violence in cd juarez n.
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Violence In Cd. Juarez

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Violence In Cd. Juarez. An Alternative. By: D a n n y L o p e z V i c t o r S a l c i d o J e r e m i a h L i c o n. An Alternative. We will examine: Demonstrate the importance of bringing awareness to this crucial problem Similar Colombian Situation Violence in Cd. Juarez

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violence in cd juarez

Violence In Cd. Juarez

An Alternative

By: Danny Lopez

Victor Salcido

Jeremiah Licon

an alternative
An Alternative
  • We will examine:
    • Demonstrate the importance of bringing awareness to this crucial problem
    • Similar Colombian Situation
    • Violence in Cd. Juarez
    • The severity of the situation
    • Scrutinize the futile efforts:
      • Mexico
      • United States
      • Provide an Alternate Solution
        • Why this will work
violence in cd juarez1
Violence In Cd. Juarez
  • Cd. Juarez, Chihuahua: Population close to 2 million
    • The largest city in the state of Chihuahua
    • ..and the 5th largest city in all of Mexico
  • In 1995 it wasn’t easy to buy

cocaine in Cd. Juarez, because the cartels

kept a lid on it.

  • Now the city has up to 100,000 addicts according to local clinics.
  • 50% of the kids you call High School kids, neither go to school nor have jobs.
  • 40% of young males in Chihuahua want to become “Sicarios” [Professional Killers]
  • We’ve created something so bleak that crime and murder is actually, a rational way to live.
violence in cd juarez2
Violence In Cd. Juarez

Mexico’s Outlay On Drug Cartels

solutions proposed
Solutions Proposed
  • We believe it’s in the United States’ best interest to take a more active role
    • Not only financial assistance
      • Assistance of manpower
      • Intelligence
      • More Advanced Technology
the colombian situation
The Colombian Situation
  • Similar events took place in Colombia
    • Colombia’s drug war elicited by
      • Drug Kingpin Pablo Escobar G.
      • Colombian officials demonstrated
        • Impotence
        • To an exhaustive extent
the situation
The Situation
  • Violence in Cd. Juarez has reached an epidemic status


    • Shoot-Outs
      • Helicopters
      • Massacres
    • Drive By’s
      • Bullets have strayed

to El Paso

    • Abductions
      • Make Public Statements
      • Leads to Death (Decapitations)
    • Car Chases
violence in cd juarez3
Violence In Cd. Juarez
  • U.S. has provided Mexico with millions of dollars to halt the trafficking of narcotics from trespassing our borders
    • The Pentagons massive request of $1.4 Billion
    • The Aid Package will consist of $40 million this year
  • But all of this has amounted to little more than nothing and a very bleak distant future.
  • Every drug is more available in this country, than it was 40yrs ago
    • Higher quality
    • Cheaper
  • Mexican Govt. is deceitful in the information it reveals
  • “One of the lies Michelle Obama is told is that 90% of the dead people are drug people or dirty”
  • 2nd thing she is told is that we’re wining the war on drugs
violence in cd juarez4
Violence In Cd. Juarez
  • All this has lead to Major Terror
  • 1st Signs that all this is only getting worse
  • Circumstances Never before seen and used ( Juarez )
  • Car Bombings
  • Grenades
  • Advanced Weaponry
  • Army Artillery
  • Bazookas
  • Machine Guns
violence in cd juarez5
Violence In Cd. Juarez
  • All this has lead to require the utmost consideration
    • Alike the Colombian situation
    • In Cd. Juarez
    • Now having occurred 4 Yrs. Ago
    • Mexico erupted with heinous bloodshed
violence in cd juarez6
Violence In Cd. Juarez
  • This has created ethos
  • It has turned all the medias attention
    • Radio
    • Newspapers
    • Television
      • Press Conferences
          • Internet
          • Social Networks
            • Cell Phones
            • All this has managed to cross borders.
violence in cd juarez7
Violence In Cd. Juarez
  • Publications done in regards to the current events
    • In the book “The Cartel” Author Charles Bowden Declares
    • “The escalation of the drug war in Cd. Juarez

is an exact replica of the events that transpired

in Colombia in the City of Medellin in the 80’s”

    • Which indicates the progression of the violence which will inevitably require some form of martial law
violence in cd juarez8
Violence In Cd. Juarez

Solutions Previously Presented

  • As has been evident the Mexican Governmenthas attempted such resorts Implementing:
    • Local Police
    • State Police
      • Federales
      • National Services
      • A.F.I.
      • Army
      • Mexican Government
      • Including modifications to the law
      • Increasing security measures
        • Road Blocks
        • Checkpoints
violence in cd juarez9
Violence In Cd. Juarez


  • This solution while farfetched has proven to be the most viable in the past.
  • Homeland security is optimistic but warns not to expect a “V-Day for the war on drugs” in the next 5 yrs.
  • U.S. Government manages techniques better
  • The Merida Initiative: U.S.-Mexico Countered Drug Cooperation
  • This is why this will work unlike everything else that has been attempted.
violence in cd juarez10
Violence In Cd. Juarez

What were seeing is a slaughterhouse and its escalating.

In the manner that Pablo Escobar’s reign came to an end…

we cant help to think that if Mexico would allow the U.S. a more active role…

it might lead to a more promising outcome.

Charles Bowden States:

…Given the drug wars cross border nature, any long term strategy must include the U.S.

As the old adage goes

“desperate times, calls for desperate measures”

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