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Advantages of Injection Molding Machine PowerPoint Presentation
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Advantages of Injection Molding Machine

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Advantages of Injection Molding Machine - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Advantages of Injection Molding Machine

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  1. Injection molding is used to make a variety of plastic product due to its flexibility in shape and size. Although it is already used injection molding machine for sale, it doesn’t mean it will have less function. Its process is the same with the unused injection molding machine for sale where it is very fast and complicated shapes can be made either from the thermoplastic and thermosetting polymer. Because it is widely used a manufacturing process, below are few of the advantages for injection molding

  2. • It’s fast It can produce a large amount of identical parts per hour. This generally takes 15-30 seconds per cycle time. • Accurate Although not exactly the same, its accuracy is typically 0.005 inches because there is a certain restriction that allows the parts to be very precise. • Low labor cost Since it’s a self-gating, automatic tools run, there’s no need to have a large group of labor. Besides, the cycle time can be broken down into the injection time, cooling time and resetting time.

  3. • Flexibility Aside from being accurate, injection molding is a flexible one which means that we can change the type of material that is being produced including the color of the product being produced. • Material This is much related to flexibility because once you have the tool made without difficulty you can now change the material of the product you’re producing.

  4. • Low waste This only means reducing waste materials by recycling the parts that can possibly use again. • Widely used As stated above, injection molding is very popular which makes it widely used in manufacturing process.

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