friendly tent to further enhance your commitment to reducing the impact your activities have on the environment. We have created an Eco range which use recycled components wherever possible. The flysheet, window covers, hanging storage areas, inner tents, and carry bag are all made from recycled plastic bottles.
  • http://planetgreen.discovery.com/buying-guides/buy-green-camping-tents.html

These five tents range from fashionable green designs to sturdy sustainable wonders to tepees made the ol' fashioned way. None bio degradable and all quite expensive.

my hab
My Hab
  • "My.hab" a temporary accommodation unit designed specifically for the Glastonbury Festival" but it "could equally be used at any Festival site. It is environmentally friendly and can be prebooked and personalised online by prospective occupants.my.Hab consists of two recycled plastic components which hold in place a weather-treated cardboard skin. All materials used can be recycled and the design means that festival goers don't have the hassle of having to bring camping gear".


current practices at festivals
Current Practices (at festivals)
  • Give to street children/charities the tents abandoned at the Glastonbury festival  - http://www.24dash.com/news/Environment/2007-06-18-Abandoned-Glastonbury-tents-to-shelter-street-children
  • Global Hands – Give me Shelter project to encourage festival goers to donate their tents and other camping items to charity.http://www.globalhand.org/en
festival comms
Festival Comms
  • Glastonbury: “‘A tent is for life not just for a festival’, we want people to not just buy the cheapest tent, spend a little extra and buy yourself a tent that is going to last you a life time of camping experiences rather than just a festival or summer. Pack up your tent and take it home.”
  • http://www.Ebay.co.uk – nearly new tents. Refurbishing and recycling tents & outdoor products from some of the UK’s largest high street stores.
  • http://www.skyblueleisure.co.uk/ethicalsuperstore.com - biodegradable tent pegs
  • http://www.freecycle.org/
  • http://www.ilovefreegle.org/
green festival awards
Green Festival Awards