1960 s cold war crm and vietnam review game
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1960’s Cold War –CRM and Vietnam Review Game!!! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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1960’s Cold War –CRM and Vietnam Review Game!!!. Round 1. Name the following. The closest the US came to nuclear war was over the ______________ event. Name the following. ____________ tried to unionize hispanic workers to receive more pay and voting rights. Name the following.

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Presentation Transcript

Name the following
Name the following

  • The closest the US came to nuclear war was over the ______________ event.

Name the following1
Name the following

  • ____________ tried to unionize hispanic workers to receive more pay and voting rights.

Name the following2
Name the following

  • The new US foreign policy in the Cold War era was called ____________

Name the following3
Name the following

  • ______________ was the woman in charge of the MDFP who spear headed voter registration, but was outraged at the democratic party response of not letting her group speak at the convention.

Name the following4
Name the following

  • ___________ overturned the S. Court case Plessey v Ferguson.

Name the following5
Name the following

  • ____________ gave women the right to participate in athletic events.

Name the following6
Name the following

  • Writers, directors, producers that were brought up on charges of being “anti-American”.

Name the following7
Name the following

  • MLK and other leaders were afraid that no one would come to this event _____________. What was the reason for holding this event? (Think about location)

Name the following8
Name the following

  • The idea of a modern day (1950s) witch hunt…better dead than red…commonly referred to as ____________.

Name the following9
Name the following

  • Rosa Parks refusal to give up her seat began the ____________.

Name the following10
Name the following

  • A chemical agent that was designed to destroy all plant life…has later problems for soliders.

Name the following11
Name the following

  • The South Viet-cong were supplied by the North Viet-cong along the _______________.

Name the following12
Name the following

  • The _____________ is the largest day of protest against the war.

Name the following13
Name the following…

  • The _________ shootings were in response to President Nixon authorizing ground troops in Cambodia and Laos.

Round 2
Round 2

  • Who, what, where, why is it signifcant?

What is it
What is it?

  • “Great Silent Majority”

What is it1
What is it?

  • Gulf of Tonkin Resolution

What is it2
What is it?

  • Roe v Wade

What is it4
What is it?

  • Cuban missile crisis

What is it6
What is it?

  • Pentagon papers

What is it7
What is it?

  • My Lai

What is it8
What is it?

  • Bay of Pigs

What is it9
What is it?

  • New Frontier/Great Society

What is it10
What is it?

  • Greensboro Four

What is it11
What is it?

  • Freedom Summer

What is it12
What is it?

  • Bloody Sunday

What is it13
What is it?

  • Ho Chi Minh