bow hunting elk n.
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Bow Hunting Elk PowerPoint Presentation
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Bow Hunting Elk

Bow Hunting Elk

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Bow Hunting Elk

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  1. Bow Hunting Elk Jenna Gundlach

  2. What is Elk Hunting? Elk hunting is the sport of calling, stalking, and hunting large animals. Weapons can vary, as can the weather. It could be sunny and warm when you are calling in animals, and by the time you get back to base camp it could be snowing.

  3. Where in the world are Elk?

  4. Colorado Montana Wyoming Arizona New Mexico Idaho September is the best month for quality archery Elk hunting in Colorado When and Where?

  5. Weapons • Bow and Arrow • Cross bow • Shot gun • Rifle • Muzzle loader

  6. Physical Fitness • Hunting is almost always on foot – stamina is a must • High elevation and very steep terrain • Lots of cardio work with help you survive!

  7. LicenseFees

  8. Pros • Lots of Fun!!! • The meat is good • Any one can do it • Guided hunts for first timers • Elk are very noisy so they are easy to find

  9. Cons • Can be expensive depending on what gear you buy/ use • Out of state tags are expensive • Elk population isn’t always high • Easy to get lost in mountains • Lots of physical work

  10. How do you learn? • Get a group of friends and go! • Take a guided hunt • Watch elk hunting videos • Look up elk hunting online • • • LEARNING HOW TO READ MAPS WILL HELP A LOT ALSO

  11. Materials • First of all, you need a weapon, Bow, and ammo, arrows • You will need various calls • Bugle, cow calls, mouth calls, • Plenty of warm clothes that can be layered because the weather changes so fast and severely • Camouflage • GOOD COMFORTABLE HIKING BOOTS!

  12. MATERIALS • A tent for base camp • Game bags for your meat if you get anything • Plenty of food and water for the length of your hunt

  13. How do you hunt elk? • Lots and lots of hiking!!! • You use a bugle call and listen for them to bugle back to you, then you stalk them, and continue calling • When the herd gets within site, one person usually stays behind and to the side of the other person and continues to call in the herd

  14. How? • When the elk get close, the shooter picks their target, and makes a good shot • Depending on how many pounds the bow is set at, the shot, and the size of the animal, the elk can run 20 yards or more • You usually wait a few hours before you track your kill, just to make sure it’s dead, and you don’t kick it up

  15. How? • When you find it, of course you have to take pictures • Then most people kick out the ivories Those are the two teeth in the way back on the top The you proceed to gut the animal and quarter it How to quarter w/o gutting the elk

  16. Calls • For cows; Distress/Contact/Cow/Calf Mew or Fighting Squeal. • For any elk; Contact/Cow/Calf Mew, Fighting Squeal, or Contact Grunt. • For any bull; Contact/Cow/Calf Mew, Contact Grunt, Fighting Squeal, subdominant Bugle Loud Inhale/Exhale or Glug,. • For dominant bulls; Contact/Cow/Calf Mew, Contact Grunt, Fighting Squeal, Roar, dominant Bugle, Chuckle, Loud Inhale/Exhale, Cough, Dominance Grunt, Gurgle or Glug •

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