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ОТЧЕТ О ПРОДЕЛАННОЙ РАБОТЕ (ЗА ПЕРИОД 13.04.2008 – 20.09.2008)

ОТЧЕТ О ПРОДЕЛАННОЙ РАБОТЕ (ЗА ПЕРИОД 13.04.2008 – 20.09.2008). PROGRESS REPORT (04/13/2008 – 09/20/2008 ). Языковая подготовка/ Language training . Тарасевич Елена. Суровцева Ольга. Аракелян Карен. Козлов Дмитрий. Индивидуальные занятия с преподавателем. O ne-to-one lessons (15 ours).

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ОТЧЕТ О ПРОДЕЛАННОЙ РАБОТЕ (ЗА ПЕРИОД 13.04.2008 – 20.09.2008)

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  1. ОТЧЕТ О ПРОДЕЛАННОЙ РАБОТЕ (ЗА ПЕРИОД 13.04.2008 – 20.09.2008) PROGRESS REPORT (04/13/2008 – 09/20/2008)

  2. Языковая подготовка/Language training Тарасевич Елена Суровцева Ольга Аракелян Карен Козлов Дмитрий Индивидуальные занятия с преподавателем One-to-one lessons (15 ours) Самоподготовка с использованием аудио книги А. Драгункина Self-training on A. Dragunkin method " New fast English for vigorous idlers "Extremely effective manual written on the basis of a A.Dragunkin technique. Includes practical English language grammar and 32 " Gold English formulas”. The book can be used as the self-instruction manual This book is intended for activation of the forgotten knowledge, however with success can be used and as the self-instruction manual. It additional feature is careful study of various cases of the use of the basic English words (" Russian Мёрфи ").

  3. Самоподготовка/Self studies Утверждение планов самоподготовки Coordinator Professor Dudkin Adoption of self-studies plans • Modern concept of environmental management • Environmental policy • Environmental management systems • Methods of environment management at the enterpriseand environmental audit • Retrospective show of the European experience of environmental audit • Requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation deals with to environmental audit (review, testing) Основные направления подготовки Basic directions of training report Participants of working group

  4. Учебные курсы/Development of training courses *Target group – retraining program for railway designer engineers ** Target group - Second Higher Education (economic) program for railway engineers

  5. 1 • Workshops and lab work for students • Paid services on lab researchs (limit test of liquid wastes , exhaust gas emissions, test on maximum permissible level of air pollutants etc) 2 Экологический аудит/Environmental audit Selection of unit for Environmental audit Выбор единицы для экологического аудита Environmental research laboratory of “Engineering ecology” department Экологическая лаборатория кафедры «инженерная экология» Анализ влияния аспектов деятельности предприятия на окружающую среду Analysis of enterprise activities influence on an environment • Positive – negative • levels of influence The main factors of influence Positive Higher efficiency of ecological education Work with dangerous materials Dangerous waste products (domestic waste, liquid waste) Negative

  6. Руководство по экологическому менеджменту/Development of manual on environmental management Environmental audit of research lab The main factors of Positive-Negative influence The draft of environmental managementmanual

  7. Publicly declared principles and obligations deals with ecological and environmental aspects of enterprise activity and providing a basis for an establishment of its ecological purposes and tasks Ecology and environmental protection philosophy Environmentally friendly technology The natural environment is a basis of life vulnerability Ecological Policy Development of kinds of environ-mental protection activity Protection Minimization of anthropogenic Influence Development of the environmental legislation • purposes and tasks Protection of environment against the humans Mission • The concrete actions necessary for attainment of purpose Formation of Ecological Consciousnesses Environmental Program Ecological training

  8. CHANCELLOR TQM – Total Quality Management Follow-up action, normality, adequacy Quality Management Service Environmental policy and labor protection concept Safety arrangement and precautions service Report … Environmental laboratory “Engineering ecology” department » Other University divisions assignment Environmental and labour safety officer (Responsible) Ecological environment and labour safety organization Management Report Functional coordination and guidance Finding and tracking for external hazards source Personal liability – director of department professor Panin Alexander Report Rendering of paid services on production piece testing for third-party firms Traininglaboratory research for students EXECUTION • Fire and electricity safety • Water supply and air usage safety • Safety of chemical agents storage and utilization • Health and labour safety • Recycling of wastes safety • Regularity (conformability of lab and department activity to environmental legislation) Responsible Employer’s offers Responsible Responsible report Responsible Responsible Responsible

  9. Our organization Introduction and basis information 2008 / 2009 Calendar of Activities Our communication Philosophy of ecology Basis information Ecological policy Management process Umweltprogramm 2008-2009 Selection of target Education Plan 2008-2009 Education - Instruct Self-training plan 2008-2009 Conformity of the activity to Environmental legislation source of increased danger Existing acts of environmental law list Legal base of environmental activity Recycling Action at emergency conditions case Organization of Precedence rule for emergency Noncoonformity and correcting measures Precedence rule Storage of dangerous materials Environmental managementmanual structure chart External Procedure and correcting measures Audit Internal Procedure and correcting measures

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