Vyomesh Patel


GUJARAT ION EXCHANGE AND CHEMICALS LIMITED - GIECL, is Fast Growing company in water and waste water treatment field. GIECL has established in 1996 to market specially water & waste water treatment plants. With increasing demand in Indian And International Market, availability and the marketing of specialty products with technical support and imperative need. It is with this background that a marketing set-up like GIECL which offers pre and after sales technical service, has a distinct role to play. Our activity, besides marketing of our products, centers around supporting, guide, assist and help our clients to select the right systems to enhance the performance of our water and waste water treatment plants. GIECL is Authorized Distributor of TriSep Corporation - USA for Membrane Separation Technologies. Our company is managed by Trained staffed , well qualified technical personnel with years of experience in servicing of water treatment plants. We are therefore in a position to offer technical assistance to our valued customers. This leaflet is intended to give you a glimpse of our company, our product range and its technical capabilities. Needless to mention that development of new products and improving the existing one is a continuous activity of us & all our Principals. We are please to consider development of any specific products depending upon the needs of our customers and long-term business prospects. For more details please visit us online at : http://www.giecl.com